'The Flash' Recap: Boss Andrew Kreisberg Dishes On 'The Wrath Of Savitar'

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash. Emotions were running high on The Flash, as “The Wrath of Savitar” employed the age-old story mechanic of time travel and altering the present to save a better future, only, in this case, it seems Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen had more than his share of trouble in preserving a happy future. Taking a look back at The Flash via a brief recap seems to gives greater insight into the idea that the future may be set after all and everything Barry Allen does is exactly what he was destined to do. Executive producer and co-creator of The Flash adds credence to this idea of Fate having ultimate dominion over life and death, as he provides insight into what tonight’s twists mean for the future of Barry and Iris on The Flash. The Flash Recap: Savitar’s Prophecy Fuels A Shocking Turn Of Events ‘The Flash’ puts wedding bells on hold for Barry Allen and Iris West. [Image by CW] Tonight’s aptly named episode of The Flash, “The Wrath of Savitar,” started out with a vision of the future and the fear of what may happen if a prophecy shared by Savitar does come to pass, according to Comicbook. The events of tonight’s installment of The Flash spun out of control, almost from the moment Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) announced their engagement. Although most of Team Flash were happy for the couple, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) saw through to Barry’s true motives for proposing and called him out on it. Wally confronts Barry with the idea that he was hoping to sideline a future revealed in a previous episode of The Flash, in which Gustin’s character sees a future in which Iris is killed and in which she isn’t wearing an engagement ring. Wally forces Barry to confront the possibility that he only proposed to change that future and defeat a prophecy shared by Savitar. “One shall betray you, one shall fall, one will suffer a fate far worse than death,” Savitar had predicted of Team Flash. Angered by the way in which Wally forces him to face himself, Barry displaces his anger with himself and redirects it at Wally, possibly creating an irreparable rift in their friendship. Later in “The Wrath of Savitar,” it seems all of Barry’s efforts were for nothing, as Iris overhears a discussion about his motives for proposing and understandably feels hurt and betrayed by the news. She tells Barry that she won’t marry anyone just to be saved from harm. Things come to a head on The Flash, when Wally uses The Philosopher’s Stone to open up a portal to the Speed Force with the intention of confronting Savitar. Instead, he’s sucked into the Speed Force with Savitar being ejected moments later. Barry confronts Savitar, who then reveals that Wally is trapped forever in the Speed Force. Barry doesn’t take this news well, attacking Savitar and leading to an ill-matched fight. Just after Savitar stabs Barry, he gets one lucky shot, severing his foe’s sword appendage. “The Wrath of Savitar” ends with Barry getting patched up and Team Flash feeling hopeless by the thought of getting Wally back to their reality. Andrew Kreisberg Dishes On What This Week’s Episode Of The Flash Means For Barry And Iris ‘The Flash’ boss Andrew Kreisberg hints that all may not be lost for Wally West. [Image by CW] Speaking of Savitar’s prophecy, The Flash showrunner tells Entertainment Weekly that the predictions are starting to come to pass with one of The Flash‘s team being subjected to a “fate worse than death” and the team’s Judas being revealed. At one point, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) begins to suspect she is the double agent, particularly after she feels compelled to steal a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone. That just leaves the one to fall and Kreisberg suggests that might be predicting Iris’ own demise. Andrew says the prophecy is hardest on Joe (Jesse L. Martin), because he’s the one of the group on The Flash who lacks any supernatural abilities. He’s just a cop with a strong moral code and little else. “But how does this simple man, who doesn’t have these powers, fight the future? That’s the thing that really starts to weigh on this triumvirate,” says The Flash showrunner. Kreisberg also reveals that Savitar had set things in motion with his prophecy for the sole purpose of turning Wally into a flash and getting him to take his place in the Speed Force. Only by sacrificing another could Savitar free himself. The Flash executive producer hints that Wally may not be lost forever, but it will mean sending Barry Allen in to retrieve him and that, says Andrew, will be unlike any of Barry’s previous journeys into the Speed Force. “Last time, in a way, it was like he went to heaven, and this time it’s more like going to hell — it’s more about descending deeper and deeper into levels of hell,” says The Flash showrunner. “We get a little bit more about the Speed Force mythology and speedsters’ connection to it.” The next episode of The Flash airs on Tuesday, March 14 on the CW network. [Featured Image by CW]

