'Survivor: Game Changers': What You Need To Know Before Tomorrow's Premiere

The 34th season of the hit reality game show Survivor premieres tomorrow night, and it promises to be one of the biggest and best seasons yet. In the latest outing, 20 past contestants return to live up to (if not surpass) the “Game Changer” moniker. All players broke new ground in their respective seasons by proving to be forces in the game either strategically, physically or socially in a way that changed the game in their individual season or in the game as a whole. The Players Among the cast of fan-favorites are three previous winners, JT Thomas (Tocantins), Tony Vlachos (Cagayan), and the series’ only two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands and Heroes Vs. Villains). All three players no doubt want to prove they can win the title again among some stiff competition like challenge masters Ozzy Lusth (who is playing for the 4th time), Malcolm Freberg and Troy “Troyzan” Robertson. Rounding out the cast further, many strategically-savvy players join the roster, like Ciera Eastin (who was officially host Jeff Probst’s pick to win before filming for the season began in an interview with Entertainment Weekly), Cirie Fields (another 4th time player, and widely considered one of the best to never win), and Andrea Boehlke. Other players returning include four from the show’s 32nd season Koah Rong, (Tai Trang, Aubry Bracco, Debbie Wanner and Big Brother alum Caleb Reynolds), former NFL player Brad Culpepper, Jeff Varner (from the show’s 2nd season), Zeke Smith and Michaela Bradshaw (from last season), Sarah Lacina (Cagayan) and two players from the show’s 15th anniversary season Hali Ford and Sierra Dawn-Thomas. RT @T_Matye77: @JeffProbst can’t wait 2 watch #Survivor tomorrow! I get to see those dimples every Wednesday again ???? pic.twitter.com/dyOZeUQuFE — Jeff Probst (@JeffProbst) March 7, 2017 Twists As previously reported by Inquisitr, there will be a unique twist in the voting process this year as the show does away with the classic re-vote in tie situations. In a game-changing twist, tie votes will go directly to a tie breaker, meaning that all players must unanimously decide who to vote out, or they will risk the daring rock-draw that will leave their fate in the game to chance. As Probst explains, this change will “make each vote more nerve wracking”, in an interview with ET Canada. In addition, keeping the players on their toes is a must this far into the game, which is why they are shaking up the way Immunity Idols are hidden this year. Probst promises no consistency in their placing, meaning that idols can really turn up anywhere (like on the beach, at a challenge or at tribal council). Adding to the Survivor Legacy As the Toronto Star reports, the key to the show’s success is simple: small tweaks in the format of the game without drastically changing the concept. The small changes (like the twists we can expect this year) keep the game fun and exciting while still staying true to what drew the loyal fans to the show in the first place. Fans were drawn to the idea of strangers stranded on an island whilst trying to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to be the last one remaining in the game, and it all began back in May 2000 with the show’s first season in Borneo. With a finale drawing over 50 million viewers, the show was launched into overwhelming success that has given the show a sense of longevity that is very hard to achieve in today’s television landscape. The show has consistently been ratings gold, allowing it to remain on the air for a whopping 17 years, (a feat nearly unheard of for any genre, let alone reality television). Tomorrow’s premiere marks Survivor‘s 500th episode. Executive Producer Mark Burnett. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images] Are you excited for the brand new season? Who do you think will win in the series’ biggest showdown yet? The two-hour season premiere airs March 8 at 8/7c on CBS. Watch Jeff Probst’s official cast assessment below: [Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Netflix 'Bloodine' Season Three Will Be The Series Finale [Spoilers]

