'For Honor' Players Affected By Recent Outage To Receive Champion Status, Event

With the debut season’s first round concluding, For Honor players are curious to see how the cross-platform faction war unfolds. Unfortunately, the Ubisoft servers experienced an unexpected outage over the weekend. Players across all platforms had issues playing the game on Saturday when they started seeing red NAT messages leaving them unable to play For Honor in any capacity. The Ubisoft outage, which primarily affected For Honor and Rainbow 6 Siege, began Saturday and lasted about nine hours. During that time, players could boot up the game and see the menus but starting a match or connecting to a game was impossible. Eventually, NATs were restored to their green status and players were able to connect to matches again. Affected by last weekend’s outage? Here is what we plan to do >> https://t.co/08rF9DupSB pic.twitter.com/Br5pRNRwMh — For Honor (@ForHonorGame) February 27, 2017 Today, Ubisoft announced that the developer will be issuing some compensation for the period of unavailability. As noted on the game’s official forums, anyone that played For Honor from February 13 through February 26 will receive three free days of Champion Status beginning on March 3. Additionally, a new event will occur over the weekend as well giving players a chance to earn twice as much Steel. The special community Order will last throughout the weekend, as well. Champion Status in For Honor is a premium buff that can be purchased with Steel or real money. The status provides 25 percent additional experience, 10 percent more experience for group members, more salvage from dismantling, a higher chance for loot at the end of a match, and exclusive emblems. Players that qualify for the Champion Status will see it active on March 3, and players with active Champion Statuses will have three more days applied to their account. For Honor server outage compensation includes free Champion Status [Image by Ubisoft] For Honor is a third-person action game where players fight against other players or AI opponents in five different modes. Control zones in Dominion with one zone a front populated with soldiers. Take up arms in Duels and Brawls where two players battle each other in single combat or four players enter combat without abilities respectively. Finally, the Deathmatch option includes Elimination and Skirmish where two teams of four work to take out their opponents. When starting the multiplayer, players are asked to choose between three factions to represent in the faction war. Knights, Vikings, and Samurai vie for control of the map by completing matches and deploying War Assets. Two weeks after its release, the first round of the first season is wrapping up in For Honor. Four more rounds remain before the first season is over and a winner is declared. A Knight Warden collects Breakables in the story mode [Image by Ubisoft] In additional to its flexible multiplayer mode, For Honor also includes a campaign mode that can be completed solo or in online co-op with one other player. Although the campaign mode is not the focus of the game, it does provide a little insight on whey the three factions are warring in addition to providing those that complete it with a few rewards. As the Inquisitr reported, completing the story mode is worth thousands of Steel and nine Scavenger Crates for use in the multiplayer mode. The first major patch for the title is also on its way. Tomorrow, the PC version of For Honor will update with v1.03 while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One updates are currently in certification according to a developer on Reddit. The update includes adjustments to Feats, combat, and specific heroes. A number of bug fixes and other changes like an update to breaking guards are included. “We reverted the Guardbreak mechanics to the Beta behavior in order to have it be a more usable skill. Guardbreak is no longer un-counterable if you’re Guardbroken during Guardbreak startup.” The patch notes indicate big changes to the Peacekeeper, the Berserker, the Conqueror, the Valkyrie, and a minor change to the Orochi. Not to mention, today players should notice that Elimination and Skirmish modes are now separated in the Deathmatch front letting For Honor players complete Orders more efficiently. [Featured Image by Ubisoft]