'Dragon Ball Super' Analysis: Tournament Of Power Rules, Predictions, And More

One of the most notable things about the premise of the Universe Survival Arc is how Dragon Ball Super could deal with the numerous matches that are set to happen in the Tournament of Power. After all, with 80 fighters from eight universes participating in the grand competition, fans of the series were quite apprehensive about the length of time it would take to cover all the fights in the tournament. As revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 81, however, the Grand Priest and the Omni King have come up with an excellent idea to address the number of matches that would be held in the Tournament of Power. For the first time in a Dragon Ball anime, a grand tournament would be held in the style of a 10-person Battle Royale, where all eight teams from the participating universes would be fighting each other simultaneously for 100 takks (about 48 minutes in Earth time), according to noted DBS source GojiitaAF. The winning team of the Tournament of Power would be the group with the most number of participants left after the time limit is over. The grand tournament could also end when there is only one fighter left standing. The Tournament of Power also includes a number of stipulations. Among these is a limitation to the fighters’ flying abilities, which would most likely make the grand match very interesting. Apart from this, Bukujutsu, the art of using Ki to levitate oneself, would also be limited. As such, the Tournament of Power would require its participants to battle using their raw power and skill alone. Of course, considering that the competition would be a battle royale, teamwork and tactics would also be extremely important. Overall, the premise of the Tournament of Power, at least in its scope, is something that is very unique in the Dragon Ball franchise. Over the course of the franchise’s three-decade run, most tournaments have been akin to traditional WWE matches, where one fighter battles another in a one-on-one bout. This time around, however, the Tournament of Power would allow the anime to present a massive battle that is both epic in scope and intensity. Predictions for the Tournament of Power are abounding, but speculations are high that Universe 7 and Universe 11 might very well be the final participants in the grand battle. While unconfirmed, this particular development has been teased greatly in the anime’s new opening theme, which prominently featured Goku and an unknown fighter from the Pride Troopers (who are from Universe 11) fighting toe-to-toe. Apart from Universe 11, speculations are also high that Universe 6, which is governed by Beerus’ twin brother Champa, would also play a pretty prominent role. Of course, the universe where the female LSSJ would compete for would most likely play a significant role in the grand battle, especially since the character would, in a lot of ways, allow Broly, one of the franchise’s most iconic, non-canonical characters, to be made official. Apart from this, the universe where the first real female Super Saiyan would come from will most likely be significant in the DB franchise as a whole. Overall, the Tournament of Power is gearing up to be one of, if not the most epic Dragon Ball saga to date. So far, it appears that even the production of the anime is not taking any chances, as the quality of the animation has been consistently bumped for the last few weeks now. The music and the dialogue have been pretty satisfactory as well, which shows that the producers of the anime are definitely taking their time in ensuring that the Universe Survival Arc becomes an unprecedented success. Dragon Ball Super would be taking a break this coming Sunday, March 12. While the reasons for the weeklong hiatus remain unknown, it has been confirmed that DBS would be coming back on March 19. [Featured Image by Toei Animation]

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Spoilers: Actor Reveals Role As Mystery Maester

