Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's Wedding Wasn't Put On Hold For Baby [Debunked]

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton haven’t put their wedding on hold as they attempt to conceive a child, despite what a recent report has suggested. Although Life & Style magazine has shared a couple of reports in recent weeks which suggest that a baby could be in Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s future, a Gossip Cop report shot down the possibility on February 26 and revealed that the magazine had made up the story. Shelton and Stefani “have put their wedding on the back burner… they’re trying to have a baby first,” the false report alleged. “That’s their main focus right now. She’s determined to have another baby and carry it herself, even though Blake has said it doesn’t matter if they adopt or get a surrogate.” “She’s trying to get pregnant naturally,” the supposed insider added. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images] In response to the Life & Style magazine report, Gossip Cop confirmed that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton did not have any wedding plans to begin with, so when it comes to putting the nonexistent plans on hold, that was simply impossible. Either way, a rep for Gwen Stefani has cleared up the false report with Gossip Cop, telling the outlet that the magazine is “making things up.” While Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren’t yet planning for a baby or a wedding, a source months ago suggested that an engagement could be coming soon. About a year and a half into their dating relationship, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are going strong and continue to spend time as a family with Stefani’s three sons. “They are not engaged yet,” a source close to Stefani revealed to People Magazine last August. “Everyone is expecting it to happen at some point, though… It seems the timing [for an engagement] just hasn’t been right, but Gwen is very, very happy with Blake. She always acts giddy when she talks about Blake.” At the time of the report, Gwen Stefani was tending to her This is What the Truth Feels Like Tour, which kept her on the road through October of last year. Meanwhile, around the same time, Blake Shelton was preparing for his role on The Voice Season 11. Although Stefani and Shelton appeared together on Season 7 and Season 9 of the series, Stefani wasn’t seen during Season 11. Instead, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys took on coaching roles for the very first time. “There are no immediate plans for their future, but it’s a serious relationship,” the magazine’s source continued. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani onstage during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images] Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s romance began on the set of The Voice Season 9 in late 2015. Although the couple appeared together as coaches during Season 7 as well, they both were married at the time. As fans may recall, Stefani was married for 13 years to Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, who was later accused of cheating on her, and Shelton was married to fellow country singer Miranda Lambert for 4 years before their divorce was confirmed. “Their relationship is almost too good to be true,” the Stefani source added. “They are very much alike and really have a very special relationship. All the things that need to work out for two people to merge lives have worked out.” Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton split from their former spouses within weeks of one another and just months later, in November 2015, they confirmed they were dating. Since then, they have appeared together numerous times on the red carpet and in early 2016, they released a duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” To see more of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, tune into The Voice Season 12, which premieres tonight, February 27, at 8 p.m. on NBC. [Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Not Headed For A Split [Debunked]

Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on the rocks? As the couple prepares for their Season 12 debut on tonight’s premiere episode of The Voice, rumors are swirling in regard to their potentially impending split. Luckily, however, these rumors are untrue. According to an incorrect report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Blake Shelton was feeling humiliated by Gwen Stefani’s recent comments about him — and felt she was using their relationship for publicity. As fans may have seen, Stefani and Shelton are both currently promoting the new season of The Voice and have been asked about their relationship on multiple occasions. “Blake Shelton doesn’t want Gwen Stefani to talk about their relationship in front of the cameras anymore. In fact, during a sneak peak [sic] of The Voice Season 12, Blake even begged his girlfriend to keep quiet about their hookups to contestants,” the false report stated, as revealed by Gossip Cop on February 25. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attend the ‘Glamour’ Women of the Year 2016 Dinner. [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images] As Gossip Cop pointed out, Celebrity Dirty Laundry was spotlighting a moment from The Voice Season 12, in which Gwen Stefani was seen telling a contestant, “I just did a country song with Blake Shelton, so I’ve got the hookup.” In response, Shelton told Stefani, “That is so inappropriate to be talking about our hookup!” According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Shelton may have been joking in the clip, but “insiders” have noticed that he hasn’t said much when it comes to his relationship with Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani has been talking to the press about their romance “for months now.” The outlet even suggested that it was Gwen Stefani who continued to bring up their relationship during interviews — not the interviewers themselves. “For Blake, though, he’s had enough. That might also be why he hasn’t proposed to [Gwen Stefani] yet. By now, many fans expected Blake and Gwen to at least be engaged, but that hasn’t happened. At this point, no one even knows if Blake still wants to marry and settle down with someone like Gwen,” the incorrect report alleged. Despite the speculation, Gossip Cop has pointed out that there is no actual proof the country singer feels “humiliated” or is “tired” of Gwen Stefani talking about their romance. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton began dating in late 2015 after splits from their former partners, Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert, respectively. At the time their relationship began, Stefani and Shelton were filming the ninth season of The Voice. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first starred alongside one another on the seventh season of The Voice, but it wasn’t until Season 9 when things between them became romantic. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attend the 2016 Pre-GRAMMY Gala. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images] A short time after Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton confirmed their relationship, the couple began facing allegations of pregnancies and engagements. Most recently, a source claimed that Gwen Stefani had begun in vitro fertilization treatments last year in hopes of conceiving a child and while she ultimately chose to take a break from the treatments, she and Shelton are allegedly determined to start a family together. “That’s their main focus right now,” an insider told Life & Style magazine last week. “She’s determined to have another baby and carry it herself, even though Blake has said it doesn’t matter if they adopt or get a surrogate.” Gwen Stefani is already mom to three boys, Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 2, while Blake Shelton has no children of his own. Although Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have not spoken out about the latest rumors regarding their alleged plans for a baby, Shelton has joked about the idea in the past. For now, they appear to be completely happy and content with their dating relationship. To see more of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, tune into The Voice Season 12, which premieres tonight, February 27, at 8 p.m. on NBC. [Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Kim Kardashian Rumor Says She's Angry About Kanye West Cosmetics Line [Debunked]

Kim Kardashian is not angry about Kanye West’s new cosmetics line. The rumor was started by Hollywood Life. “Uh oh! Workaholic Kanye West has grand plans to launch a new cosmetics line, but it has wife Kim Kardashian terrified he’s stretching himself too thin. has exclusive details on how she’s afraid that it will put his health in serious jeopardy.” “Kanye’s grand plans for business have Kim worried for Kanye’s health. Things have been good between Kim and Kanye lately and she admires his ambition, but his latest venture in cosmetics has Kim worried for her husband’s health. She does not want Kanye over-worked or stressed over business deals or involved in anything that could affect his sensitive health situation,” an alleged source is quoted as saying. Kanye West is starting his own cosmetics line. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images] Many of the commenters after the article seem to think Kanye West shouldn’t venture into this new cosmetics line. “He needs to take care of him self but it’s all about money as if he doesn’t have enough,” says Master33. This just proves how batsh** crazy he really is. Totally unqualified to start a cosmetic line or to start a kids clothing line. People recovering from a mental breakdown don’t do this stuff,” claims Beavis. While Kanye’s cosmetics line remains a fact, Kim’s alleged anger and jealousy about it is completely fabricated. Gossip Cop has corrected the story. “Kim Kardashian is NOT upset about Kanye West working on a cosmetics line, despite a seemingly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story,” says columnist Shari Weiss, who adds that Hollywood Life doesn’t have any real sources when it comes to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian. This isn’t the first major rumor regarding Kim Kardashian this week. According to the Daily Star, Kardashian is jealous of Beyonce for being pregnant with twins. The reality TV queen was reportedly stunned to discover the singer kept the news she is expecting twins a secret from her. And the mum-of-two has said she is being driven crazy because she reckons Beyoncé is stealing her thunder.” Kim Kardashian is not jealous of Beyonce for having twins. [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images] The article adds that Kim thinks she’s a bigger star than Beyonce. However, Gossip Cop claims that the story is bogus. “It does make for a dramatic headline, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least bit accurate. Kardashian isn’t fazed in the least by who has more children, and no one actually thinks that’s a legitimate barometer of fame,” says Shari Weiss, who adds that as someone who has had difficult pregnancies, Kardashian wants nothing more for Beyonce than to be happy and healthy. There is one bit of news in the Kardashian world that isn’t fabricated. According to MTV, Kardashian is sending fans a pair of Kanye’s sneakers. “On February 25, Kim’s feed became a flood of ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ back-and-forths with fans. It all started with her posting a photo of Kanye West’s latest version of the distinct sneaker, the Zebra 350.” Soon, Kim was actually sending the sneakers out to a fan. What size are you? I will send you a pair ❤️???? — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 26, 2017 As MTV notes, it was only a matter of time before Kardashian started to go all Oprah and send out a pair to many others as well. Fans praised Kardashian for her generosity, while others criticized the star — something she’s used to by now. It appears that after being robbed last October, the megastar is back to being the Kim Kardashian her fans have always loved. Kardashian’s social media looks to be on fire for the rest of the 2017. [ Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Madonna: Is Alleged Controversy Over Her Adoption 'Fake News'?