PlayStation VR Beats Expectations, Sells 915,000 Units To Date

When the PlayStation VR was introduced, a good number of gamers were quick to air their reservations about the device’s potential for success. Many even dismissed the device as Sony simply pandering to the emerging VR market. Others laughed off the PSVR’s capabilities, stating that there were far too few games that support the technology in the market to warrant a purchase. Four months in, nobody is laughing anymore. In an interview with the New York Times, chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House revealed the PlayStation VR’s surprising sales figures. Since its launch, the PlayStation VR, a $500 accessory to the sub-$300 PlayStation 4, has performed very well, selling 915,000 units during the first four months. Considering that Sony’s initial projection was 1 million units sold for the first six months of the device, it appears that the company, and the gaming world in general, has grossly underestimated the potential of the PlayStation VR headset. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images] Reservations about the PSVR were abounding in the months leading up to its launch. According to the House, he was actually among the people in the company who was not completely confident about the success of the PSVR. The executive stated that he was especially apprehensive with regards to the number of units that Sony must produce during its initial run. “It’s the classic case in any organization — the guys who are on the front end in sales are getting very excited, very hyped up. You have to temper that with other voices inside the company, myself among them, saying let’s just be a little bit careful.” As it turned out, House, as well as Sony itself, was far too cautious. Particularly in Japan, the PlayStation VR has been selling better than expected, with the device being out of stock in gaming stores most of the time, according to a Fortune report. Currently, Sony is actually attempting its best to meet the massive demand for the virtual reality headset. According to House, the way things are going, it would be April before the supply of the device would fully meet the market’s demand. Latin America, for one, would probably have to wait until Fall 2017 before the device becomes available in the region. “You literally have people lining up outside stores when they know the stock is being replenished,” House said. Sony took a lot of chances when it released the PlayStation VR. Launched last year, the PSVR was revealed to be a premium virtual reality headset that was less powerful than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive but was far more affordable. Offered at a fraction of the price of its rivals, the PSVR relied on the PS4’s 59 million users to carry the device’s sales forward. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images] Considering that anyone with a PlayStation 4 could experience premium-grade virtual reality with the PSVR, devices such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, which required a high-end gaming PC to function, simply became far too expensive and less reasonable to warrant a purchase. SuperData research, for one, has stated that the Oculus Rift has sold around 243,000 so far, while the HTC Vive has managed to sell 420,000 by the end of last year. These numbers, of course, pale in comparison to the PSVR’s sales figures. Couple that with the fact that the PSVR has been on the market for just around four months and the discrepancy among the sales of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony’s VR headset become even more apparent. Overall, Sony’s gambit appears to have paid off in spades for the Japanese gaming giant. With sales of the PSVR quickly approaching the 1 million mark, there is a pretty good chance that gaming developers would embrace virtual reality even more. Capcom has already started this with its recent Resident Evil: Biohazard VR title, and it has been received extremely well by gamers. If its momentum continues, Sony might very well usher in the virtual reality age with the PlayStation VR. [Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Ghost Recon Open Beta: Progress, Rewards, Weapons Transfers To Full Game

