Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman' Tour And What To Expect

Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” tour is already well on its way, and the New York Times reviewed her show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday pointing to a “thing” the performer is developing where she pulls off great feats and the appearance that she doesn’t have to try very hard to pull it off. The Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” tour, based on the 2016 album of the same name, kicked off simple enough with the re-release of her track from the same album, “Everyday,” as a lyric video which got a boost on the charts weeks before, according to an article by the Inquisitr. To the New York Times, Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album walks a line between the independence of a woman but with lusty undertones, despite the lack of promoting nudity and foul language, even though there is profanity all over her songs. Ariana Grande puckers up to the camera during 2016 Music Awards, same year as her ‘Dangerous Woman’ album was released. [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images] Their review also points out the obvious, which is how Ariana Grande has collaborated with top 10 producers and musicians, which Inquisitr also pointed to, collaborators like Nicki Minaj and Future who make appearances in the “Dangerous Woman” tour on screen for when she performs her duets. As for her vocals, the review also praises Grande’s endurance to carry the entire show with her soprano vocal style, which she’s even able to execute while sitting down. This is one of those feats that can be executed by a professional singer with the caliber of Ariana Grande that only extensive vocal training can bring. The review might very well be describing what one should expect from the “Dangerous Woman” tour no matter where they see it, as there are an average of 10 dancers on stage with her, a combination of hydraulic lifts and a kind of playfulness that’s different from the standard diva concert, whereas the Times points out, is more about “command and control.” Ariana Grande with her dancers during Jingle Ball in New York. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images] What also seems to be different about Ariana Grande is perhaps what she settled for where the show is described as being more stripped down and simple, where there was less flash on the stage with effects and more dependency on the athleticism of her vocal abilities. Even more so was her “straight to business” approach to the show, where the article states that she didn’t say much to the crowd between songs. But she did seem to address the rolling back of guidelines to schools by the federal government, as reported by Inquisitr under the Trump presidency when she told the crowd that it was a scary time for them to be themselves before she went into her song “Thinking About You.” In the Inquisitr article mentioned earlier, Ariana addressed her political views during Election Day last year when Donald Trump won, reaching out to her fans on Twitter. “Dangerous Woman” seemed to be a fitting title for the year as Trump appeared to take a hostile approach to women, which the opposition – including pop stars like Ariana Grande – fired back by calling themselves “nasty women” as Inquisitr detailed. US dates. International dates & more to come. Stay tuned for pre-sale & more information: ♡ — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) September 9, 2016 Last September, Inquisitr also detailed the tour dates for Ariana, which shared a tweet for the first leg of shows in North America before she ventures out to the rest of the world. Merchandise for the “Dangerous Woman” tour has already sold out, according to the same media outlet. A clear indication that when Ariana Grande goes out on tour, she is a “Dangerous Woman” for sure. [Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

Johnny Cash's 85th Birthday: Remembering The Man In Black

Musical legend Johnny Cash would’ve turned 85 years old today. Cash, one of the best-selling musicians of all time, passed away in 2003 due to respiratory failure and complications from diabetes, but Johnny’s musical influence lives on. Johnny was born in Kingsland, Arkansas, as J.R. Cash to the Southern Baptist sharecroppers according to Rolling Stone. Reportedly when Cash went to enlist in the Air Force, he was told he could not have initials for his first name and therefore chose the name John R. Cash. Eventually, when he signed with Sun Records, he chose the stage name Johnny Cash. When Johnny returned from his service overseas, he married his sweetheart Vivian Liberto. The couple had four children. Cash tried his hand at working regular jobs, but according to his official website, he always found his way back to music. Musical legend Johnny Cash would’ve celebrated his 85th birthday today. [Image by Central Press/Getty Images] Cash started writing songs and playing guitar at the age of 12 at the urging of his mother, according to some biographers, while others insist he didn’t write music or buy his first guitar until he was in the service. Regardless, Cash was influenced by music at an early age by folk songs and church hymns and grew up in a musical family. Johnny’s own style of music was known to cross over multiple genres, with everything from gospel and country to blues and rock and roll, and inspired many of today’s prominent musicians. Johnny’s career skyrocketed with the release of his single “Cry, Cry, Cry” which broke the Billboard Top 20. Over the course of a decade, unfortunately as Cash’s stardom rose, his family fell apart. Johnny had become addicted to narcotics in order to keep up with the pace of his rigorous schedule, and in 1966, he and Liberto divorced. Johnny developed a reputation as a hellion during that period, trashing hotel rooms while intoxicated and reportedly being arrested seven times. Cash developed empathy for the plight of prisoners despite the fact that he only spent a handful of days in jail. Johnny frequently played prison gigs and two of his best-selling live albums took place in Folsom and San Quentin prisons. Johnny found help for his addiction and was able to turn his life around thanks to his singing partner June Carter and the support of her family. The couple married in 1968 and continued to make music and tour together until June’s passing in May of 2003. Johnny passed away just a few months later. Johnny Cash, who would’ve celebrated his 85th birthday today, received the National Medal of Art from George W. Bush in 2002. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images] Cash’s musical influence on other musicians was recalled by everyone from Bob Dylan to Justin Timberlake at the time of his death. In proving Johnny’s crossover appeal, one could simply note how Cash was inducted into the Country Music, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Halls of Fame. Fellow musicians aspired to work with him or even emulate him. Singer Sheryl Crow recalled the time that Cash took her song “Redemption Day” and turned it from a political statement into an emotionally vulnerable song about personal redemption. Johnny recorded his own version of Crow’s song for his American VI: Ain’t No Grave just before his death and frequently called Sheryl to get her perspective on it. “Actually, that’s the highest honor I’ve ever had of anything in my whole life,” Sheryl said of her interaction with Cash over the song according to The Boot. “Him (Johnny) calling me and asking me, ‘What were you thinking when you wrote this?’ And him telling me about what it meant to him … that was a true testament to him as an artist, wanting to be able to deliver a song and understand what it meant.” Johnny Cash frequently covered the music of up-and-coming musicians including some unusual choices that fell outside the parameters of Cash’s musical genre including Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” U2’s “One,” and Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage.” Perhaps that was part of Johnny Cash’s appeal — he loved the music of others as much as they loved his. [Featured Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