Fans of Netflix Bloodline will be disappointed to hear that season three will be the series finale of the gripping story of the Rayburn family in Key West, Florida. And not only will Netflix Bloodline have to wrap up all of the tangled storylines in one last season, but season three will only contain ten episodes instead of the intended fourteen. It seems like a conflict between Netflix and Sony has caused the suspenseful series to wrap up sooner than expected. Netflix has been the home for several suspenseful series in addition to Bloodline, says the Inquisitr. The Netflix series The Fall, set in Ireland was a mix of suspense and violence, as Gillian Anderson, a police investigator, tracks a serial killer, played by Jamie Dornan, as he terrorizes Dublin. Much like the series Bloodline, it is hard to tell the good people from the bad. Jacinda Barrett at the Netflix Bloodline Premiere in California https://t.co/1dPak5GdNf #JacindaBarrett — Нина Куимова (@HOLrAed3TfR742m) March 7, 2017 What’s On Netflix says that even though Netflix Bloodline is very popular, the series has to wrap up the series on season three. The tale of the Rayburn family is twisted, and everyone, good or bad, does what they need to do as a result of the crimes of Danny Rayburn, the initial black sheep of the family. Netflix Bloodline is described as having a slow burn, and that’s what it is, building to the point that is gasps for breath, and by word of mouth, it has developed a real following. RELATED REPORTS BY INQUISITR ‘Doctor Foster’ A Great Show On Netflix That You Aren’t Watching New Series ‘The Crown’ Is The Most Expensive Yet By Netflix Binge-Watching The Story Of Queen Elizabeth With Netflix’s ‘The… ‘The Fall’ Is The Best Netflix Series You Probably Aren’t Watching Yet So why would Bloodline be cancelled before it had a natural end? The story goes that there are several things at play. Even though the show is created for and by Netflix, Bloodline is produced by Sony. Season two of Bloodline debuted at the end of May last year, and in July, Netflix announced that Bloodline was renewed, and that season three would not be the last season, but soon after, they announced that it would, and also reduced the episode run to ten, and licensing fees were slashed. Supposedly, if you ask Sony, it’s on Netflix, and if you ask Netflix, it’s Sony. But both sides agree on one thing, creating the series for Netflix, Bloodline is very expensive to make. Bloodline takes place in Key West, and is shot almost entirely in Key West on location. Florida used to have huge tax incentives, but the program has fizzled out according to executive producer Todd Kessler. “We decided to set the show there, because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult.” @Bloodline @netflix One riveting must watch TV series filmed in one of my favorite places the Florida Keyes ???? #BloodLine pic.twitter.com/PmFExhoBir — Alan Branch (@Brokenguitar1) March 7, 2017 So what does Netflix do with a series like Bloodline when the run was supposed to be six seasons, and it has to get whittled down to three? Superior editing to prioritize plot conclusions, says International Business Times of Australia. Another decisions made by Netflix, Bloodline will not appear in May the way it did for the first two seasons, but it will launch in July instead, and much of the plot will revolve around Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague), Danny’s son. “I don’t think Nolan wants to be like Danny. He didn’t have a good time with Danny as a dad.” And by being the son of the black sheep, it’s hard for the rest of the Rayburn family to separate Danny and his misdeeds from Nolan. “The rest of the Rayburns see so much of Danny in Nolan. Nolan doesn’t really get to be his own person. They share the same looks and the same mannerisms, but it’s not something he likes.” The cancellation has created some difficulties for the writers, but early reviews indicate that they got it done, concentrating perhaps three more seasons of drama into one. “While Bloodline‘s tricky timeline detracts from the potency of the story and its characters, the show remains an addictive, tightly drawn brainteaser framed on a believable canvas.” But no doubt, fans will be disappointed, and think that maybe to save some money, they could film Netflix Bloodline elsewhere, but Todd Kessler says that it then wouldn’t be the series they envisioned. “We decided to set the show there … because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult.” #Netflix BLOODLINE SEASON 1 And 2 (2015-2016) KYLE CHANDLER EMMY FYC DVD SET NETFLIX https://t.co/bghqy7fYoF #Netflix pic.twitter.com/O4PZ1WsCut — Dropshipme (@Dropshipme1) March 5, 2017 Diehard fans of the Netflix series Bloodline will no doubt be sad to see the story of the Rayburn family come to an end, but the creators promise that Netflix Bloodline will take the dark plot to a new level. Are you disappointed that on Netflix, Bloodline will come to an end this summer? Have you watched since the beginning? Who is your favorite Bloodline character? [Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Bette Midler Takes On Carol Channing's Role In Broadway's 'Hello, Dolly!'