Madonna recently adopted two twin girls from Malawi. USA Today was one of the first sources that broke the news. “Madonna got approval to adopt two more children from Malawi but only after she was asked ‘uncomfortable questions’ by a judge in the southern African country, according to a court document obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.” The article adds that Madonna satisfied the court’s requirements because she is motivated by her desire to offer a home, love, protection, and guidance. As predicted, some tabloids, such as The Daily Mail — a source that has been banned from Wikipedia for creating false stories, went after Madonna and tried to create controversy. ‘The Daily Mail’ has been accused of promoting sensational articles on Madonna several times over the years. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images] Despite court transcripts showing that the father of the twins being fully explained the details of what the adoption means, the Daily Mail posted an article last weekend that said the twins’ birth father, Adam Mwale, says he didn’t realize the adoption was permanent. “The father of the African twins Madonna is adopting claims he was misled into believing their move to the US would not be permanent. In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Adam Mwale reacted with disbelief after being told that his four-year-old daughters Esther and Stella have been taken away from Malawi forever.” The article adds that the father thought Madonna would just educate the kids, who would come back to Malawi and take care of the whole family. Plenty of people in the comments section were suspicious about the claims. “They were in an orphanage, not at home with him in a loving family. He wants them to be educated and then sent back to him? To do what? Work on his farm?” asks LV. “Here’s a man who suddenly realises he may be able to extort some money from this story. He showed no interest in those girls once their mother died, signed them over to a better life in America and then finds out their new mother is a millionaire. Rubs hands together but not to keep warm this time!” says Ghills. A lot of the commenters seem to think that the Daily Mail fabricated the story in order to produce page clicks, or they paid the man to say he wasn’t aware of what the adoption meant. According to Nyasa Times, a major official in Malawi claims the father definitely was informed. Madonna filed the paperwork for her adoption days after the Women’s March. [Image by Wargo/Getty Images] “However, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said the adoption of the children were irreversible. ‘The process was done after wide consultations. The ministry of Gender, Women and Children Affairs through their welfare officers were involved,’ Mvula said. He said Mwale was duly briefed on what the adoption was all about.” Mvula stressed that if the adoption was done behind his back, the court would not have granted the order. Madonna hasn’t commented on the controversy, but has posted various pictures that include the two girls. One post included her other two adopted children, David and Mercy. Pajama Game on……….,,,,???????????????? The Revolution of ♥️ starts at home! A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on Feb 22, 2017 at 1:17pm PST In a post from Saturday, Madonna posted a picture of herself playing with her two new daughters. Gang-Gang! @jr A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on Feb 25, 2017 at 3:41pm PST There are some who have accused Madonna of exploiting the twins by putting them on Instagram, especially since the two girls didn’t ask to have their photos broadcast to the world. However, Madonna may have another reason for showing their pictures. Back in 1998, the Queen of Pop revealed that she posed for pictures with her one-year-old daughter Lourdes because it would keep the paparazzi away since the world will already have seen pictures. What do you think of Madonna’s adoption? Do you think the alleged controversy over the twins’ father is “fake news”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. [Featured Image by Michelly Rall/Getty Images]

Brad Pitt Is Not Living In A 'Sober House' Amid Kate Hudson Rumors [Debunked]