Old Man Ebro: Nicki Minaj Cheated On Meek Mill With Hot 97 DJ, Remy Ma Claims

Hot 97 DJ Old Man Ebro allegedly slept with Nicki Minaj while the rapper was still dating Meek Mill, Remy Ma claimed in a new diss track that’s gone viral online. The Hot 97 DJ, whose real name is Ebro Darden, was drawn into the feud between the rappers this weekend when Remy Ma dropped a seven-minute track called “ShETHER” that threw plenty of accusations at Nicki Minaj. As HipHopDX noted, Remy Ma claimed that Nicki Minaj and Old Man Ebro had an affair — while Nicki was “high on nose candy” and still dating Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. “And since your first boyfriend left, b***h ain’t winning/You a Internet troll, a Web browser, I’m sorry/You can’t get her online with out Safaree!/Mentioning guns, you P***y Galore, James Bond/Only time you touch a trigga is when you f***ed Trey Songz/Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro/I might leak the footage of you sniffing them ski slopes.” It’s a pretty heavy accusation against both Nicki Minaj and Old Man Ebro, and it’s not clear yet if it’s based in reality or just Remy Ma having a go at her rival for the spot of best female emcee. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images] For those not caught up on the history of the Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma feud, it kicked off last week shortly after Remy Ma put out a new album with Terror Squad leader Fat Joe. For The Win speculated that the beef may be in part to draw attention to the new album, which tends to happen quite frequently in the hip hop world. But it was Nicki Minaj who actually kicked off the feud, the report noted. “Anyway, after weeks of subliminal, unnamed disses, Nicki decided to be a bit more transparent in ‘Make Love,’ a collaboration with Gucci Mane that was released Thursday. In it, she includes lines directed at both Azalea Banks and Remy, with a pretty explicit ‘One platinum plaque, album flopped’ line that fits Remy and few other possible targets.” It was less than one day later before Remy Ma dropped “ShETHER,” which she raps over the Nas beat for his song “Ether.” The track went viral almost immediately, setting Twitter afire with her sharp accusations and prolific name-dropping. There’s actually a long history between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, For The Win noted. Remy claimed that Nicki lifted one of her lines for a rap, and that the two were once close but had a falling out after Remy Ma was released from prison. There’s been simmering tension between the two for quite a while, the report added. As Billboard noted, Remy Ma’s diss track hit at just about everyone who has any any point been associated with Nicki Minaj. There were digs at her mentor, Lil Wayne, and even brought up Nicki’s strange beef with Miley Cyrus around the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. “How you gone go at Miley? That’s Hannah Montana she always happy,” Remy Ma rapped. [Image by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Essence] The accusations that Nicki Minaj slept with the Hot 97 DJ seemed to catch Old Man Ebro by surprise. “Im watching Moana with Isa.. what I miss?” he tweeted on Saturday afternoon. There’s a good chance that Old Man Ebro will get to answer to the allegations that he slept with Nicki Minaj. Ebro’s Hot 97 co-host Peter Rosenberg promised on Twitter that they would address the rumors on Monday morning’s show. Those who want to hear the accusations that Nicki Minaj slept with Hot 97 DJ Old Man Ebro can check out Remy Ma’s diss track “ShETHER” by clicking here. [Featured Image by Donald Bowers/Getty Images]