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7. Back in August, Entertainment Weekly reported that Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent would be joining the cast of Game of Thrones Season 7 for an unspecified, “significant” role. Thanks to Broadbent’s interview with Screen Crush, Game of Thrones fans now know the answer. According to Broadbent he will be playing a “maester.” Not just any maester either, Broadbent explained. “I’m a maester, an archmaester. I’m an old professor character.” As one might expect given that Broadbent’s character is a maester, Screen Crush reports that Broadbent will share scenes with Samwell Tarley (John Bradley). Sam was last seen entering the Citadel in Game of Thrones‘ Season 6 finale, to undergo his maester training, as Gilly and Little Sam looked on. When it comes to how many episodes of Game of Thrones, Broadbent will star in, he told Screen Crush. “I did five episodes. I did sort of one major scene in each episode.” Given there will only be seven episodes in Game of Thrones Season 7 that means he will star in most of them. What is interesting is that Broadbent says he will have “one major scene” in each of them, so how much actual screen time he will have in Season 7 is speculative. Which maester is Broadbent playing? The identity of the mystery maester Broadbent will be playing is where Game of Thrones fans will need to put on their theory hats. Screen Crush speculates Broadbent will be playing Maester Marwyn, a maester in the A Song of Fire and Ice novels, who shortly after meeting Sam heads out to meet with Daenerys. Actor Jim Broadbent will star in Game of Thrones Season 7 [Image by John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI] Whereas Winter is Coming contends Broadbent could be playing Archmaester Ebrose, “a minor character from the novels who specializes in healing.” They also acknowledge Broadbent’s character could be an amalgam of several book characters. While fans will have to wait until this summer to learn for certain, which one is correct, previously revealed spoilers seem to support Winter is Coming‘s conclusion. In November, Watchers on the Wall reported that in Game of Thrones Season 7, a greyscale-inflicted Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) would meet Sam at the Citadel, whilst looking for a cure for his disease. If Broadbent is playing Archmaester Ebrose as Winter is Coming suggests, it stands to reason, he could be crucial to aiding in that effort. Timeline issues. Since Broadbent says he will star in five episodes, what does that mean for Sam’s storyline? While we now know the number of Season 7 episodes Broadbent will appear in, we do not know which one he will appear in last. Broadbent’s episodes could be sprinkled throughout the season. Due to that, he could be last seen as late as the Season 7 finale, or have completed his arc as soon as Episode 5. Will Sam be at the Citadel until then? Another question looms as to how long Broadbent’s maester character will impact the events of Game of Thrones. As the Inquisitr previously reported, it is possible that Game of Thrones will endure a time jump in Season 7. This opens up the possibility Broadbent’s maester character could influence the events of Game of Thrones, for a while. [Image by Helen Sloan/HBO] More speculation. Since Game of Thrones has cast such a high-profile actor for the role of this mystery archemaester, it leads one to wonder if his role will be as simple as teaching Sam everything he knows, and saving Jorah, in the process. Or will Broadbent play a larger one? It has been widely speculated that in Game of Thrones Season 7, Sam might discover proof of Jon Snow’s real heritage while scouring the maester’s vast library. Could Broadbent’s archemaester character hold the key to revealing the best kept secret in the Seven Kingdoms? Neither of the maester characters Winter is Coming, or Screen Crush suggests, would necessarily have access to any secret knowledge, or evidence proving the paternity of Sam’s best friend, Jon Snow (Kit Harington). In the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) learned that Jon Snow is not his biological half-brother, rather his cousin. While Bran is expected to eventually share this knowledge with Jon, how he will prove his “vision” has been a subject of great speculation. It is possible that Broadbent’s maester character could have the answer. Does he possess the paper trail that confirms Jon’s true heritage? What would prompt Sam to ask for the archemaester’s help to confirm Jon’s heritage is also open to speculation. As of the conclusion of Game of Thrones Season 6, no one knows about Jon’s true parentage except Bran. Find out if Jim Broadbent’s mystery maester will uncover Jon Snow’s true heritage, when Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres, this summer on HBO. [Featured Image by HBO]

Netflix's Latest Offering, 'Kingdom,' Is A Korean Medieval Zombie Series

Just when you thought the zombie genre could not be more saturated, Netflix has thrown a new offering called Kingdom into the mix — and this one is sure to be like nothing you’ve seen so far. If you thought the zombie genre was starting to wear thin in regard to original content, Netflix has decided to push the boundaries of the genre by throwing a couple extra elements into the mix. Firstly, their new series, Kingdom, will be a historical drama. Yes, you read the correctly. This zombie series will not be set in the present day, nor will it be at some future date like many in the zombie genres like to do. Instead, this series will be set in the past. It will also be set in Korea, in particular, the medieval Joseon period of Korea’s history. The synopsis for Netflix’s Kingdom is below. “A crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak that leads him to a brutal truth that threatens the kingdom.” The success of the Korean zombie movie, Train to Busan, might have been a deciding factor for Netflix. Or, alternatively, it might have just been a timely coincidence. But, if you recently enjoyed Train to Busan, now might be the time to put Kingdom on your list of zombie series to watch. [Image by Katie Jo Ash, MPRM/Well Go USA] The eight-episode series will be produced by prominent Korean drama production company, Astory. Kingdom is a collaboration between Korean director Kim Seong-hun (Tunnel), and writer Kim Eun-hee (Signal). Both Kim Seong-hun and Kim Eun-hee released statements on their involvement in Kingdom via a Netflix press release. “I am thrilled about partnering with an eminent writer like Kim Eun-hee. Kingdom presents the opportunity to work on long-form television at its most ambitious and on a truly cinematic scale because of the unparalleled creative freedom that Netflix as a global internet television network provides,” said director Kim Seong-hun. “I wanted to write a story that reflects the fears and anxiety of modern times but explored through the lens of a romantic fascination of the historical Joseon period,” Kingdom writer, Kim Eun-hee, explained in the press release from Netflix. While Kingdom may be a new concept to the zombie genre, for one of the shows creators, Kim Eun-hee, it has been five years in the making, having started his involvement in Kingdom back in 2011. Netflix also released a statement in regard to their collaboration between Kim Seong-hun and Kim Eun-hee in Kingdom. “Kingdom captured our imaginations from the moment we read the script with its visual feast of historical drama blended with supernatural fantasy,” said Netflix’s vice president of international originals, Eric Barmack. “We are incredibly honored by this rare opportunity of pairing two premier creative minds in Korea – film director Kim Seong-hun and television writer Kim Eun-hee.” [Image by Next Entertainment World] As Variety explains, Kingdom is the second South Korean series for Netflix. The first original content series from Korea is Love Alarm, which isproduced by Jaemoon Lee (also of Signal fame). Love Alarm is based on a popular Korean webtoon series and is about “an unknown developer releasing an app that will tell the user if someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them.” This, naturally, leads to a greatly disrupted society. Love Alarm is a 12-part series and will premiere on Netflix in 2018. As yet, no promotional images have been released by Netflix for Kingdom. Are you looking forward to the latest zombie offering from Netflix or have you reached peak saturation in regard to zombies? Let us know if you will be tuning in to watch Kingdom by commenting below. Kingdom is an eight-part series which will premiere exclusively on Netflix to all its members in 2018. [Featured Image by Arthur Simoes/Getty Images]