Brad Pitt is not currently living in a sober house, despite what a new rumor has suggested. Following months of reports suggesting that the 53-year-old actor has been involved in a secret romance with Kate Hudson after his split with Angelina Jolie last September, a rumor surfaced about his living situation, claiming Brad Pitt is focused on his sobriety as his divorce and custody battle continued to play out. “[Brad Pitt] In Hideout To Dry Out!” reads a recent headline shared by the National Enquirer. According to the report, which was confirmed as false by Gossip Cop on February 23, Brad Pitt was said to be living at a “secret beach retreat to kick booze and pot with [a] support group of pals… Brad Pitt has settled into a secret ‘sober house’ — where he’s battling his bad-boy addictions to drugs and booze with the help of a handpicked posse!” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie parted ways in September after Jolie filed for divorce and requested she be granted with full physical custody of their six children, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8. At the time, a source told TMZ that the 41-year-old actress was concerned about her estranged husband’s alleged use of alcohol and marijuana. Although Brad Pitt does spend time at an “ultra-private California retreat,” the home that the National Enquirer labeled as a “sober house” is actually a residence owned by the actor in Santa Barbara. As fans may recall, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie owned numerous homes during their marriage, including places in France, New Orleans, New York City and Los Feliz. “It’s been a huge lifestyle change, but [Brad Pitt]’s snuffed out the weed for good. He’s swapped joints for juicing, and beers for bike rides with buddies. He’s left the sins of the city behind for fresh sea air and a new start!” the false report continued. “His friends are keeping an eye on him and making sure he doesn’t get bored or lonely.” It’s all part of a plan to “make things as painless as possible for him while he tries to say on the path to sobriety,” the incorrect insider added. In response to the report, a spokesperson for Brad Pitt spoke to Gossip Cop and labeled the National Enquirer‘s story as “complete and total nonsense.” In other Brad Pitt news, the father of six has recently been linked to actress Kate Hudson. While the two have not been spotted together in the months since Pitt split from his soon-to-be ex-wife, rumors have continued to circulate since November in regard to the possible relationship between them. Kate Hudson attends the 75th Annual Academy Awards. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images] In one recent report, shared by Star magazine, the publication falsely claimed that Kate Hudson had met Brad Pitt’s kids during a visit to the beach. Although the publication posted photos of Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson side-by-side in Malibu on their cover, the photos were actually taken at different times and Hudson never spent time with Pitt and Jolie’s kids. “I heard they were laughing and running around chasing a Frisbee along the shore, and [Brad Pitt] was wearing aviator shades and khakis, while Kate wore short shorts that showed off her tan legs,” an alleged insider suggested. The magazine even went on to suggest that Angelina Jolie had gotten wind of the relationship — and was completely “livid” that Brad Pitt would have introduced his alleged new girlfriend to their children. Shortly after the Star magazine report was shared, an insider close to Brad Pitt spoke to Gossip Cop and confirmed that he and Kate Hudson had not seen one another in years. So, when it comes to a romance, there is absolutely nothing going on between the two of them. [Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Taylor Swift's Friendship Code Not Broken By Ed Sheeran [Debunked]

Ed Sheeran did not break any “friendship” code with Taylor Swift. The rumor was started by Hollywood Life. “Who knew Ed Sheeran, 26, and Katy Perry, 32, were such good friends?! You wouldn’t expect the pair to have such a loving relationship — after all, he’s besties with Taylor Swift, 27, and we all know Tay and Katy are embroiled in one of the biggest celeb feuds of the last few years.” The article adds that when Sheeran ran into Perry in the UK recently, the two joked around like crazy. Hollywood Life believes that because of this, Sheeran is betraying Swift and breaking a “friendship code.” However, Gossip Cop says that this story is completely fabricated. “Ed Sheeran did not ‘break’ the ‘friendship code’ with Taylor Swift, despite a ridiculous report about Katy Perry,” claims columnist Shari Weiss, who adds that the tabloid website said the same thing about Taylor’s friendship with Selena Gomez, which ended up being false as well. This isn’t the first major rumor regarding Swift that had to be debunked in the past couple of weeks. Radar Online started a rumor that Tom Hiddleston’s comments about Taylor Swift in the latest issue of GQ had to be pre-approved by Taylor herself. “ has learned that Marvel villain Tom Hiddleston is afraid to cross his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and her squad! According to an