No, you’re progress at the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta won’t carry over to the full game—but tons of rewards, weapons, and skins will. The Ghost Recon: WildlandsOpen Beta opened this week, February 23, and gamers were able to test their FPS and stealth skills in a four-person drug cartel hunt. While maintenance and server errors plagued the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta in the middle of the beta run, it seems like Ubisoft has fixed the errors and players are back on their feet. If you’re on the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta and are wondering what you can get out of this beta, you should take note that there are things that are best left in the wilds of Itacua, and there are goodies that will stay on your pocket as you get into the full game. Test your teamwork and stealth skills at the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta [Image by Ubisoft] The Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta features two of the 21 maps that will be available upon full release—Montuyoc province and Itacua. If you’ve had a blast combing through Wildlands’ drug-riddled streets, you should take note, however, that progress during the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta won’t carry over to the full release. Ubisoft has already clarified at the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta FAQs that players can make a fresh start when the full game arrives. However, there are certain perks to playing around with the Open Beta, apart from getting a feel of the playing field. By playing the Wildlands Open Beta alone, Ubisoftannounced that you already get to unlock the Unidad Conspiracy reward, which includes three exclusive missions set in the Media Luna region upon full release. Play the open beta (and the full game by March 31) to get access to the Unidad Conspiracy reward! Learn more >> https://t.co/oimh70t9pv pic.twitter.com/3ZlHSO5dJS — Ubisoft Club (@UbisoftClub) February 23, 2017 Mic also reports that if you’re playing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta or have made it into the previous Closed Beta, then there are Ubisoft Club Rewards that you can claim and bring to the full release of Wildlands. To be able to claim these rewards, you need to trade in points that you will earn throughout the Open Beta. Points or units can be earned in the Ghost Recon Open Beta by accomplishing certain feats and completing special missions. Rack up on and then head over to the Ubisoft Club page to check out which rewards you can redeem for use outside the game, inside the Open Beta, or upon full release. According to a Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta player on Reddit, here are the rewards you can only get your hands on during the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta: Rewards Desktop Wallpaper – 0 points Llama Gear Patch – 10 points Bolivia Gear Patch – 10 points Drone Gear Patch – 10 points Tactical Kneepads – 20 points Torn Edge Weapon Camo – 20 points El Jefe Cigar – 30 points Exclusive Soundtrack – 30 points G36C Weapon – 40 points Dying Earth Costume – 40 points Technical test & Beta rewards Bolivia Cap – 0 points King Llama’s T-shirt – 0 points SIG556 Llama – 0 points Take note that the Bolivia Cap could only be redeemed by those who gained access to the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Technical Test while the King Llama’s T-shirt was only available to those who got on the Closed Beta. Everyone who got downloaded and played the Wildlands Open Beta, however, can redeem the SIG556 Llama for free. If you got in on the closed beta, you can grab this llama shirt on your loadout on March 7 [Image by Ubisoft] It’s also to come to the attention of some Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta players that items they’ve redeemed are not showing in their loadout—yet. If you’re wondering where the weapons and costumes you’ve redeemed are, a Ubisoft staff confirmed at the Ubisoft forums that all redeemed weapons and equipments will only be available during the full Ghost Recon: Wildlands game. Hello, everyone, Sorry for the delay in getting a reply to you all. I have checked with the team, the Uplay Club rewards are not active in the beta, the rewards will appear in the full release. As of now, only the wallpaper and the soundtrack are immediately available upon rewards redemption. Play the #GhostRecon Wildlands Open Beta and get this badass and exclusive Llama Weapon Skin on Day 1! pic.twitter.com/cluTTMwLkW — Ubisoft Club (@UbisoftClub) February 24, 2017 If you haven’t enough points to redeem the rewards, you still have a few hours left before the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta ends on February 27, Monday, at 6 a.m. EST. Some of these rewards and skins are also only redeemable during the Wildlands Open Beta so don’t waste any moment, especially when you’re planning to boost your play come full release! The full Tom Clancy’s Ghost: Recon Wildlands game releases March 7, 2017 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