George Michael Still Not Buried Two Months After Shocking Death

George Michael died two months ago at 53-years-old at his Thames-side home in Goring, Oxfordshire, but because there’s an ongoing investigation into his death, the late superstar has still not been buried. Fans can only imagine the anguish and grief this must be causing his family and friends. Two months since George Michael left us. I still can’t get my head round his untimely passing. — BevL (dandiedinmont) (@dandiedinmont) February 25, 2017 Huffington Post reported that Andrew Ridgeley, Michael’s former Wham! bandmate, spoke on Wednesday evening at the BRIT Awards of the torment the singer’s family and friends are going through over the delay in their loved one’s funeral. “We’ve not had closure. It’s difficult for me. It’s difficult for everyone. It’s a limbo period and we need to be able to move on.” It appears that they’re awaiting the coroner signing off on the cause of Michael’s death and until such time as more toxicology reports are available, this won’t occur. Andrew Ridgeley, together with bandmates Shirlie and Pepsi, spoke at the BRIT Awards about their long-time friend and celebrated not only his musical talents but also his capacity for kindness. While the audience viewed a video montage of Michael’s life, Chris Martin sang his ballad “A Different Corner.” Paying tribute to one of England’s greatest singer-songwriters at the BRIT Awards was always going to be a tall order. While his bandmates spoke of their music, it was the singer’s friendship they were really mourning. And, in their opinion, Chris Martin’s rendition of “A Different Corner” was a fitting tribute to their lost friend. #hollywood Chris Martin Duets With Late George Michael In Stunning BRIT Awards Tribute — Katty Perry (@LiveKattyHudson) February 22, 2017 Award attendees said that George Michael’s former bandmates struggled to keep their emotions in check as they paid their emotional tribute to him. Andrew Ridgeley described Michael as his “beloved friend,” “an icon of his era,” and “the greatest singer-songwriter of his generation” saying that on Christmas Day 2016 his beloved friend, George Michael, was lost. “A supernova in a ferment of shining stars had been extinguished, and it felt like the sky had fallen in. We larked around and laughed a lot, we were the best of friends. George’s contribution to the great archive of contemporary music rests alongside the immortals.” Then, Shirlie Kemp made an emotional speech. “George has left for us in his songs, in the transcendental beauty of his voice, and poetic expression of his soul, the very best of himself. I loved him and in return, we, you, have been loved. George was like a brother to me. And will always be. His wonderful way with words spoke to everyone. And his beautiful voice will live on forever as a gift to us all.” Boy George spoke openly about his long-term rivalry with George Michael on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, saying that their mutual friends had often attempted to bring them together, but with no success. “We had our squabbles, he was my rival, he was called George, he made soul music so everything he did it was like we were kind of battling all the time. The only time we really got together was when friends tricked us. There was this one particular night where the two girls in Bananarama invited me to a dinner at a Japanese restaurant and he was there as well and we had such a brilliant time because we had so much in common. But I suppose our egos wouldn’t allow us to really be friends.” Bless him,… @GeorgeMichael #RestInPeace you absolute Star???? — aj (@aj_clo) February 15, 2017 During a Las Vegas concert, Sir Elton John broke down during a rendition of his duet with George Michael, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.” Sir Elton paid a moving tribute to his musical peer and friend, George Michael, revealing the one song of Michael’s that he’s jealous of and wishes he’d written himself. “It’s going to start out with a song of his from the Faith album called ‘One More Try’ which if Aretha Franklin sang, it wouldn’t be any great surprise. I don’t get jealous of many songs, but I’m jealous of this song. I’d love to have written this.” Sir Elton reflected on the late superstar’s kindness and generosity, and on his talents as a vocalist and songwriter, saying he was one of the best in the world. “I became friends with him very early on in Wham! and I remember I played at the last Wham! concert dressed as Ronald McDonald for some reason at Wembley Stadium and I bought him a 3-wheeler car, with him and Andy, and I put their names on the front of it and put some fairy dice it was a real clapped out thing. It was an amazing friendship based on music to start with, and I remember sitting in the car just off of Hyde Park listening to a cassette of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ and I said, ‘George, that’s the nearest record I’ve heard to a Motown record for years and years.’ It was such a great record, and he and I became great friends.” Sir Elton recalled that George Michael’s generosity and kindness was offered to so many people and that he never wanted any publicity. Sir Elton added that he’ll miss the late singer so much for his music, but mostly for his humanity. [Featured Image by Scott Alfieri/Getty Images]