Bette Midler is all set to feature in this month’s restaging of Hello, Dolly!, the famous 1964 Broadway musical that was previously remade into a 1969 Hollywood movie of the same name. Bette Midler, Glenn Close lead Broadway’s spring offerings: Midler will star in “Hello, Dolly!,” while Close will… https://t.co/ppqGTOv2KU pic.twitter.com/qfKCPySR6w — South Side Chicago (@SouthSideBuzz) February 6, 2017 The musical follows the story of Dolly Levi, a widow and matchmaker who falls in love for a rich man while helping him to get married. The plot focuses on the efforts that Dolly takes to overcome the challenges in winning her newfound love. Bette Midler has admitted that she is excited to play the lead role of Dolly Levi, that was previously played by actress Carol Channing in the original Broadway musical. Barbra Streisand played the pivotal role in the film version of the musical, that went on to win three Academy Awards for its music, production design, and sound mixing. David Hyde Pierce will be Midler’s co-star in the play, portraying the role of Dolly’s love interest. According to The Daily Beast, Bette Midler’s powerful voice and strong character will perfectly do justice to the character of Dolly Levi, and the revival will be a wonderful opportunity for audiences to relive the magic of the Broadway musical in its new form. Surprised to see Shubert Theater is already decked out for new incarnation of “Hello Dolly” w/ Bette Midler yet 1st preview isn’t til 3/15 pic.twitter.com/jN6nTYJGNJ — CJNewYork (@CJNewYork) January 27, 2017 Bette Midler’s upcoming Broadway musical is directed by Jerry Zaks and it will be staged in Broadway’s Shubert Theatre from March 15, with the show opening on April 20. ET Online reported that Bette Midler will play the iconic role in seven shows a week from its opening night on April 20 until June 13, at which point an eighth show on Tuesday be added to the schedule, with Tony award winning actress Donna Murphy taking over Midler’s role for the additional eighth show each week. Murphy was quick to point out that she is not Bette Midler’s understudy, but rather is the Hocus Pocus actress’s “Tuesday-night alternate.” Bette Midler is both a talented actress and a gifted singer, who has been a recipient of a number of awards including Grammy awards, Emmy awards, Golden Globe awards, and Tony awards. Back in 1979, Bette Midler received widespread acclaim for her acting and singing skills when she had played the role of drugged-out rock star who lived a tumultuous life in The Rose. Bette Midler’s Hot-Ticket Hello, Dolly! Adds Two Performances https://t.co/kBYrnkPeUl #TDoug pic.twitter.com/qJfNZVfFjr — TDoug (@TDougNews) January 10, 2017 By all accounts, Midler’s performance was loud and thundering in the movie that was loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin. Bette Midler is not only capable of singing loud rock songs but also soft romantic ballads like “From a Distance,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “The Rose,” and “In My Life.” Despite being a veteran actress and singer, Bette Midler realizes that she has to shoulder the huge responsibility of doing justice to the role that was popularized by the legendary Carol Channing. According to Jewish Business News, the actress spoke about how impressed she was with Carol Channing’s inspiring personality. “Even at 75, she was absolutely extraordinary. I met her couple of months ago and fell in love. She’s a real light in the world. It’s very big shoes to fill.” Bette Midler believes that audiences will find the revival to be a ray of hope in a world whose citizens are continuously upset by news of violence and terrorism. Indeed, it is the lightheartedness of the musical and its fabulous songs that has made the play unforgettable and as popular as ever. Realizing that she may never be able to emulate the charm and charisma of Carol Channing, Bette Midler is committed to playing the role in her own unique way. According to Time magazine, the iconic actress revealed that she will only be able to do justice to the prestigious role if she makes it her own. “Make it your own. That’s what everyone I talked to said. You can’t do somebody else’s version of it. It’s a tall order. It’s wonderfully constructed. It’s this exquisite little jewel box, like a watch–so finely tuned, and every little piece works.” [Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Ariana Grande, John Legend Release 'Beauty And The Beast' Video

Ariana Grande and John Legend have released their take on the Beauty and the Beast theme song, “Beauty and the Beast,” and an accompanying video. The music video uses scenes from the upcoming Disney live-action remake of the animated classic, starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The music video shows Grande performing in an exuberant red ballgown with Legend singing along on the piano. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson won a Grammy for their performance of the song, which was released alongside the 1991 animated movie, Entertainment Weekly reports. In the 1991 film itself however, Angela Landsbury performed the classic song. [Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images] Those attending Beauty and the Beast when it hits theaters on March 17 won’t hear Grande and Legend performing the song, however. In the live-action movie, Emma Thompson, who voices Mrs. Potts, will perform the tune instead. The music video is directed by Dave Meyers, E! reports. Much of the video centers on the famous ballroom scene between Belle and the Beast, featuring of course Emma Watson in Belle’s famed yellow ballgown. Ron Fair produced the track, and says crafting a remake of the well-known song was no easy task. “With today’s two greatest singers—John Legend and Ariana Grande—we are bringing the song back with a new school/old school fresh treatment that shows the soulfulness and power of what a great melody and lyric can inspire.” The live-action remake of the Disney classic is no stranger to hype and controversy before even hitting theaters. Emma Watson recently invited controversy when she appeared in Vanity Fair with part of her breasts exposed, leading many to call the actress a hypocrite. In a photo inside the magazine shot by Tim Walker, she appeared in a bolero jacket with nothing underneath. Watson has long been a champion of many feminist causes, such as the HeForShe campaign which asks men to stand for feminism and women’s rights. [Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Images] Watson snapped back at critics of her photoshoot, however, saying her breasts have nothing to do with her feminism. In an interview with Reuters, she claimed those who her criticized her photos don’t understand what feminism is. “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with.” But Watson is not the only one to court controversy to Beauty and the Beast. An Alabama theater chose to cancel screenings of the movie due to the fact that it depicts a gay character. CNN reports that in a since removed Facebook post, Henagar Drive-In Theatre, which acquired new owners in December, announced it would be pulling all screenings of the Disney film. The Facebook post claims the movie, which is rated PG, would not be appropriate for children to watch. “If I can’t sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then we have no business showing it. We are first and foremost Christians.” Josh Gad will play LeFou, the sidekick to villain Gaston. LeFou, according to Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon, will be Disney’s first explicitly gay character. Condon has talked about the film depicting an “exclusively gay moment,” but has not specified beyond that what the movie will depict. The Ariana Grande and John Legend version of “Beauty and the Beast” will be available on the movie’s soundtrack, out on March 10. Celine Dion will contribute a new song, “How Does A Moment Last Forever,” and other artists such as Josh Groban will feature as well. The Beauty and the Beast themselves, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, will also join Legend and Grande on the soundtrack. [Featured image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]