'The Sims 4' DLC: University, Fairies, Witches and More Expansion Packs Hinted

It looks like Electronic Arts has a lot of downloadable content (DLC) packs lined up for The Sims 4. The latest surveys for the game sent by the studio to players reveal what the folks behind the hit life simulation game have cooking up. One Simmer took to Reddit to share an image of a survey, which makes mention of a university-themed game pack. EA referred to it as The Sims 4 On Campus. The description for the DLC is as follows: School is in session and it’s time for your Sims to hit the books in The Sims 4 On Campus. Take your teenage Sims to boarding school to advance their skills, find more about themselves, and even impress their crush. Move on to university to learn new career skills, join cliques, and even experience the craziness of dorm living. The features of this potential The Sims 4 DLC will give players the chance to study hard but also cut loose. The Sims will have the opportunity to join advanced classes and become a teacher’s pet. They can also start a new circle or just get their crush’s attention by passing a note to them during class. The Sims 4 players who are feeling a bit more adventurous will get the chance to deal with bullies in this university-themed DLC as well as join an academic or secret society, instigate a campus protest or sneak into the back of the library for a smooch session with their boyfriend or girlfriend. For those who would like to make the most of being unsupervised by their parents, life in the dorm will be a blast as players can throw a party, prank friends and battle rival groups in The Sims 4 On Campus, provided they do not get caught. EA seeks the opinion of some players about the potential DLC, which they plan to price at $39.99. While it is just one of the host of expansion packs that could make it to The Sims 4, many fans have expressed excitement to see it. The franchise is not at all new to university DLCs. The Sims 3 received an expansion pack called University Life. Whether The Sims 4 is getting the same thing or not remains to be seen for now, though. A screenshot of The Sims 3 University Life [Image by Electronic Arts] The university-themed expansion pack is just one of the heaps of suggestions that EA is throwing out there for The Sims 4. The studio is also thinking about doing more supernatural and fantasy-themed DLCs. Sims Community provided details from two other surveys, where there was a mention of a DLC called The Sims 4 Witches, which will allow players to create witches – both old and youthful – brew potions, cast hexes on objects, curse Sims and ride around the city on their magical broom. There is another one called The Sims 4 Fairies, which urges players to “embrace the magic.” It is all about creating fairies with a selection of magical outfits, wings and sparkly decorations to boot. The fairies can learn new tricks for mischief and travel to a magical world seen only by creatures like them. Other DLC suggestions include Summer Holidays and Winter Vacations, which gave some fans the impression that The Sims 4 is not getting a Seasons DLC where winter, spring, summer and autumn will be included in one package. However, that idea appears to have been dismissed by a game designer. @RudydeJ0ng Like, would weather only work in certain worlds? I don’t think we would do that. — SimGuruDaniel (@SimGuruDaniel) February 21, 2017 An earlier survey shared by another Reddit user also show that EA is thinking of a The Sims 4 expansion pack that gives gamers the chance to be in the world of fashion and modeling and another one where they can become an entrepreneur by buying and renovating homes, opening an art gallery, building a water park or starting a café. Other ideas from one more survey shared by SimCookie include The Sims 4 Small Pets, which will see Sims adopt, train and breed small animals, build a pet shop and put the adorable critters up for adoption. A screenshot of The Sims 3 Pets DLC [Image by Electronic Arts] There was also a reference to a dream job-themed The Sims 4 DLC, where players get to choose among these exciting lines of work: an astronaut, a full-time thief or a rock star. The same leak reveals that EA is also looking into a The Sims 4 DLC that is all about romance. Here, gamers get to go on dates, help others find love by being a matchmaker or throw a wedding. The Sims 4 players whose idea of business is to manage a beauty salon or a tattoo parlor instead will get to do so in yet another DLC that EA pitched in the survey. While not every single DLC above is expected to be pushed for The Sims 4, these surveys certainly paint a picture of what sort of content to expect in the coming months. [Featured Image by Electronic Arts]