Perrie Edwards Beats Ex Zayn Malik At BRIT Awards, New Boyfriend By Her Side

Perrie Edwards had a huge win over her ex-boyfriend, former One Direction member Zayn Malik at the BRIT Awards this week, according to the Daily Mail. Edwards and the other members of Little Mix with thrilled to win their first ever BRIT Award, but that was just the start. Not only did the group win the award for their song “Shout Out To My Ex,” which was inspired by Malik’s high-profile breakup with Perrie Edwards, but they beat out the infamous ex who was nominated for his single “Pillowtalk” in the same category. Perrie Edwards truly have the last laugh after her emotional breakup, as she arrived arm in arm with her new boyfriend, footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The pair later shared a romantic photo on Instagram with the caption “What a night!” What a night! ❤️ A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️???? (@perrieedwards) on Feb 23, 2017 at 4:00pm PST Perrie Edwards and the other members of Little Mix certainly created quite a stir when they released their Glory Days album, because the album featured a song that indirectly taunted Zayn Malik for breaking up with Perrie Edwards. Titled as “Shout Out To My Ex,” Little Mix’s song soon became a hit, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that it became embroiled in controversy when the band members changed the caustic lyrics of its original version. According to Celebs Now, the song became popular because its original lyrics indirectly pointed to Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid‘s love affair that began soon after the former One Direction band member split with Perrie Edwards. “Heard he been f***ing some model chick / Yeah that sh*t hurt I’ll admit / But f*** that boy I’m over it. Heard he in love with some other chick.” Perrie Edwards and the “Pillowtalk” singer were in a romantic relationship for about four years before they decided to get engaged. However, the couple’s engagement ended in 2015 after Malik decided to part ways. Did this actually happen? Did we actually win a Brit? I’m still in shock! My heart is full ❤️ A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️???? (@perrieedwards) on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:06am PST The Little Mix singer has admitted that she was completely devastated by the breakup, and that she was almost homeless when she moved out of his London residence. Perrie Edwards revealed that the tumultuous times greatly affected her, even though she considers herself to be an emotionally strong person. In Little Mix’s book Our World, Edwards revealed that she was more hurt by the fact that Zayn Malik ended their four-year romance and two-year engagement by a curt text message, than by the fact of the breakup itself. Neither of the former lovers have revealed the reasons behind their breakup and, according to the Daily Mail, Perrie Edwards has remarked that she would never reveal the details about her failed romance. “Obviously I didn’t say too much about it, I briefly mentioned it. I wasn’t going to not mention it… You’re in control at the end of the day and I briefly mentioned it, kind of said what happened but I would never get into detail because it is personal.” Him. A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️???? (@perrieedwards) on Feb 5, 2017 at 12:31am PST Edwards’s fans are well aware of the emotional turmoil that the singer went through after the breakup, and they are willing to support her in every possible way. At a concert in late 2016, a Little Mix fan expressed his empathy towards Perrie Edwards by yelling “Zayn Malik is a b*tch!” while Little Mix performed “Shout Out To My Ex” at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London’s O2 arena. Edwards and her other band members were clearly amused by the fan’s solidarity, as they couldn’t help but giggle in response. Even though Perrie Edwards was down in the dumps after her split with Zayn Malik, the singer has found her own ways to deal with her feelings and work through her emotional pain, having earlier suggested that getting a new haircut and indulging in fatty foods prove to be effective measures for coping with heartbreak. Chop chop CHOP ✂️ A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️???? (@perrieedwards) on Feb 3, 2017 at 12:01pm PST However, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, two other members of Little Mix, do not share Perrie’s views, as they both believe in hitting the gym and exercising to cope up with their breakups. Like most people, all four Little Mix band members have experienced romantic breakups in their lives, and each one has admitted that one of the best ways to work through their pain has been to rely on their friends and fellow band members. According to The Sun, Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwal revealed that each of the band member’s attitudes have enabled them to come out stronger after romantic breakups. “I feel like whenever one of us splits from someone, we always have a post break-up glow going on.” It appears as if Perrie Edwards did an excellent job of putting her life back together following her devastating breakup, and her big win at this week’s BRIT Awards with her handsome boyfriend by her side giving her the last laugh. [Featured Image by KGC-03/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