insider, Hiddleston, 36, huddled with 27-year-old Swift’s team recently after he found out he was scheduled to do an in-depth interview with GQ.” The article adds that before Tom did the interview, he reached out to Taylor Swift’s people in order to discuss what he would say when asked about her. The commenters after the article are suspicious of the story. “Idiotic story,” says one poster. “They aren’t even in the same biz. How can she hurt his career? He’s an actor still getting jobs. She’s a singer,” comments another. As expected, Gossip Cop has stepped right in to declare the story a hoax. “Tom Hiddleston’s comments about Taylor Swift in his recent GQ interview were NOT ‘pre-approved’ by the singer’s team beforehand, despite a bogus webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s not true,” writes columnist Andrew Shuster, who adds that Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to Hiddleston, and the story was completely denied. Taylor Swift tries her best to be in control of her image, but over the past year and a half, Swift’s image has been damaged. Even though many think the backlash against Swift is unwarranted, others think Swift has presented the image of someone she isn’t. In other words, the term “fake” has been getting thrown around when it comes to Taylor. Swift recently went on Twitter to praise all the women marching in the Women’s March that took place in January. So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day. #WomensMarch — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) January 21, 2017 The Huffington Post was one of many websites that criticized Swift. “In recent years, Swift has transformed herself into somewhat of a feminist icon, in part by surrounding herself with a ‘girl gang’ of famous female friends and crafting punchy lyrics about relationships. But, as many have pointed out, her public image also seems like a convenient marketing tool.” The article, like many others, accused Swift of promoting false feminism. Swift’s fans were very angry about the accusations and wrote many pro-Swift comments after the article. Do you think people are going too far in their criticism of Swift? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. [Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Not Living Together Despite Rumors [Debunked]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now under the spotlight as rumors about the couple living together get debunked by a fact-checking website. Another royal couple is now plagued with rumors amid controversy surrounding Kate Middleton’s supposed pregnancy. Speculations about Meghan Markle and her royalty beau living together surfaced in the last few days. One rumor cited by Radar Online claims that Prince Harry is moving into the U.S. to live with the actress, saying that he has been “dividing his time between Canada, L.A. and London” while citing an unnamed source who is reportedly close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. #PrinceHarry to decamp to #MeghanMarkle’s home-city of Toronto for #InvictusGames #TOpoli #royals — Sandeep Shenoy (@hitech_guru) February 20, 2017 “Harry loves America and is totally open to dividing his time between Canada, L.A. and London once he and Meghan are officially man and wife,” the source reportedly told the outlet. The source then continued to speculate that such move would be expected of the prince. “It’s a logical step for the Royals, too, because he’ll be able to up their reputation abroad while still fulfilling duties back at home and overseas, of course.” Unfortunately, the report did not give any more details on the matter except that “the whole family is thrilled for him and Meghan” and that their wedding is expected to happen in summer. Meanwhile, another piece from a tabloid is claiming that the 35-year-old actress is quitting her legal drama series titled Suits in order to “spend more time” with the prince. This information that first appeared in Star states that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be living together in Kensington Palace in London after enduring six months of long distance relationship. But Gossip Cop—a known fact-checking website about celebrity rumors—ultimately debunked this story and revealed that the magazine wrongfully declared that the two will be living together. According to the outlet, the Star’s statement “Meghan Moves In!” and “The prince and his honey have taken the next big step: They’re shacking up at his place!” are both false and have no factual basis. It then analyzed more statements from the article that claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a “big step” in their relationship by moving in together. “Some people may think that Harry and Meghan are moving