'Pokemon GO' News: Insane PokeStop Chances, Gen 2 Region Exclusives And More

Pokemon GO is experiencing a resurgence in interest among the mobile gaming community. After the highly-anticipated rollout of Gen 2 monsters, the popular augmented reality mobile game has become even more prolific than before. As the initial excitement settles down, however, a number of new findings from the game’s most dedicated fans have shown that once again, the biggest update in Pokemon GO comes with a number of strings attached. Among the most interesting additions to Pokemon GO are evolution items, which are utilized in the game in order to foster the evolution of numerous creatures. Evolution items were officially rolled out in the recent Generation 2 update, and this has managed to get numerous players of the game very excited. After all, evolution items would enable gamers to evolve some of their Gen 1 creatures, such as Onix and Scyther, to their most powerful and arguably cooler Gen 2 counterparts. Inasmuch as evolution items are a godsend in Pokemon GO, however, the extremely pertinent items are extremely rare. In fact, according to a Forbes report, only about one in every 1000 PokeStop drops would actually include the rare item. This means that players would need to spin PokeStops hundreds of times before actually getting a much-needed evolution item. This, however, is not all. [Image by Niantic] There are a number of evolution items that are currently available in the game: Dragon Scale, which is needed for Kingdra, Up-grade for Porygon2, King’s Rock for Politoed and Slowking, Sunstone for Sunflora and Bellossom and Metal Coat for Scizor and Steelix. Since players could not choose among the five items, there is a pretty good chance that after 300 spins or so, gamers would receive an evolution item that is nowhere near what they really need. With this in mind, it appears that Niantic has made Pokemon GO rather unfair for its players. Considering the rarity of evolution items, giving players such a slim chance, coupled with an inability to choose what item to receive, feels a little bit too much. Unsurprisingly, numerous players have brought up the issue with Niantic, and thus, it would not be surprising if the developer does change its evolution item algorithm in the near future. Apart from evolution items, the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update also played host to the addition of a couple of new region-exclusive creatures. Currently, Heracross and Corsola have joined the ranks of Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan as monsters that could only be acquired in specific regions. A BGR report stated that initial player reports point to Heracross being available in Central America, South America, and parts of Texas and Florida. [Image by Niantic] What is most interesting, however, is Corsola, which was reported to have been seen in numerous countries. From what could be determined so far, the elusive Gen 2 Pokemon is exclusive to nations between 31N and 26S latitudes, which include countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and India. Of course, there is a chance that the creature really is set to be made available for only one region, but it is undeniable that its current spawn areas, which span a good number of nations, are undoubtedly interesting. Pokemon GO has entered 2017 on a very high note. With the Gen 2 rollout practically complete, only the legendary creatures of Generations 1 and 2 are left. If any, Niantic has already managed to rekindle the gaming public’s interest in the augmented reality title. Thus, all the developer really needs to do is ensure that the updates keep rolling in. This way, fresh content is always added to the game, giving avid and casual players enough incentives to keep playing. For now, however, Pokemon GO players are still on the lookout for the 80-plus creatures that have recently been added to the game. That, at least for now, appears to be enough. [Featured Image by Niantic]

'Overwatch' News: Twitter Update Teases Hero 24 Might Be Doomfist After All

While Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan appears to have confirmed that the next hero in the popular game’s lineup of characters would not be “what everyone thinks,” a new tweet from the game’s official account seems to tease the arrival of a character that most fans have long been expecting – Doomfist. The Twitter announcement, while very brief, has managed to get the game’s massive fanbase very interested, as it appears that the game’s next playable character would be rolled out sooner than everyone expects. [BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported. pic.twitter.com/3XuXbCCugh — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 24, 2017 Overwatch players immediately recognized Numbani, the area featured in the Twitter post. The featured image, in particular, is the spawn point of the map, according to a Polygon report. Unlike the usual state of the map, however, the featured image showed significant damages to the area, including OR15s that seem to have been punched right through the wall. Considering the way the damages to the airport were laid out, it appears that whoever was behind the attack was wielding a powerful, massive weapon. Unsurprisingly, numerous fans of the game noted that the damage to the airport was probably caused by someone wielding the Doomfist Gauntlet, an oversized weapon utilized by the character of the same name. Doomfist has been featured in Overwatch lore for quite a long time. When Blizzard first revealed the game back in 2014, the character was featured as an evil force in the world. The character’s weapon was prominently featured in one of the game’s short films too, with Reaper and Widowmaker attempting to steal the gauntlet, only to be confronted by Wilson and Tracer. With this in mind, it definitely appears that the Overwatch community is all but ready for the reveal of the powerful tank. In true Overwatch fashion, players who are currently accessing the Numbani airport arena have found that that the damages in the Twitter report could be seen in-game, according to The Express. This, however, is just icing on the cake, as numerous players also noted that the Doomfist Gauntlet, which could be seen in the arena on a payload vehicle, is also missing. Thus, for all intents and purposes, it appears that someone, or something, is running around with the powerful weapon and causing havoc. [Image by Tinxi/Shutterstock] While the clues left in the game appear to be obvious references to a Doomfist reveal, game director Jeff Kaplan did throw a cloud of suspicion on rumors about the character’s debut. According to Kaplan, a new character is indeed coming, though it would not be what the game’s fanbase is expecting. With this in mind, the Overwatch community has begun speculating that the next hero would instead be related to 11-year-old prodigy Efi Oladele, who is one of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and robotics in the game’s universe. While the chances of having an 11-year-old be the game’s new hero are rather slim, avid fans of the franchise are stating that the next playable character might be one of the young prodigy’s creations. Possibly, one that could wield the Doomfist Gauntlet. While it still remains to be seen if the game’s newest hero would indeed be Doomfist, the signs that a new character would be unveiled soon are undeniable. Recently, Overwatch France updated two playlists, possibly including an official reveal trailer for the new hero. This is particularly interesting since the same thing has happened before, right before Ana was revealed. Overwatch remains as one of the most prominent games in the market today, bringing millions of players worldwide together for quick, strategic and undoubtedly fun PvP matches. With the constant addition of new heroes, Overwatch is speculated to remain as one of the most formidable video game titles for years to come. [Featured Image by Sari ONeal/Shutterstock]