Calvin Harris And Frank Ocean Drop New Single

After dropping hits about new music, Calvin Harris finally released a new single today that features the vocals of Frank Ocean and Migos. The new track, titled “Slide,” was produced and mixed by Harris. Harris released the cover art and line notes on Twitter earlier this week, as USA Today reports. He also released a few small clips of the track and teased the release on Snapchat. The track is now available on Spotify and iTunes. Notably, in the credits for the single, Harris writes that Ocean appears on the song “courtesy of Frank Ocean.” Ocean is not signed to any label, and released his last album Blonde under his own production company Boys Don’t Cry. “Slide” is the first new music from Ocean since his albums Endless and Blonde, which were released last year. Ocean’s vocals appear on track singing lines such as “Do you slide on all your nights like this?/ Do you try on all your nights like this?” CALVIN HARRIS // FRANK OCEAN // MIGOS — Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) February 21, 2017 Harris’ last piece of music was the single “My Way,” released in September 2016. As Rolling Stone notes, it was the first song which featured Harris’ vocals since 2014’s “Summer.” Quavo and Offset, members of the hip hop group Migos, are also credited with writing the song. Offset appears on the track rapping lines such as, “Swallow the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato/ Walk in my mansion 20 thousand paintin’ Picasso.” Migos formed in Georgia in 2009 and is made up of the rappers Quavo, Takeoff and Offset. The group recently found themselves caught up in a fight with rapper Sean Kingston while in Las Vegas. A gunshot was fired outside the Sands Expo & Convention Center during the fight, Pitchfork reports, leading to a man’s arrest. No one was injured in the altercation however. The group released their second album, Culture, in January 2017, which included the successful single “Bad & Boujee.” Migos told Rolling Stone they were surprised to see the song reach wide success. “We did it the trap way, not the pop way.” Owing to the song’s success, Migos performed “Bad & Boujee” on Ellen, where they also participated in a PSA with the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ice Cube that encourages kids to read, and posed with host Ellen DeGeneres for an Instagram photo. [Image by John Shearer/AP Images] Ocean has become known for doing things his own way in the music industry, including releasing his album without a major label. As Rolling Stone reports, he also opted not to submit Blonde for Grammy consideration and fired back at Grammy officials who claimed he made the decision due to his poor performance at the 2013 awards ceremony. In a Tumblr post, Ocean admitted his performance was poor but denied that having anything to do with his decision not to submit Blonde for awards consideration. “You think that’s why I kept my work out of the Grammy process this year? Don’t you think I would’ve wanted to play the show to ‘redeem’ myself if I felt that way?” Ocean went on to criticize the Grammys for awarding Taylor Swift’s 1989 with Album of the Year over Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. He also explained why he didn’t want to participate in the Grammy’s Prince tribute, as he felt the best way to honor the late artist “would be to continue to be myself out here and to be successful.” Controversy aside, the song “Slide” represents a new collaboration for all of the artists. According to Harris, it and all of his releases for 2017 are “sonically designed to make you feel f***ing incredible.” [Featured Image by Eric Jamison/AP Images]

Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley And The Common Musical Roots Of A Nation Divided

Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley may represent two distinct paths of American music, but at one point, they had enough in common to share not just a record label, but a historic recording session along with Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. On December 4, 1956, the four met up with nothing in mind except to spend a day in the studio, yet one by one, they came together to put that reunion on tape. Johnny Cash recounted the events in his autobiography. “Nobody else was booked into the studio. I was there – I was the first to arrive and the last to leave, contrary to what has been written. I was just there to watch Carl record, which he did until mid-afternoon, when Elvis came in with his girlfriend. At that point the session stopped and we all started laughing and cutting up together. Then [Presley] sat down at the piano, and we started singing gospel songs we all knew, then some Bill Monroe songs.” Local press dubbed them the Million Dollar Quartet, but it wouldn’t be until nearly 30 years later that the sessions would see the light of day — long after Johnny was a seasoned country artist and Elvis had died of a suspected prescription drug overdose in 1977. Of course, the appeal of Cash and Presley together was too much to resist once the record was finally released in 1981. Several commemorative re-releases followed. By 2007, a Tony-winning jukebox musical of the same name cemented the meeting’s place in American music history. This shared history does lead one to wonder why we consider these artist to be parts of different genres. Why exactly is Johnny considered a country musician? Why isn’t Elvis? There’s clearly a strong rockabilly undercurrent in both of their music. They both love gospel. They both croon. They both sing about heartbreak. Are they simply seen that way because that’s what Cash and Presley — and subsequently radio stations and music journalist — identified them as? While Elvis’ life was cut short, the label became more difficult to pin down as Johnny’s career went on. The most listened-to Cash song on Spotify, for example, isn’t his mariachi-sampling “Ring of Fire” or even his signature “Walk the Line,” but his cover of industrial rock ballad “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. Even his own interpretation is much more Nick Cave than Hank Williams. His early association with Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis makes it hard to chuck this up to latter-era experimentation: There was clearly always a rocker in Johnny Cash. The most iconic photo of him is more punk than country western: Giving the middle finger to the camera while performing at a prison. In a time where the United States is facing sharp political division between its heartland (country) and its urban centers (rock and roll), CMT’s Sun Records miniseries offers up a story that reminds us that, really, the two genres of music are both essential part of Americana. Blues, folk, country and rockabilly have all evolved further and further away from one another, but they extend from a common root, so much so that as a group they are often referred to as “roots music.” Even those who “hate country” are often fans of Johnny, whereas Elvis has a sound so distinct from today’s rock music that it’s not uncommon to find diehard fans indifferent to his songs. Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley may be considered godfathers of rock and country, but they are united by a common root. [Photo by M. Spencer Green/AP Photo] Even today, we can still find clear examples of artists from each genre meeting in the middle. The Dixie Chicks recently performed with Beyonce at the Country Music Awards. Lady Gaga chose one of the biggest years of her career — in which she headlined the ultimate American past-time, the Superbowl — to release a country album. Jack White brought Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose — the most lauded record of her career — to life a decade ago, and the most critically acclaimed country LP of 2016, Margot Price’s Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, might have never gotten released if it weren’t for the White Stripes frontman’s intervention. These divisions between rock and country seem relatively minor compared to the climate in which Cash and Presley met together for their jam session. In his autobiography, Johnny wrote that while many were listening to “race” music behind closed doors, Elvis was one of the first ones to bring it out into the open. At least today a teenager in Tennessee wouldn’t have to hide their Kendrick Lamar MP3s from their friends. Is Elvis Presley a little bit country? Is Johnny Cash a little bit rock n’ roll? [Photo by Central Press/Getty Images] Similarly, Cash himself was making country cool. The style had to undergo its own changes to become acceptable to a mainstream audience. Early incarnations were referred to as “hillbilly music,” a word that today can be taken as a class or even racial slur depending on the context. That’s a far cry form the Dolly Partons of the scene that would emerge just decades later, and even further from the glammed-out presentation of Carrie Underwood at the Grammys this year. Johnny later wrote that he and Elvis grew apart as the years wore on, as many did from the King as Presley retreated in Graceland. He doesn’t, however, seem to indicate that this was anything personal, though June Carter Cash did later tell her children that her husband was always jealous of him. How could there not be some friendly rivalry? After all, clearly the pair were contemporaries, pushing the same instruments in different directions in a series of domestic cultural exchanges. That’s the story that CMT’s new miniseries Sun Records will tell when it premieres Thursday evening at 10 ET/9 CT. If you don’t have the country music channel, you can also catch the story of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash on Nickelodeon and TV Land. [Featured Image by Hulton Archive and ABC Television/Getty Images]