In Memoriam Oscars 2017 Segment Shows Living Woman, Academy Apoligizes

In Memoriam confusion became the second most awkward gaffe of last Sunday night’s Oscars 2017 broadcast, according to CBS News. While the wrong Best Picture announcement of La La Land instead of Moonlight will forever remain the most memorable moment of last Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast, the In Memoriam segment editors also messed up big time. Terrible mistake at Oscar! Jan Chapman’s picture was screened instead of late Janet Patterson while… https://t.co/XbpuAOZUP7 @newstracklive pic.twitter.com/LvYq2ZOoAo — Brajesh Gupta (@Brajeshrgupta) March 5, 2017 And sorry Jimmy Kimmel, you can’t take the blame for the In Memoriam gaffe either. The Oscars 2017 host jokingly promised he would “never come back” to hosting Academy Awards after the Best Picture gaffe, though the mistake had nothing to do with him. The In Memoriam segment featured a photo of the wrong woman, who’s alive and well. The photo of a living producer, Jan Chapman, was shown on the screen listing designer Janet Patterson, who passed away in October, 2016. In an email to Variety, Chapman said she was “devastated” by the Oscars mess-up and assured that she is “alive and well and an active producer.” But it turns out there’s a legitimate explanation as to why the Oscars accidentally put the photo of Chapman instead of the four-time Oscar-nominated Patterson during the In Memoriam segment. Chapman, who collaborated with Patterson on films such as The Piano and Bright Star, wrote to Variety that she had urged the late designer’s agency to find the photo to be used for the In Memoriam segment, but she was assured that the Oscars “had it covered.” But it wasn’t entirely the fault of the Academy’s In Memoriam editors, as the photo used of Chapman was mistakenly labeled as “Janet Patterson” in Getty Images. #Oscars In Memoriam: The Legends We Lost https://t.co/e2F2pzJjSi pic.twitter.com/nPjfUqepQV — IMDb (@IMDb) March 2, 2017 In fact, the Academy’s In Memoriam wasn’t the first to confuse Chapman with Patterson, as last October’s YouTube video from Wochit Entertainment announcing Patterson’s death used the same image. Patterson was a four-time Oscar nominee and received nods for the films The Piano, The Portrait of a Lady, Oscar and Lucinda, and Bright Star. Reacting to the In Memoriam mistake, Chapman described Patterson as “a great beauty” and said it was “very disappointing” to see the gaffe happen. In Memoriam is always a heart-wrenching experience – not only to viewers watching the Oscars broadcast from their homes as well as celebs in the audience, but also the In Memoriam presenters, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The Oscars 2017 In Memoriam presenter, Jennifer Aniston, couldn’t contain her emotions as she introduced the tribute segment during the awards ceremony. Academy apologies for In Memoriam #Oscars snafu https://t.co/LnuURq3YTm pic.twitter.com/JBprnlat1q — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) March 1, 2017 While introducing the segment, Aniston spoke about how every one of those featured in the In Memoriam montage left an indelible imprint on Hollywood community, and then the Friends actress paid tribute to Bill Paxton. Paxton, who wasn’t included in the In Memoriam segment due to his sudden passing the day before the broadcast, is famous for his roles in Titanic, Twister, and Alien. Paying the In Memoriam tribute to the “beloved actor” Paxton, Aniston got visibly choked up. Paxton, who had a four-decade long career in Hollywood, died last Saturday at 61-years-old due to complications from surgery. ICYMI: Jennifer Aniston teared up honoring Bill Paxton at the #Oscars https://t.co/AsUfQYCLOY pic.twitter.com/IaHNOlrJ08 — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) February 27, 2017 Although Paxton wasn’t included in the In Memoriam segment, watching the tribute felt like forever, as 2016 had an uncannily very long list of Hollywood deaths. The In Memoriam montage included stars like Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Mary Tyler Moore, Gene Wilder, John Hurt, and many others. Sara Bareilles gave an emotional performance of “Both Sides Now” as the names of those who passed away in 2016 kept appearing one after another on the big screen. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, In Memoriam editor Chuck Workman said it was difficult to compile the Oscars In Memoriam montage this year, especially considering the long list of 2016 Hollywood deaths. ME TOO: Patricia Arquette upset Alexis omitted from Oscars “In Memoriam” https://t.co/UGa71uR7Et pic.twitter.com/S4W0Vz7xqN — JamesMichael Nichols (@JMN) February 27, 2017 While Workman says there are many people tuning in because “they want to know all these people, but I don’t think they want to sit for 10 minutes.” Ten Actors That The #Oscars “In Memoriam” Segment Snubbed: https://t.co/bF6sK6nkI0 (hopefully they show a bit more respect this year…) pic.twitter.com/xKDa2kShFw — MERRY JANE (@MERRYJANE) February 24, 2017 [Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]

Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Lee Min-ho Face Threat, Lotte Website Hacked

Trouble brews for South Korean actors like Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, and Lee Min-ho. Just last week, Soompi honored the best and brightest in the Korean entertainment community. The 12th Annual Soompi Awards rewarded and recognized actors such as Lee Min-ho, Song Hye-kyo, Song Joong-ki, and Jin Goo. However, now, China has put a damper on these celebrations, which might have a negative impact on these actors. According to recent news reports, China has instructed travel agencies in the country to stop selling tour packages and trips to South Korea. This is perceived as China’s retaliatory move against Seoul’s decision to deploy an advanced U.S. anti-missile defense system, according to Yonhap. Now, this move directly affects all Hallyu actors, particularly A-listers such as Song Joong-ki and Lee Min-ho, who have gone the extra mile in promoting South Korean culture to Chinese travelers. #LeeMinHo Actor Of The Year ????#TheLegendOfTheBlueSea Drama of The Year ????
LEE MINHO X JUN JIHYUN Spottoon Best Couple ???????? ~ Soompi Award ???????????????????? pic.twitter.com/vrz4pO4aO9 — Mey美天花(I’m Minoz) (@MeyMinoz) March 1, 2017 There are, of course, a tiny number of A-listers who, for a while, remained unaffected from the Hallyu ban like Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Soo-hyun and Park Hae-jin. These stars appeared in outdoor billboards and printed media and renewed advertising contracts. However, of late none of them appeared on television. The travel ban will affect South Korean economy as well as Hallyu stars. For instance, Jeju Island in South Korea started attracting lot of tourists after the recently concluded K-drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea, portrayed its rich, deep blue waters. The mini series starring Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji Hyun showcased the beauty of Jeju Island, thereby increasing the tourist count. As the island is visa-free, more tourists, especially from China, flocked in to experience its stunning grandeur. However, this number will see a decline if Chinese tourists are prevented from visiting South Korea. [TRANS] Jo Jae Yun mentioned #SongHyeKyo and #SongJoongKi on his recent interview with Yonhap News. ???? pic.twitter.com/c51n4B0kGC — XO❤ (@genovevamelina) March 5, 2017 A similar fate awaits Descendants of the Sun tourism site. Last year, the drama, starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo garnered massive popularity across the world, especially in China. Song Hye Kyo Shares Her Honest Take On Relationships And Breakupshttps://t.co/smt222Pew8 pic.twitter.com/bDpcJLoo8Z — Soompi (@soompi) March 6, 2017 The location, which was built on the site of an old mine, was torn down after shooting ended. However, after receiving several requests from tourists and travel agencies, it was decided that the city of Taekbaek in Gangwon Province be converted into a tourist spot. However, with the mean-spirited ban by China on all things Hallyu, things are bound to take a downward plunge. Last year, The Global Times, the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist party, reported that “South Korea’s tourism industry has to run into a strong headwind as anti-South Korea sentiment grows”, warning that “no other country can fill the vacancy if Chinese visitors go away,” a report by FT stated. Likewise, K-dramas like Descendants of the Sun garnered a huge fan following in China. According to the Inquisitr, the response was overwhelming that at one point the Chinese government discouraged its citizens from watching such entertainment. Despite the warning, the show went on to become a huge success in China. In fact, preparations were in full swing to make Descendants Of The Sun into a Chinese full-length movie. Huace Film & TV, one of the country’s biggest film production companies, bought the rights to reproduce it into a film. Now, it’s not certain if the movie will ever be re-made in Chinese. Lotte Website Hacked Just a few days ago, actor Lee Min-ho and South Korean retain giant Lotte Duty Free were honored with National Brand Award for enhancing South Korea’s brand image. Lotte has millions of Chinese customers and generates a huge revenue in China. However, since Tuesday afternoon, the website www.lotte.cn was not functional in China. This happened a day after Lotte signed a deal to sell land for a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea, a report by UPI stated. In Shenyang, about 10 Chinese citizens held a protest rally in front of Lotte Department store. The protestors held a placard that read, “Lotte, leave China right now as it supports the U.S. missile system.” A Lotte official said that the store is making efforts to dispel misunderstandings that Lotte had actually aggressively offered the site for the U.S. missile defense system. The official said there is no way to counter Chinese retaliation. [Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