'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' Impressions: What Critics Are Saying

Much of the initial success of the Nintendo Switch would depend on how well The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild performs on the market. Nintendo has been putting most of its cards in the game, which is arguably the biggest Zelda title to ever be released. Releasing for both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild could easily be one of the best games of the year, and from what could be inferred from early impressions, it is perfectly capable of catapulting the Nintendo Switch to the bestsellers’ list. Early reviews of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have started getting released, with prominent gamers and longtime fans of the franchise giving their initial impressions of the powerhouse title. Here are some of the most notable impressions that early reviewers have stated about Breath of the Wild. Peter Brown of Gamespot asserts that Breath of the Wild could easily be a contender for the title of best Zelda game of all time. Considering that the long-running franchise has powerhouse titles such as Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker under its belt, this statement is very significant. One thing that Brown noted in his initial impression of the game is just how stunning the Nintendo Switch title really is, from its landscape to the meticulous design of the enemies and creatures that players encounter. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images] One thing that Brown did note, however, is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, wastes no time holding the player’s hands when introducing the game. Previous Zelda games have developed a reputation for being far too heavy on the tutorials. Not so in Breath of the Wild. In the Nintendo Switch/Wii U title, players are immediately immersed in the game’s vast open world, and gamers could only learn the title’s mechanics by doing. This particular point was emphasized further by Andrew Webster of The Verge, who remarked that Breath of the Wild offers around as many tutorials as the original Zelda game of 1986 — that is, there is almost none. Webster further stated that in a lot of ways, the new Zelda title feels a lot like the original 1986 game, with its open world and emphasis on experimentation and exploration. The only difference, of course, is its grand scale. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive game, and it is just about as expansive as the best open world games in the business, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and GTA 5. Of course, the traditional tropes of the franchise are still there, such as a silent protagonist, a princess named Zelda, and a great evil that players needs to vanquish. What really sets Breath of the Wild apart, however, is its intricacy and attention to every detail. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images] Stephen Totilo of Kotaku explains this further, stating that every single aspect of Link’s stats in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be affected by the player’s choices. In the game, players would need to balance Link’s stamina with every physical activity they choose to do with the character, such as climbing walls or crossing over snowy mountains. Gamers who choose to ignore this would most likely have their characters die due to cold, exhaustion, or drowning. Even weapons, usually taken from enemies, have a lifespan, with many breaking during battle if not properly maintained. Totilo even noted that cooking, a fairly basic, seemingly unimportant aspect of the game, plays a huge part in keeping Link alive. For example, having Link consume a meal made with spicy ingredients would allow the character to last longer in areas where the temperature is freezing. Simply put, every single detail of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild experience is simply stunning, from its intricate health system, to the significance of each task that players need to perform in order to keep their characters and equipment in top shape. Overall, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that might very well be awarded a perfect 10 from numerous reviewers. Initial impressions of the game are no less than stellar, and those are just for the title’s first few hours of gameplay. From what could be determined so far, it appears that Nintendo has struck gold with its Zelda franchise once more, as the title has every bit of potential to make it the best entry in the franchise since the original game came out more than 30 years ago. [Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Nintendo Switch Impressions Round-up: See What The Critics Are Saying