BTS's "Not Today" & "You Never Walk Alone" Break Records on Youtube & Billboard!

BTS is in the record breaking business. All Kpop reports that the Bangtang Boys’ You Never Walk Alone album has made history for kpop music on the Billboard 200 album chart. The album currently sits at number 61 on the chart making this the fourth time that the South Korean boy band has had an album chart there. This is the first time that a Kpop musical act has charted four times on the Billboard 200. RELATED POSTS ON INQUISITR BTS Allegedly Copy BIGBANG T.O.P.’s Performance, Outraged Fans Ask For Apology BTS’ Jin Lack Of Lines And Screen Time In ‘Not Today’ MV Raises Concerns Video:TWICE Snaps K-Pop 24-Hour Record With ‘Knock Knock’ But BTS Says ‘Not Today’ BTS Dominates With ‘Not Today’ MV As Views For TWICE’s ‘Knock Knock’ Skyrocket BTS Drops New Video For ‘Not Today’ From ‘You Never Walk Alone’ [VIDEO] As All Kpop notes, BTS’ debut on the Billboard 200 album chart came in December 2015 when they dropped HwaYangYeonHwa Part 2 which made it to position 171 on the chart. In May 2016, BTS released Young Forever and that album made it to position number 107 on the chart. Then, in October 2016, they released their most successful album, Wings, which charted at number 26 on the Billboard 200. As we mentioned earlier, BTS has been making a lot of Kpop history of late. Digital Music News reports that the video for their single “Not Today” has blasted through Youtube viewing records Kpop videos. The video garnered 10.98 million views in 24 hours. In fact, just 12 hours after the release of the video it had been viewed over 6 million times. And the Bangtang Boys have gotten to the point where they are constantly breaking their own records when it comes to music video viewership on Youtube. Last year, BTS established themselves as the kpop Kings of Youtube when their video for “Blood Sweat And Tears” got 6 million views in 24 hours. Last week they beat that record when “Spring Day” was released. That video racked up 9 million views in one day. That record was temporarily knocked down by TWICE with their music video for “Knock Knock” But then BTS released their video for “Not Today” and the rest as they say is history. But despite their success, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the popular kpop boy band. As Inquisitr previously reported, the Bangtang Boys have been accused of plagiarizing BIGBANG’s TOP. The allegations stem from BTS’ performance at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards. During their set, they performed “Save Me” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” BTS started their performance with a “No Signal” screen which is an element that TOP uses in his solo performances. As the previous Inquisitr article notes, BIGBANG fans are incensed by the apparent copying and are calling for an apology from BTS. BTS fans on the other hand are standing by their favorite idols. Im so sick and tired trying to explain how stupid people are BTS DIDN’T COPY YOUR SO CALLED KINGS BIGBANG IM DONE TALKING ABOUT THIS — .Amber. (@AmberBTSlover) February 23, 2017 BTS + televisions with no signal since 2013. But when they use it in a performance “they’re copycats” lmao#노_시그널_사과해주세요 — ori???? VOTE PINNED (@glowingyeojin) February 22, 2017 In addition, BTS’s agency BIG Hit Entertainment have distanced themselves from the GAON Awards performance and any allegations of plagiarism. According to All Kpop, the agency put out a statement on February 23 saying that they had nothing to do with the performance. “Our side did not prepare the production for BTS’ stage in general. These complaints have nothing to do with us.” the statement read. (RELATED: EXO Plagiarism Scandal: SM Entertainment Suing India Film ‘Kannayya’?) BTS kicked off their “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour” in Seoul on February 18. Their next stop is in Santiago, Chile on March 12, The International Business Times reports. [Featured Image by Kin Cheung/ AP Images]