Milo Ventimiglia Says Drinking Will Cause Jack Issues: Could It Be How He Dies?

Tonight it is time for a new episode of This Is Us and Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, is speaking out and teasing some of what is going on. Everyone realizes that Jack just started drinking again and of course, this is not a good thing. Milo Ventimiglia spoke to EW and shared his thoughts on Jack starting to drink again and a few other things that are going on in the show’s last two episodes of the season. Milo shared that tonight on the show a lot of the characters will be at a point where they have really big decisions to make about their lives. His character Jack and his wife Rebecca are being pulled in opposite directions. Rebecca wants to go out on tour leaving him behind with all three kids. Can’t wait for THIS to happen! ❤ #ThisIsUs @MiloVentimiglia #RonCephasJones pic.twitter.com/03aFaJIFny — @ThisIsUs_Fans_ (@ThisIsUs_Fans_) March 7, 2017 It really does appear that the viewers are getting closer to finding out what happened to Jack. As The Inquisitr shared already, Milo Ventimiglia revealed that they won’t be showing Jack’s death this season. It will be at least next season before you get to see what happens to him. The way that the show is done with flashbacks, though, that doesn’t mean that Milo’s character is going anywhere. Here we go y’all #AskThisIsUs MV pic.twitter.com/gXCsD9bQpZ — Milo Ventimiglia (@MiloVentimiglia) March 7, 2017 Milo Ventimiglia shared a bit about what the viewers will find out tonight. He said, “A lot of it does come from Rebecca’s want to have something for herself, but Jack just sees that as getting away from the family. I know everybody talks about Jack’s jealousy and whatnot. I don’t think Jack has a jealousy as in he doubts himself compared to another man or next to another man; it’s attention pulled away from him and his family that I think Jack is incredibly protective of.” #ThisIsUs star @MiloVentimiglia describes tonight’s episode as “stressful.” https://t.co/tRvWUy9CSt — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) March 7, 2017 That isn’t all that Milo revealed about the show. He went on to explain that Jack’s drinking is going to end up causing problems. This has fans wondering if this could be how he dies somehow. Here is what Milo revealed about it. “I think that’s a good indication of where we’re going. Jack has years later decided to take up a drink again. It can’t be good for many reasons, and alcohol only messes up and further clouds judgment. So you got to believe that Jack’s judgment is going to be clouded in a time that he’s already really trying to hang onto his family structure. Even though he’s looking for that escape, that escape ultimately will come back and bite him in the a**.” As Variety shared, right now the details of Jack’s death still remain a mystery. A lot of fans think they might know what is going to happen, but it is all speculation at this time. Creator Dan Fogelman promised that every single episode will have a great moment that people are talking about the next day and so far he has done this every week. The fact that Jack is dead is one of those huge moments that shocked everyone. Milo Ventimiglia has found a way to make the fans love him and care about his character’s death. Are you shocked to hear that Milo Ventimiglia is admitting that drinking will cause Jack problems? Do you think this will end up being what kills him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of This Is Us with Milo when they air on Tuesday nights on NBC. There are only two episodes left this season. [Featured Image By Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers From Frank Valentini #AskGH on Twitter