This time next week, Nintendo’s newest console/tablet hybrid dubbed the Nintendo Switch will be out, allowing consumers the ability to play Zelda, or any other launch title, at home or on the go. Critics have had their consoles for a few days, though, and within the last twenty-four hours details and impressions of Nintendo’s console have emerged. So what are the critics saying about their initial go-around with the Nintendo Switch? The Verge has called the Nintendo Switch the company’s “biggest, boldest gamble in years,” which if we recall the history of Nintendo, taking gambles is in their DNA. The gamble paid off with the original Wii in the early-mid 2000s, however, the Wii’s successor, the Wii U, failed to capture that same magic. The Verge’s Nick Statt, says the Nintendo Switch has the chance to “revitalize the company.” Nintendo is currently banking a healthy portion of its future as a major player in the games industry on the equally bold and risky Switch. The device, which can be plugged into a TV or used as a tablet, is the culmination of the Wii’s successes and the failures of that console’s successor, the Wii U. Nintendo, and by extension Koizumi and Takahashi, hope the Switch finally has the right formula to revitalize the company as a cultural touchstone. The Nintendo Switch has left a great early impression of the folks over at Kotaku, who really were impressed with the Switch’s ability to sync to and from the TV and the tablet screen rather seamlessly. According to Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, the transfer of the game from the TV to your console is “impressive” and while there is a delay between the transfer from console back to TV, it’s a great feature nonetheless. Image by Nintendo However, it’s not all rosy, as both Kotaku and Polygon (among others) have reported issues with the Switch’s left Joy-Con. Kotaku mentioned that left Joy-Con “fails to perfectly track their movements in the Zelda game.” Arthur Gies from Polygon corroborated as much, and while he praised Nintendo’s industrial design and build quality as the “best Nintendo has ever put out,” he too had issues with the Joy-Con struggling to sync properly with the system. Over the course of my time with Breath of the Wild, I’ve had repeated problems with the left Joy-Con controller partially or even completely losing sync from the Switch console while docked and connected to my television. Engadget‘s Sean Buckley took the opportunity to temper some expectations of the Nintendo’s console/tablet hybrid. Buckley lists a few issues with the Switch as he sees it out of the box, including the lack of wireless headphone support, the fact there will be no Virtual Console at launch, nor Nintendo’s sought-after backwards compatibility which the Wii U and Wii both featured. The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, and though the launch line-up is pretty skinny compared to the offerings its direct competitors, Microsoft and Sony, featured with the Xbox One and PS4 launch, respectively, the obviously headliner is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises, Zelda is expected to be the main reason Nintendo Switch’s will be hard to obtain come next Friday. Other launch games will include 1-2-Switch! and Snipperclips was just added to the line-up. Are you concerned about any of the issues you’ve seen brought up in the early Nintendo Switch impressions? Are you planning on picking up a Switch on launch day, and if so, what is the first thing you’re going to play? Sound off in the comments below. [Featured Image by Nintendo]

‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For Feb. 24, Hawkmoon And Two Good Rolls