too fast, but they’re both very independent and are taking things at their own pace,” Gossip Cop quotes the piece which also speculated that Meghan would probably decide to leave Suits for Prince Harry. There was even a mention of Kate Middleton in the article, crediting the Duchess of Cambridge for the progression of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship. But as the article moves on to other details, it failed to mention one important thing: Meghan’s rumored pregnancy that was also reported by the same publication. Apparently, Kate Middleton was not the only one with a pregnancy rumor. According to Gossip Cop, there is a big chance that the story about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “shacking up” is fabricated considering that it failed to mention the supposed baby they are having. The fact-checker previously debunked rumors claiming that Meghan Markle is pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby back in December 2016. In that article, Star claims that the Queen implored the couple to immediately make their relationship official through marriage which implies that she already gave them her blessing. According to Royal House rules and regulations, #PrinceHarry might not be proposing to @meghanmarkle anytime soon. Love will conquer!Hopeful — Entertainment Now (@OFMENOW) February 21, 2017 However, the more recent piece from the tabloid claims that Her Highness has yet to give the couple her blessing. Because of this, Gossip Cop dubbed Star reports to be “inaccurate” as well as “inconsistent” and deemed even its sister magazine OK! to be the same after it spread rumors about Meghan moving to London when in fact, she was only visiting Prince Harry at the Kensington Palace. Do you think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be living together soon? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below. [Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Brad Pitt Did Not Win Back Custody Of His Kids [Debunked]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not settled their custody battle, despite what a new report suggests. On the latest cover of In Touch Weekly magazine, a headline proclaims, “Brad Wins Custody,” but according to a Gossip Cop report on February 22, there is absolutely no truth to the allegation of a “secret settlement” between Pitt and his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, nor does the 53-year-old actor have a “new life” with his kids. Angelina Jolie’s “war with [Brad Pitt] is nastier than ever” after they “reached a secret settlement” that granted Pitt joint custody of their children, the magazine’s insider alleged. “Angelina has lost, and she’s humiliated.” Brad Pitt’s soon-to-be ex-wife filed for divorce in September of last year. At the time, a source told TMZ that the actress’ decision was made out of concern for their family. According to the report, the now-estranged couple was feuding over their kids — and his alleged struggles with substance abuse and anger. Brad Pitt attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. [Image by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images] The TMZ report went on to reveal that the 41-year-old actress was reportedly “extremely upset” with the way Brad Pitt was parenting their children and had become “fed up” with his alleged consumption of weed and possibly alcohol. In turn, she requested she be granted with full physical custody of their six kids, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8, and asked for a judge to restrict Brad Pitt to nothing more than visitation rights. A short time after the former couple’s split, Brad Pitt was accused of child abuse. As fans may recall, Brad Pitt was allegedly involved in some sort of altercation with his oldest son, Maddox, on their private plane, but ultimately, the child abuse case against him was dropped by both the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services. Due to the allegations against him, Brad Pitt agreed to a temporary custody arrangement last year, which majorly restricted his time with his kids — and required his visits with the children to be supervised. Now, however, after his child abuse case was closed, Brad Pitt has reportedly been able to see his children much more. That said, he has not gained joint custody of any of his kids. In addition to In Touch Weekly‘s incorrect report regarding Brad Pitt’s alleged custody win, their sister magazine, Life & Style magazine, also shared an inaccurate story about the issue, which included a headline that read, “[Brad Pitt] Wins! Angelina Hands Over The Kids.” “[Angelina Jolie] gave up her bid for sole custody when her legal team told her there were just no grounds for it. [Brad Pitt] has won and is getting shared custody,” the In Touch Weekly magazine source continued. Although Brad Pitt has been seeing his kids a bit more in recent weeks, there has been no custody “settlement” between him and Angelina Jolie and the recent increase in his visitation with the children has not amounted to the actor “win[ning] custody.” In response to the report, a source confirmed to Gossip Cop that Brad Pitt has not won custody at this time. Brad Pitt attends the Madrid premiere of ‘Allied.’ [Image by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images] As Brad Pitt’s custody battle and divorce from Angelina Jolie continues to play out, the couple has dedicated themselves to maintaining a united front after months of battling publicly. “The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues,” read a joint statement shared by the couple weeks ago. “The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification.” [Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]

No, Jennifer Aniston Does Not Hate Hubby's Looks, How Star Keeps Hers Young

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been a perfect married couple for two years and truly give fans relationship goals. The pair are sure to gush about one another when interviewed on various red carpets and continue to defy those who constantly pump out false breakup and relationship trouble rumors about them. The latest rumor regarding Jen and Justin is that the Cake star hates her own husband’s appearance. Interesting. The fabrication that was published in OK! indicates that Jen hates her husband’s hair. Gossip Cop reminds of the words shared by the tabloid regarding the couple. “In this week’s issue of OK! is a story with the headline, ‘Justin’s Dyeing Disaster.’ The magazine writes, ‘When it comes to his hair, Justin Theroux likes it 50 shades darker. But sources say wife Jennifer Aniston thinks the jet-black dye, Justin, 45, is obsessed with using makes him look 10 years older, not younger!’” The supposed source referred to the apparent issues that Jen has with Justin’s hair color selection. “It’s a classic mistake middle-aged guys make with hair color. It’s so harsh it makes any flaws or lines on his face more obvious. Jen, who gave Justin a gentle makeover after they coupled up, thinks he should go lighter — and that he’ll get better parts if he ages gracefully.” The actor is then described as being set in his ways regarding his hair, due to the style having been the look that has worked for him since long before he and Aniston got together. What better day than #Valentines Day to look back on #JenniferAniston‘s most romantic moments w/ #JustinTheroux? ❤️️ — ET Canada (@ETCanada) February 14, 2017 “Justin found his hunky side later in life, and he’s reluctant to let it go. The goth look used to make Justin look cool, but now it’s aging him,” the source states. Gossip Cop has stamped out this rumor as false, not surprisingly, and notes that OK! has been the culprit in fueling a number of false rumors about Justin and Jen. The most recent rumor the tabloid perpetuated was that Aniston is expecting. It seems that this publication, as well as a few other seedy tabloids, did not heed the actress’s words in her open letter she penned in The Huffington Post.Jen shared her frustrations about constantly being the cover girl for pregnancy and breakup rumors. “For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I’m fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of ‘journalism,’ the ‘First Amendment’ and ‘celebrity news.’” Jen has since shared her surprise at the response the essay got, yet also admitted that her words did little to change how tabloids write about her and her husband, as evidenced by OK! Likely, the press coverage about Aniston’s fit physique and youthful complexion is not as frustrating for the star, and fans are always keen to find out the beauty’s secrets for achieving both. The star recently celebrated her 48th birthday with a trip to Mexico and looked half her age as she graced the beach in a sporty bikini. As Harper’s Bazaar Australia notes, Jen is definitely doing something right, and we want to find out what that something is. Justin Theroux just posted a pic for Jennifer Aniston’s birthday and our hearts are melting — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) February 12, 2017 The bottom line, as the publication notes that Aniston is diligent with her healthy choices and even on her cheat days, she is sure to add in more healthy ingredients. Additionally, Aniston works out regularly but switches up her workout routine so that she stays motivated and doesn’t get bored. The beauty also is always sure to remind others to drink “tons” of water. “I don’t let eating habits get out of control where I need a reset button, Eat as much organic fruit and vegetables as you can, keep sugar [intake] low, drink tons and tons of water, and get good sleep.” [Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]