New General Hospital spoilers emerged from Frank Valentini’s live tweet session today on #AskGH. This is a great week for General Hospital spoiler lover fans since Nathan Varni also offered some choice insight during his chat with Carly Brockl on Daytime After Dark. Maybe the General Hospital showrunners are offering up spoilers tidbits to keep fans tuned in and to help their ratings. No matter why the producers are offering General Hospital spoilers, it’s an exciting look into the future of the ABC soap. Here are some of the spoilers from Frank’s #AskGH today. #GH #GeneralHospital #Carjax
Carly & Jax pic.twitter.com/efH1ft4hea — Daytime Spoiler (@Daytime_spoiler) November 29, 2016 Jax Is Back Soon General Hospital‘s Frank Valentini was asked by a fan, “Is Jax returning soon?” and his answer was exciting and informative. Frank responded, “YES! And it will be a HUGE payoff for Nelle, Carly, and Sonny.” This is good because this General Hospital storyline needs closure. General Hospital‘s Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) believes what her father Frank Benson told her about Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) demanding her kidney. Carly is innocent and the real culprit in all this is Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) who bought Nelle’s kidney according to General Hospital spoilers. Julexis Future Looks Promising For General Hospital fans of Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), Frank Valentini promised hope. He was asked by a General Hospital fan, “Why exactly were Julexis trashed?” and Frank replied, “They weren’t trashed! You’ll soon find out EXACTLY what happened.” That also aligns with some other General Hospital spoilers from Nathan Varni from his Friday podcast on Daytime After Dark. Varni revealed Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) has been controlling Julian for a long time and that night on the docks was part of it. Seems like a General Hospital reunion is in store for Julexis! Baby Scout Morgan ????????????One week old today! ????✨????#OurLittleMiracle ???????? #JaSam ????????????#GH I hope we get to see this little cutie pie this week! ???????????????????? pic.twitter.com/2OQ9XL25gq — Maureen (@SoCalAmillyfan) March 7, 2017 Yes, Scout Is JaSam’s Baby Name! General Hospital fans have been furiously debating what JaSam should name their baby, but Frank Valentini spilled the secret on #AskGH today. A General Hospital fan asked, “Who came up with the name Scout and is it really that baby’s name?” Frank answered, “Full name is Emily Scout, but we’re gonna call her Scout.” He credits the Jelly writing team but General Hospital watchers will recall an episode where Alexis suggested the name Scout from her favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird. Looks like Scout is here to stay on General Hospital. Kristina And Griffin Get Love Interests General Hospital‘s Valentini answered this question, “Why can’t Kristina date a girl near her own age?” Frank said, “For her 1st experience it made sense for her to be drawn to someone older. But in the future, it’ll be someone her own age.” Sounds like young LGBTQ love is coming to General Hospital. Another juicy General Hospital tidbit from #AskGH was in answer to a fan asking if Griffin will get a love interest. The General Hospital showrunner said, “YES!… and you’ll NEVER guess who!” which has us wanting to guess. Dr. Obrecht? Valerie? Jordan? Maybe Carly since she and Sonny are on the outs? She is everything in his eyes, always on his mind, permanently in his heart & passionately in love. #Friz #GH pic.twitter.com/o9fx6UTsIx — Loveamystery (@loveamystery) March 7, 2017 Could A Friz Wedding Happen? There were plenty of compliments for the General Hospital producer on the Friz pairing and Nathan Varni also mentioned them in his podcast. Frank Valentini answered a couple of questions about the future of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) on General Hospital. Frank was asked if Franco and Liz might get married and he said, “A #Friz wedding would be great. Stay tuned!” It’s not a yes, but it’s also not a no, so that’s encouraging for General Hospital fans of Friz. Frank also said Franco and Liz will not continue to have money problems in the future on General Hospital. Other Items From #AskGH Some other General Hospital notes from the #AskGH session include that the Davis sisters will all get to meet baby Scout on upcoming episodes of General Hospital. He also promised more Quartermaine action on General Hospital and hinted Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) might not have all his memories back yet. Also, coming on General Hospital, per Frank, are scenes with Valentin and Alexis. Plus, Kiki tries to figure out her life and Rocco Falconeri is back on General Hospital soon. Frank also said we’ll find out why little Jake Webber (Hudson West) was taken plus more story for Kevin and Laura. “Sam has a very bad curse on her.”-Jake #GH pic.twitter.com/eUxKsgIjAR — SourceJenn (@SourceJenn) March 3, 2017 The Best Question From #AskGH But the funniest and perhaps best question asked of General Hospital‘s Frank Valentini, aside from boxers or briefs (he said boxer briefs) was about Roger Howarth. A fan asked, “Do you braid Roger’s hair at night?” which is a hilarious image of the General Hospital actor and the producer. Frank quipped back, “Nope. I don’t know how to braid hair.” If you haven’t checked out the tweets and replies to Frank Valentini’s #AskGH, it’s worth a look for any General Hospital fan. It’s a nice treat that both Frank and Nathan offered up some really good General Hospital spoilers. Tomorrow on #GH! https://t.co/kMAho5q8CY via @DailymotionUSA — Devon Akin (@DevonAkin85) March 7, 2017 [Featured Image By Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