Watch 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Live Stream: Start Time, How To Watch Online

The 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards are here, with the biggest stars in music converging Sunday evening on the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California — a classic venue that hosted the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards as well, after the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles played host to the first two editions of the lavish awards ceremony. The 2017 iHeartRadio Awards ceremony will feature live performances from top stars including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran among other mega-hit makers. Former American Idol emcee Ryan Seacrest will make his debut as host of the iHeartRadio show, taking the slot from Jason Derullo. Bruno Mars is among the hitmakers scheduled to perform Sunday at the 2017 iHeartRadio Awards.(Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images) Other stars scheduled to perform live at the iHeartRadio show include Big Sean, Thomas Rhett, Labirinth and — in her awards show debut, 17-year-old Noah Cyrus. Yes, that’s the younger sister of superstar Miley Cyrus, and big sis will be on hand as an awards presenter at the ceremony. The 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards live stream is scheduled to get underway at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, March 5 — 8 p.m. Eastern Time — at the Great Western Forum — also known as The Fabulous Forum — in Inglewood, California, a city just south of Downtown Los Angeles. For full information on how to watch a live stream of the splashy iHeartRadio Awards, see the streaming links at the bottom of this article. In addition to Miley Cyrus, other presenters include John Legend, Demi Lovato, DJ Khaled, Florida Georgia Line, Ansel Elgort and Macklemore who will all be on hand at the Forum. Drake leads the pack with 12 nominations on Sunday, followed by The Chainsmokers with 11 and Rihanna with 10 nominations. Here is a list of nominees in some of the night’s top categories. Song of the Year:
“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
“Cheap Thrills” – Sia featuring Sean Paul
“Closer” – The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey
“One Dance” – Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla
“Stressed Out” – twenty one pilots Female Artist of the Year:
Ariana Grande
Selena Gomez
Sia Male Artist of the Year:
Justin Bieber
Luke Bryan
Shawn Mendes
The Weeknd Best Duo/Group of the Year:
Florida Georgia Line
The Chainsmokers
twenty one pilots Noah Cyrus, the 17-year-old sister of superstar Miley Cyrus, will make her awards show debut Sunday, performing her hit single “Make Me Cry.” (Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images) To watch a live stream as the top artists in the music industry compete for top honors at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards, use the streaming link provided by WatchTBS at this link, or download the WatchTBS app to watch the game on most mobile devices. The iHeartRadio awards show will also live stream on the WatchTNT site at this link, as well as on the WatchTNT app. Login credentials from a cable or satellite TV provider will be required to watch the playoff game via WatchTBS or WatchTNT. Music fans who do not have login credentials, however, can still watch a live stream of the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards legally and for free. The best way to do that is to access the Sling TV internet TV package at this link. The package features a variety of channels including TBS, and costs a subscription fee of $20 per month. But Sling TV offers a seven-day free trial. That means subscribers can choose whether or not to keep the service after they watch the iHeartRadio awards show live online. The Sony PlayStation Vue online TV service also comes with a free trial offer, and carries TBS. Access the PlayStation Vue plan at this link. A free, live audio stream of the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards is available from iHeartRadio online at this link, or by downloading the iHeartRadio app for mobile devices. To find out which mobile devices are compatible with the iHeartRadio app, see the list at this link. [Featured Image By Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Katy Perry Pursues John Mayer Again — 'Best Sex She Ever Had''