Bruno Mars Was Warned Against Performing Prince's Hit Songs At Grammys

Bruno Mars made a rousing return to the Grammys stage for his Prince tribute, according to the Star Tribune. The “24K Magic” singer gave an unforgettable performance of “That’s What I Like” from his album and Prince’s hit song “Let’s Go Crazy.” Watch Bruno Mars, the Time’s Searingly Funky Prince Tribute at Grammys — RIDER (@ridertheseries) February 23, 2017 When Grammy organizers promised an “unforgettable tribute” to Prince at 59th annual Grammy Awards, they actually meant it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get Bruno Mars to perform it. Bruno Mars, who has taken home five Grammy awards since rising to stardom in 2011, took to the stage this month to offer a rendition of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” and it really was an “unforgettable tribute” to the seven-time Grammy winning musician who died on April 21, 2016. Clad in Prince’s signature purple suit with ruffles at the neck, Bruno Mars made the star-studded audience go crazy for the tribute. To make the tribute even closer to perfection, Mars rocked “beauty boy” makeup and used a crisp white guitar. That’s exactly how people remember Prince. Standing at the center of the stage with Prince’s symbol glowing right behind him, Bruno Mars treated the audience and millions of people watching the awards ceremony at home to a rousing guitar solo, which was mastered to perfection. The “24K Magic” singer didn’t miss a beat and was later joined by his band to complete the iconic tribute. @BrunoMars in tribute to @prince in the #GRAMMYs 2017. — Bruno Mars Fans (@fanpage_mars) February 21, 2017 But delivering a rousing tribute to Prince wasn’t the only reason Bruno Mars took the Grammys stage that night, according to Variety. Mars, who triumphantly won at this year’s awards ceremony for his work on Adele’s 25, treated the audience to a no-less-unforgettable performance of his own hit song “That’s What I Like.” It’s been four years since Bruno Mars last took the Grammys stage, but those four years of waiting were worth it. Perhaps the most fascinating moment came toward the end of his performance when Mars went into the audience and sang, “If you want it, girl, come and get it, all this is here for you.” Bruno Mars sang the line as the cameras were pointed at the starstruck Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Faith Hill. Interestingly, Mars’ longtime girlfriend, Jessica Caban, was chosen to represent Lopez’s line J-Lo as runner-up in 2002. It was Bruno Mars’ first performance at the Grammys since 2013 and marks the fifth time the singer has taken to the Grammys stage. The “Lazy Song” singer also headlined the Super Bowl in 2014 and two years later gave an incendiary performance of his hit song “Uptown Funk” featuring Mark Ronson and then “Fix You” with Coldplay and Beyonce. Bruno Mars did the most incredible tribute to Prince — Marc Edgeley (@MarcEdgeley) February 17, 2017 It took Bruno Mars several months of preparations to master his performance for the Grammys 2017 tribute to Prince. In fact, the “24K Magic” singer couldn’t decide which song to perform at the music event that night. Speaking exclusively to the Star Tribune, Grammy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrlich said Bruno Mars “agonized” over the choice of Prince’s song for “two weeks.” Ehrlich insists that he had warned Mars not to perform “When Doves Cry,” “1999,” “I Would Die 4 U,” and “Kiss,” as they shouldn’t be “done by anyone but Prince.” And then Bruno Mars finally chose “Let’s Go Crazy” from Prince’s 1984 film Purple Rain. Grammy Awards organizers didn’t have Mars and his band as the only performer for the tribute, though, as it started with the Time, the band that worked with the late musician in the 80s. Before the purple suit-clad Bruno Mars took the Grammy stage on Sunday, the Time treated the audience to an abbreviated medley of two of their hits from Purple Rain. [Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Guns N' Roses Shout Wrong City, Announce U.S. Tour, Beat Up Donald Trump Piñata