'Live With Kelly:' TV History Made As Ripa Continues Without Full Time Co-Host

Talk show host Kelly Ripa has unintentionally stumbled her way into television history once more by continuing to steer Live with Kelly without a permanent co-host, according to Decider. The publication alleges that since May of last year, following the purportedly contentious departure of football great Michael Strahan from the longstanding morning series, the 46-year-old All My Children alum has gone on to lead a 298-day streak (about 42.5 weeks) of episodes that either feature a special guest host or Ripa running the show on her own. “This is the longest stretch in Live‘s 28-and-a-half year history without a fixed twosome at the desk,” Decider decodes, “but not by much (so far).” As of today, Kelly Ripa has gone 298 days without an official co-host: https://t.co/mcRuxGySxQ pic.twitter.com/AuMdp3h9IM — Decider (@decider) March 7, 2017 Incidentally, no matter the length of time that Live with Kelly goes on as is, Ripa would only be besting the feat that she first made back in 2011 after the series’ original namesake holder, Regis Philbin, stepped down from his chair after manning the helm of the A.M. TV mainstay, previously titled The Morning Show, for nearly three decades beginning in 1983 (Strahan was confirmed as Philbin’s official replacement 290 telecasts later). In a recent interview with another well-respected talker, Larry King, the now 88-year-old Regis revealed to the bespectacled icon that similar to rumors involving his successor’s relationship with Ripa, he and Kelly haven’t kept in touch since he moved on from Live to live his life. “She got very offended when I left,” the entertainer relayed, as People transcribed. “She thought I was leaving because of her [when truthfully], I was leaving because I was getting older and it wasn’t right for me anymore.” Originally planning for a September 2016 farewell, Strahan’s actual exit as Live’s co-host was said to have been accelerated at the behest of Kelly, who claimed to be extremely disappointed with the way the announcement of Michael’s move to Good Morning America had been made. Ripa has yet to chose a permanent co-host following the departure of Strahan from Live in May 2016. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images] “Strahan told People that he notified Ripa of the network’s plan reportedly moments before the announcement was made in April,” Decider addressed, “and she proceeded to take off the rest of that week to ‘gather [her] thoughts.’” When Kelly made her Live return to a packed studio audience the following Monday, as TV Line reported, she addressed the controversy without ever outright degrading the departing Strahan, but her annoyance at being disrespected was pretty evident. “After 26 years with this company, I earned the right [for some time-off],” she emotionally expressed. “What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary, in the sense that it started a much larger conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly, respect in the workplace.” Kelly would go on to wish Michael well in her speech and reveal that the extended downtime had been planned long before her temporary Live leave of absence, but Michael confirmed later with People that the business move had done irreparable damage to their personal relationship. “I wasn’t surprised by her reaction at all,” the former Live co-host said of his current stance with Kelly, “but I can’t control somebody else’s actions. I was there four years, and it’s about more than just being in front of the camera.” Interviewer Anderson Cooper, a personal friend of Ripa’s, was rumored to be in the running to permanently fill Live’s co-chair, but he recently debunked the speculation. [Image by Jason Kempkin/Stringer/Getty Images] Strahan’s four-year tenure on Live helped to secure the show two coveted Daytime Emmy wins for Outstanding Talk Show in 2015 and 2016, an honor that the chat fest never benefited from before Kelly or Michael signed on with Live to respectively co-chair. “Toward the end of it all, we didn’t really communicate that much,” Strahan said of his goodbye from Live. “I kinda looked at it like, ‘It was what it was.’ I come from a business where you have to collaborate. The show was going well? We’re all winning. That’s all that matters to me.” The New York Post’s Page Six speculated that Ripa would spill the name of the person to succeed Michael during last year’s November sweeps, but the event never materialized. Actor Christian Slater, currently seen on USA’s Mr. Robot, has been pegged to co-host Live with Kelly this week, March 6-10, as the show’s official site states. [Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Jackson Declares War On Catherine And Minnick