Fake New Hoax: Did Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao Die? Manny's Wife Not Dead [Debunked]

There’s a headline being passed around by a fake news website titled,”CONFIRMED: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao The Wife Of Ex-Boxer Manny Pacquiao Shot Dead In Robbery Attack.” With the word “confirmed” at the beginning of the so-called breaking news headline, some people would think that the report was true. However, the news report has all the hallmarks of a fake news report. First off, no other reputable news organizations are corroborating what the headline from the fake news website reads, “CONFIRMED: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao The Wife Of Ex-Boxer Manny Pacquiao Shot Dead In Robbery Attack – Breaking News.” Lead Stories has declared the death report fake news. The report claimed that Manny’s wife was killed during a robbery. According to the fake hoax, Jinkee suffered three gunshot wounds in the chest by robbers who allegedly stole Jinkee’s phone and money. However, the news report is short on details. “Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao, the wife of professional Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao and a former vice governor of Sarangani, in Mindanao, Philippines is reported dead this afternoon following robbery attack. According to her husband, Manny Pacquiao, the wife was said to have gone to visit her close friend in Mindanao when she encountered her sudden death. ‘Jinkee was found in a pool of blood in her car helplessly yearning for help.’ – the Police said. According to a close source, a good Samaritan reached the scene and drove her quickly to the Mindanao Community Hospital but died shortly after she was able to disclose how she was being shot three times on the chest by the unknown assailants. According to her, the armed robbers bolted away with her cellphone and her purse containing $1200.” The report even claimed that Manny gave them a quote, claiming he and Jinkee had fun just the day before she went to “the Mindanao,” looking like a queen “in the palaquin” (or palanquin) in a beautiful dress. The report claimed that Manny was in tears, recalling that he didn’t expect to lose his wife in the “twinkling of an eye,” with the news report borrowing a biblical phrase from the resurrection of Christ, as reported by Bible Hub. CONFIRMED: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao The Wife Of #Ex-BoxerMannyPacquiaoShot Dead In… — Trendolizer (@Trendolizer) February 18, 2017 Likely knowing that Manny is a Christian, the news report attributed a phrase that the ex-boxer might say. The news report went on to quote a “Dr. Cornelius Binay,” along with speaking of a team of doctors who all allegedly tried to save Jinkee, but claimed it was just too late. The fake report said Jinkee died after a few hours when the “second phase of medication was being” given to Jinkee. The fake news claimed that the killers of Jinkee were being sought. Meanwhile, the fake article about Jinkee Jamora is getting plenty of buzz, claiming that the 38-year-old mother of five has died. As of this writing no news about “Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao” appears on Snopes, but the publication will likely soon declare it false. According to Trendolizer, the fake article has gained 24,000 likes on Facebook. Trend graph: On the Facebook page of Manny Pacquiao, there’s no news about Jinkee being killed. Manny’s son was the subject of a hoax, reports Morning News USA, with Jimuel Pacquiao death hoaxes spreading last year. On Facebook, folks are reacting in shock to the fake news. Imelda Gesalan gave her condolences to Senator Manny, calling the news about Jinkee so said and wished that everyone would be safe in the situation. Rizza Mae Javier was “feeling shocked” and wondered if the news about Pacquiao was true or not. Reymar Englis Dico exclaimed, “Oh my God!” Dico called it insane and impossible for such a thing to happen, wondering where were the guards to secure her life and limbs. Wilson Eden wondered if the news was true or a hoax. PRRD’s common law wife, Honeylette, now watching #MissUniverse with cousin Atty.Jophie, Sen.Manny & VGov.Jinkee Pacquiao @gemavancena — News5 AKSYON (@News5AKSYON) January 30, 2017 Google reports questions like “Is Jinkee Pacquiao dead?” and phrases like “Jinkee Pacquiao died” and “Jinkee Pacquiao reported dead” coming into their search engine. [Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]