Guns N’ Roses were heartily booed during a Valentine’s Day concert in Melbourne, Australia, when their announcer and instrument tech McBob enthusiastically screamed “Sydney!” to the crowd while introducing the group, according to Billboard magazine. Goodnight Melton! There will be no encore! — BRIGGS AKA BIG SIGH (@BriggsGE) February 14, 2017 While calling out the wrong city name at any concert could be disastrous, the long held and fiercely defended rivalry between Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne meant that this gaffe was a particularly awkward one. Guns N’ Roses were quick to apologize for the mistake of their announcer, who has been with the group for 30 years, and judging by the majority of the comments on Facebook and Twitter, fans were happy to let the mistake go, and praised the group for an incredible performance. Melbourne! WOW!! 70k strong 2nite. Don’t b2 hard on McBob 4saying ‘Sydney’ in the intro…his wife and fam r fom here. Hell catch it plenty! — Duff McKagan (@DuffMcKagan) February 14, 2017 Guns N’ Roses have announced new U.S. tour dates for their Not in This Lifetime tour, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The reunited rockers are setting new North American dates this year, including one in St. Louis, where Axl Rose attacked a photographer in 1991. It looks like Guns N’ Roses loved their Not in This Lifetime tour, as the guys are expanding the tour in 2017. The band, which was formed in 1985, will play across Europe before returning to North America in July, 2017, to kick off their 16 newly announced North American shows. Interestingly, Guns N’ Roses’ first stop on their 2017 U.S. leg will be in St. Louis, Missouri. It’ll be a historical show for the band, which was once banned from playing there. In July, 1991, the infamous Riverport Riot took place. Best Photo of the Day chosen from my Gallery Today @DuffMcKagan @axlrose @Slash @IzzyStradlin999 @StevenAdlerSite @gunsnroses ???? — gih McKagan (@teles_gislene) February 23, 2017 During that riot, Guns N’ Roses’ band member Axl Rose attacked a photographer in the audience and slammed security for not getting rid of the photographer’s camera. After he stormed off the stage, fans started a riot and dozens were injured. Guns N’ Roses were banned from playing in St. Louis, while Axl Rose was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of property damage, and was fined $50,000. That means the band’s St. Louis date in 2017 will be their first gig in the city in 16 years. On July 2nd, 1991 the “Riverport Riot” broke out in St. Louis during a Guns N’ Roses concert!! #FunFactFriday — AllegroEntertainment (@allegrostl) July 1, 2016 Guns N’ Roses didn’t include St. Louis dates when they announced the initial batch of the tour back in 2015. But now it appears the band is ready to return to the city for the first time in a little less than two decades. Guns N’ Roses’ six-week-long North American leg will include dates in Miami, Washington, New York City, Texas, and other cities. Canadian fans will also get the chance to hear Guns N’ Roses perform their biggest hits, because there are six Canadian shows in their tour. Guns N’ Roses’ expanded Not in This Lifetime tour will end on September 8, 2017, with their performance at San Antonio’s Alamodome. Interestingly, their dates don’t include any summer music festivals. In other news, the rock band made headlines in late 2016 when it sneaked a Donald Trump piñata to one of its Mexican shows, according to the Independent. With the Trump piñata, Guns N’ Roses allowed their fans to express their anger at the then-U.S. President-elect for his controversial anti-migrant comments during his presidential campaign. Things got brutal when the band members invited Mexican fans to beat up the piñata. Guns N’ Roses truly surprised their Mexican fans when they brought out on stage a huge piñata in the shape of Trump and invited them to “express” themselves. In a video published by TMZ, Axl Rose, who attacked a photographer during one of the band’s shows in 1991, invited Mexican fans by saying, “Let’s bring on some people, and give them a f***ing stick.” “I want you to express yourselves, however you feel.” Trump has received a great deal of criticism and outrage in Mexico and U.S. when he made controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, calling them “rapists and murderers.” Guns N’ Roses Invite Mexican Fans On Stage To Smash Donald Trump Piñata – Music Feeds #dj #remix — Daniel Troha (@DanielTroha) January 6, 2017 Guns N’ Roses decided to let Mexican fans “express” themselves however they “feel” also for Trump’s promises to build a huge wall at the U.S.-Mexican border and make Mexicans pay for it. In the TMZ video, Mexican fans are seen and heard cheering while being lifted by guards onto the stage and handed sticks. The Trump dummy was destroyed by the angry Mexican Guns N’ Roses fans within less than a minute. Then the pieces of the Trump piñata were thrown into the audience for some additional “expressionism.” [Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]