Jackson Avery has had enough of the trouble at the hospital in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. The latest sneak peek of the upcoming episode this week shows that he is now declaring war on those involved, including his own mother, Catherine. Fans have watched the nightmare unfold at Grey Sloan Memorial over the last couple of months. After pushing Bailey into making a decision about Alex Karev due to his legal problem, Catherine decided that it wasn’t the doctors’ at fault; it was the way they had been taught. Within an episode, she and Bailey had brought in a new residency director, Eliza Minnick, and pushed Richard Webber out. Needless to say, the hospital staff and Grey’s Anatomy fans were not impressed. Instantly taking a disliking to Minnick, fans and many of the hospital attendings rallied around Webber, calling for his reinstatement. There have been many questions from the fans, including how Catherine has such a say in who is hired into the hospital. Surely that should have been up to the board? The sneak peek for this week’s episode, “Civil War,” starts to explain some of the politics. It turns out that Catherine may have overstepped her mark after all. As many fans have agreed, Jackson is the voice for the Avery Foundation at the hospital, not Catherine. While she can make suggestions, along with the rest of the foundation, he is the one that has the deciding vote in the hospital. While some characters are loved, there are plenty of hated #GreysAnatomy characters! https://t.co/0b3uhvs0ye pic.twitter.com/GJjfhFN05G — Hidden Remote (@HiddenRemote) February 25, 2017 It wouldn’t be the first time Jackson has done something against the Avery Foundation on Grey’s Anatomy. Shortly after taking over the board, he went against wishes and kept Owen Hunt as the chief of surgery. He also renamed the hospital from Seattle Mercy Grace to Grey Sloan Memorial, in memory of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey – the two deaths in the plane crash that made buying the hospital possible. However, keeping Hunt on as the chief of surgery is small compared to the current situation. Webber being demoted has led to civil war in the hospital. The residents are mostly siding with Minnick, while many of the attendings are putting their jobs at risk by refusing to work with her. When Grey was suspended, it was a wakeup call that they couldn’t keep doing this. They also learned that one of their lead supporters was a turncoat, as April took the job of Interim Chief of General Surgery. The Christian Post says that Catherine won’t have any power over Jackson in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, but that might not be true. Jackson going up against his mother could lead to the Avery Foundation making a few changes. It is possible that Catherine, as the head of the foundation, finds someone to replace him on the board. It will be interesting to see if this is possible. Would the board need to vote in a new member from the Avery Foundation in the same way that the board voted for Bailey to take Cristina’s place despite her giving her seat to Alex? #HappyMonday everyone! #GreysAnatomy is back this Thursday pic.twitter.com/fRLoHCgZTj — Camilla L News (@CamillaLNews) March 6, 2017 While all this plays out, Meredith’s storyline with Riggs will appear again – after a month or so of it not being mentioned. The trailer hints that Alex notices a few things going on between Riggs and Meredith, and he encourages her to choose whether to be with him or not. Will she finally decide to choose Riggs over her sisterly relationship with Maggie? Grey’s Anatomy will return this week after a one week break due to the When We Rise special last week. Fans will finally get to see Jackson stand up against his mother, who he blames for all the trouble currently going on in the hospital. [Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Jenelle Evans Throws A Tantrum About Filming 'Teen Mom 2' With Mom Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans is one of the most controversial Teen Mom franchise stars. She signed custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mom several years ago. He was the child who garnered her the fame from 16 & Pregnant as well as the one she didn’t want to raise because she was too busy partying. Fast forward to the present time and Evans is ready to be a mom to all three of her children, including Jace. Barbara Evans has been raising her grandson for years and is now wrapped up in a custody battle with Jenelle over him. The two can’t seem to get along, and unless things change, it doesn’t look good for the future. One word: precious. ???????????????????????????? A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on Feb 19, 2017 at 6:33pm PST Last night, Jenelle Evans threw a fit about filming with Barbara Evans. This all started over a misunderstanding during a phone call about when and where to pick up Jace, and it escalated very quickly. Evans has been trying to prove she is a fit parent for Jace, and in the middle of trying to showcase her changes, she lost it on her mom while the Teen Mom 2 cameras were rolling. Taking responsibility for her part in the breakdown of the mother-daughter relationship is not something she is willing to do. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans still blames Barbara and mentioned something about the texts between the two of them being evidence of how mean her mom is to her. If you guys only saw the texts messages between my mother and I. Shows a lot of truth to why I freak out on her so suddenly. #TeenMom2 — Jenelle Evans (@PBandJenelley_1) March 7, 2017 Right now, Jenelle Evans is fighting her mom in court for Jace to be returned to her. Nothing has actually been done up until this point except depositions, but the judge has yet to actually hear the case. Last week, Evans was supposed to appear on the Teen Mom 2 live aftershow, but she refused to participate because her mother was also scheduled as a guest. Barbara Evans attended the taping and answered the questions she was asked. Jenelle remained pouting in the hotel room and received some backlash for her actions. In fact, Teen Mom 2 fans called her out for leaving her newborn daughter back home while she traveled to California for the taping of the live show. When she didn’t show up, there was even more mud slung in her direction. She had extended her stay to appear on the final live show, which aired last night, and she was a no-show once again. Evans had apparently decided to go back home after all of the criticism happened when she didn’t appear as scheduled the first time. These two have a new hobby. #Brothers ???????? A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on Mar 6, 2017 at 6:49pm PST So much has happened between Jenelle Evans and her mom over the last eight years, and most of it has been caught on camera. Barbara Evans alleges that her daughter’s boyfriend is controlling and is sometimes the cause of things that happen between them. Nothing has been shown that would indicate David Eason is controlling of Jenelle or making her do things against her will, but Barbara is insisting that it happens. Last summer, things seemed to be going well for the mother-and-daughter duo when they reconnected and spent time together as a family. Since Jenelle’s third child was born this past January, her relationship with her mom has been strained at best. It was revealed that Barbara was kicked out of the hospital room when Ensley was born. Teen Mom 2 will continue filming both Barbara and Jenelle Evans, even if they choose not to film together. Things may not be ideal for the mother and daughter, but they both have to work together to figure out what is best for Jace. While Jenelle Evans has come a long way since appearing on 16 & Pregnant, there are still some things that need to be worked out. [Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