Katy Perry has reportedly reconnected with her ex, singer-songwriter John Mayer, telling friends that John was the ‘best sex she ever had.’ It follows a breakup between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who dated for many months. Ooh la la! Katy Perry and John Mayer are reportedly talking again after her recent split with Orlando Bloom and we’ve got the juicy details here! [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Audemars Piguet] A source told Hollywood Life that Katy Perry was confiding in John Mayer weeks before she broke up with Bloom. Perry apparently still has a “soft spot” for Mayer. A source said,””Katy Perry and John Mayer chatting again! She still has a soft spot for him and was confiding in him weeks before the break up.” Katy and John are reportedly planning to meet up. “Now that [Katy] and Orlando are officially broken, she’s planning to get together with him ‘as friends.” [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images] The brunette Teenage Dream singer apparently said that her sex life with John Mayer was amazing. Friends are reportedly predicting that it will be a matter of days before they hook up again. “Katy said John was some of the best sex she’s ever had, and friends think it’s a matter of days before they’re back in bed together.” John Mayer is known for his long string of hookups. The “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer previously dated Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston and a string of other girls. Mayer raised eyebrows in 2008 when he gave an explosive interview for Playboy. Mayer angered many when he spoke about his lack of attraction to black women. “I’ve got a Benetton heart but a f***** David Duke d***,” the singer said. Mayer defended himself by saying that he was trying to be funny but he was out of touch and he went too far. Mayer also got some backlash for comments he made about ex Jessica Simpson. John told the interviewer that Jessica was “sexual napalm” to him. A source told Hollywood Life that Mayer is plotting to get Katy Perry back now that she is done with Orlando Bloom. The source added that Mayer was waiting for Perry and Bloom to break up so he could make his move. The insider told Hollywood Life that the only thing holding John Mayer back is his fear that he will blow it if he moves too quickly. “John still has a huge thing for Katy. He’s very happy that she and Orlando are done. This is what he’s been waiting for. It’s delicate because he doesn’t want to pick the wrong moment and come on too strong, but he will swoop in. He’s already plotting.” Katy Perry and John Mayer (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Sony Music Entertainment) Katy and Orlando reportedly broke up because he did not want a marriage or children just yet. The Mirror reports that Katy and Orlando split just this month. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split because she wanted to get married and have babies and he didn’t, it is claimed. Katy was said to be eager to start a family. Orlando Bloom already has a six-year-old son Flynn with his ex, Miranda Kerr. Bloom reportedly used his time with Katy to recover from his divorce and regarded the experience as a “healing” one, but did not want to make the relationship with Katy any more serious. A source said, “Katy and Orlando had a great time together. It was a great healing process for Orlando following his divorce from Miranda. But Katy and Orlando discovered they were on different pages.” The source said that Katy is aware that she is getting older and should start having children soon. The issue was a source of “strain” between the couple. “Katy wants children and to get married, while Orlando has been there and done that.At 32, Katy doesn’t want to waste any more time. It became a strain.” [Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

'Big Bang Theory' Spinoff 'Sheldon' Casting Is Under Way, Who Will Play Sheldon?

Casting for the Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon is underway, and reportedly, the parts of little Sheldon and his mother have been cast. The Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon will be written by Big Bang co-creator Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro. Finding the right young Sheldon was rather difficult, but after an extensive search, they have cast Iain Armitage as Sheldon, and Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother. It is still not clear if Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons, the current Sheldon, will play any part in the spin-off, Sheldon. Fans of Big Bang Theory have met several of the core cast’s family members over the seasons, including Penny’s mother, father, and brothers, says the Inquisitr. Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) family came out from Nebraska to visit, and attend Penny’s wedding to Leonard. Also in attendance were Leonard’s parents (we still haven’t met his brother), and Sheldon’s mother Mary. In the past, we have met Sheldon’s twin sister, and Sheldon’s grandmother too. Big. Bang. Theory. Spin off. Happy Endings gets three seasons but there’s a Big Bang Theory spin off. https://t.co/8plxd1XPYj — West. (@archaeologyBoy) March 3, 2017 The Hollywood Reporter says that Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon has finally cast “little Sheldon.” The role will be played by Iain Armitage, from Big Little Lies. For now, none of the Big Bang Theory cast members will be on the show Sheldon, but Jim Parson will be the executive producer. RELATED REPORTS BY INQUISITR ‘Big Bang Theory’ Penny Wore Pink In Her Marriage To Leonard ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Penny’s Family Makes An Appearance On… ‘Big Bang Theory‘: Leonard And Penny’s Wedding [Spoilers] ‘Big Bang Theory’ Kaley Cuoco’s Divorce Should Be Easy Due To Pre… Big Bang Theory is the top sitcom currently on television in the 18-49 demographic, and is shot in a multi-camera format. The Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon is obviously hoping to take advantage of Big Bang Theory’s popularity, but will be shot with a single camera. Fans of Big Bang Theory, and of the character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a genius and a prodigy who grew up a fish out of water in Texas with a religious mother, will finally get to see what he was really like as a child. Spin Off de The Big Bang Theory ya tiene a su Sheldon https://t.co/iDImW6OhcQ pic.twitter.com/ZTLQuwJJBx — New America How (@NewAmericaHow) March 3, 2017 But with the roles of Sheldon and Mary Cooper cast for the Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon, the next question is, who will play Sheldon’s father? Fans of the Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon’s father died when he was young, and that he was many of the things that Sheldon is not, including a sports fan, and a big drinker. Sheldon’s father, George Cooper, died when Sheldon was fourteen, and had just finished college. So what else do fans know? TV Guide filled in some of the blanks. “All we know about George is from what other characters have said about him. We know he was kind of a redneck simpleton who liked to drink whiskey and shoot guns. We know he didn’t get along with Sheldon’s mother and cheated on her — Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room because he once walked in on his father in bed with another woman. He was a jerk, but Sheldon loved him.” TV Guide has a few ideas for an actor in his forties who can play simple against Sheldon’s precociousness. The first option is David Walton, seen in the show The New Girl. At 6’4, Walton would be a good option physically, as actor Jim Parsons, adult Sheldon, is 6’1. The two also have similar coloring. Another thought is Chris Klein, who is also tall, and lankier than Walton, and has been known to play less than smart. The last thought? Ashton Kutcher, if he was interested in returning to series television. The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons excited about Sheldon Cooper spin off https://t.co/5muJj80jAD via @IBTimesSG — Linda Aukschun (@Sisal13) January 30, 2017 What do you think of the casting so far for the Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon? Who do you think should play Sheldon’s father? [Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

See Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade From Your Home On March 7

A Disney fan favorite, The Main Street Electrical Parade, has returned to Disneyland for a limited engagement through Sunday, June 18, 2017. While it truly is a sight to see, making the trip to the theme park in Anaheim, California before then may not be convenient for some. However, Disney has come up with a way for families to view the parade from the comfort of their own homes by taking advantage of the Disney Parks LIVE stream of the 20 minute long parade that will air on the Disney Parks Blog on Tuesday, March 7 at 8:55 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s been 20 years since the parade traveled down Main Street U.S.A. says Erin Glover, Editorial Content Director for Disneyland Resort. “The quintessential Disney Parks nighttime parade, Main Street Electrical Parade began at Disneyland park in 1972, shining brightly in the memories of thousands of Disneyland park guests until the end of its initial run in 1996,” says Glover. Watch #DisneyParksLIVE stream of Main Street Electrical Parade from Disneyland Park on March 7 at 8:55 pm PT: https://t.co/rXDojkdhuP pic.twitter.com/VAGB5AfR4Y — Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) March 3, 2017 While the Electrical Parade has traveled to other Disney theme parks, this return visit also features the return of the parade’s original opening float and other favorite sights like the 23-foot tall clock tower, the 38-foot long smoke-breathing Elliott the Dragon and the 108-foot-long tribute to America all decked out in lights of red, white and blue. The Main Street Electrical Parade was inspired by Walt Disney World’s Electrical Water Pageant show that traveled in front of the Magic Kingdom created in 1971. It featured fourteen 25-foot-tall screens illuminated with electrical lights. It wasn’t long before Disneyland wanted something similar for its own park. Disney had originally hired a Chicago company to create the floats, but when the float contractor fell behind schedule, Disney decided to create their own bringing in a team of temporary workers installing and hand-tinting 500,000 light bulbs. Despite the problems faced during the parade’s rehearsal (a float crashed into one of the buildings and some of the performer’s costumes emitted sparks) the parade went off without a hitch when it performed for the first time on June 17, 1972. Today, the parade features characters and music inspired by favorite animated movies including Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in addition to appearances by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. Was lucky enough to see the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland yesterday. Haven’t seen it in forever, so I’m glad it’s back! pic.twitter.com/taujvrNxFG — Gussy Phantom (@GussyPhamtom) March 4, 2017 Another feature of the Main Street Electrical Parade that makes it so distinct is show’s main parade music theme, “Baroque Hoedown” written by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley who were the first musicians to use the Moog Synthesiser reports the O. C. Register. The two had originally recorded the song for the album, Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Electronic Pop Music From Way Out recorded in 1967. In 1972, Disney decided that they needed the music for their parade. Though Perrey passed away late last year, his music lives on. “[Jean-Jacques Perrey’s] music was visionary,” says Don Dorsey, a former musical director for Disneyland. “‘Baroque Hoedown’ is only one tune from his catalog, but brought happiness to millions and millions of people all around the world through Disney’s parade.” RELATED REPORTS FROM INQUISITR: ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy’ Ride Kicks Off Disneyland Resort’s ‘Summer Of Heroes’
Is ‘Tron 3’ A Possibility? Jared Leto In Talks To Star In New Movie
‘Avatar’s’ Pandora Opens At Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park In May During the Electrical Parade’s initial run at Disneyland, it is estimated that the floats rolled out onto Main Street more than 3,600 times with more than 75 million people viewing them. [Featured Image by Frank Wiese/AP Images]