'Defendant' Gets Extension, Popular SBS K-Drama Will Add Two More Episodes

The first season of 2017 Korean dramas — better known by its simplified name of K-dramas — is about to come to a close this month. Though there were unique stand-outs like the Korean Broadcasting System’s (KBS) hit light-hearted romcom Chief Kim, it seems that melodramatic thrillers were popular. Considered the biggest surprise, the Orion Cinema Network’s (OCN) crime thriller Voice kept so many viewers on the edge of their seats with its depiction of violence and shock aversion. As a matter of fact, it was so aggressive it was under review for censorship, causing it to readjust its age rating. However, Voice was the most popular K-drama airing on Korean cable networks. On Korean public networks, the melodramatic thriller that is keeping people on the edge of their seats is the Seoul Broadcasting System’s (SBS) crime/legal thriller, Defendant. ‘Defendant’ is currently the most popular K-drama airing on Korean public television for the first season of K-dramas for 2017. [Image by the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)] Defendant is so popular that SBS has decided to do what most Korean television networks often do when a certain K-drama is extremely popular: extend the season. We now know that the popular melodramatic crime/legal thriller will be extended by two more episodes. News of Defendant being extended by two episodes was first reported outside of East Asia on Kdrama Kisses. According to their report, the SBS K-drama will be extended by one more week, which includes episodes airing on both Monday and Tuesday, March 20 and 21. Originally, Defendant was supposed to air its finale next week on Tuesday, March 14. Apparently, the cast and crew of Defendant have much more to share in the K-drama’s story that it couldn’t be told in 16 episodes. For those who are unfamiliar with Defendant, it is about Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung of Kill me, Heal Me and Entertainer), the head prosecutor at the violent crimes investigation division at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, who suddenly finds himself in prison. He has no recollection how he ended up there but soon learns he is on death row for the murder of his wife and daughter. Believing he is innocent, he tries his best to recover his memory and clear his name. Nobody is willing to help him except for one person, Seo Eun Hye (Kwon Yuri, better known as Yuri of Girls’ Generation, of Neighborhood Hero and Gogh, The Starry Night), a defense lawyer who strives to be eloquent and rational but loses in court every single time. Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) and Seo Eun Hye (Yuri) go against each other as prosecutor and defense lawyer respectively in court. [Image by the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)] As mentioned by KdramaStars, Defendant has been dominating in Korean viewership ratings in its time slot each week if not compared to other K-dramas airing this season. According to the Korean viewership ratings provided by both TNmS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea, the 11th episode earned the highest viewership ratings overall with nationwide ratings of 19.8 percent for the former and 23.3 percent for the latter. The highest rating ever belongs to yesterday’s episode (episode 13 on March 6) in which AGB Nielsen recorded 25.4 percent for the Seoul National Capital Area. Personally, I am finding Defendant to have more dramatic plots twists compared to the other dominating melodramatic thriller K-drama Voice. This is definitely true for Lee Sung Gyu (Kim Min Seok), one of Park Jung Woo’s four cellmates in prison. Defendant airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on SBS. For those who do not have access to Korean public television channels, the K-drama can be viewed on Viki and OnDemandKorea, depending on region availability. [Featured Image by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)]