Xûr’s heard Destiny players like Hawkmoon so he is giving them more Hawkmoon with his visit Friday, February 24. The Hand Cannon is available to purchase by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players for the second time this month. Fortunately, it is joined by Exotic Armor pieces for Titans and Warlocks to help with their push towards Tier 12 (T12) stats. [Image by Bungie] Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through Sunday morning. He will be gone as soon as the clock strikes 4 a.m. ET/1 a.m. PT. Exotic Gear on Sale Name Type Stats Cost T12 Twilight Garrison Titan Helmet 57 (82) Discipline/
58 (83) Strength 13 Strange Coins 94% Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Helmet 73 (92) Intellect 13 Strange Coins 79% Claws of Ahamkara Warlock Gauntlets 37 (54) Intellect /
40 (57) Strength 13 Strange Coins 94% Hawkmoon Hand Cannon 23 Strange Coins Legacy Engram Helmet 29 Strange Coins Curios Name Type Cost “Emerald Coil” Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins Glass Needles Re-rolls Exotic Stats 3-pack 3 Strange Coins Three of Coins Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack 5 Strange Coins Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 3-pack 1 Strange Coin Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 10-pack 3 Strange Coins Material Exchange Name Type Cost Motes of Light Consumable 2 Strange Coins Exotic Shard Material 7 Strange Coins For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints. Hawkmoon [Image by ‘Destiny’] Hawkmoon is still a potent Exotic weapon, even with the latest changes to the Crucible meta in the most recent update. “Luck in the Chamber” combined with “Holding Aces” gives the possibility of up to three bullets from a single magazine producing a sizable damage output. This makes the already high impact Hand Cannon particularly useful in PVP. Twilight Garrison [Image via ‘Destiny’] The main draw for the Twilight Garrison is the fact it makes Titans more mobile. The Tactical Air Support intrinsic perk allows players to do an evasive move while airborne by pressing B, B on the Xbox One or Circle, Circle on the PS4. This piece is best used in Crucible and is very helpful for dodging incoming fire and Supers. The max 82 Discipline / 83 Strength split roll is solid for this chest armor. This is 94 percent of the Tier 12, which makes this a solid pickup for Titans who don’t already have it or those that need to upgrade. It also comes with the option to carry more Special Ammo or Heavy Ammo plus a choice between increased recovery when taking Void damage or more armor when playing the Defender in Destiny. Celestial Nighthawk [Image via ‘Destiny’] The Celestial Nighthawk is a Gunslinger Hunter-specific Exotic helmet that gives the Golden Gun a single shot with six times the normal damage. The “Big Game” perk is fun to use in PVE and helpful against tougher enemies that barely flinch from a normal, single Golden Gun shot. However, it is not useful at all in PVP, where three to four shots are preferable over one big one. The stats offered Xur this week are extremely poor for this piece at only 74 percent of T12 and the perk choices are not great ideal either. Destiny Hunters should aim for “Inverse Shadow” as a third column perk with either “Infusion” or “Better Already” in the final column. Skip or re-roll. Claws of Ahamkara [Image via ‘Destiny’] “The Whispers” perk gives Warlocks an additional melee charge, which is a nice bonus since this Exotic piece will work with any of the three Warlock sub-classes. The optional perks give a choice between “Snap Discharge” to increase melee attack speed or “Momentum Transfer” to give bonus melee energy on grenade hits. There’s also a choice between increased reload speeds for Auto Rifles or Sniper Rifles, which is handy for those who prefer the two weapon types. The Claws of Ahamkara are the second Destiny Exotic piece this week to get a 94 percent roll towards the coveted T12. Not a bad pickup for players that don’t have a higher version already. [Featured Image by Bungie; all table information by Destiny]

'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Beta Servers Go Down For Maintenance During First Day

The open beta for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands has seen something of a turbulent start in its first day. Whilst trying to access the open beta, players are coming up against a whole host of errors, hindering both solo and co-op play. Subsequently, publisher Ubisoft has taken the game offline twice for maintenance in less than 24 hours since going live. According to VG247, many players are heading onto the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta, only to be presented with an error message reading “ribera-1000b”. The error message doesn’t just halt players from heading online either, it makes the game unplayable for even solo play using AI co-op. As a result, in the less than 24 hours since the open beta went live, Ubisoft has taken servers offline twice for maintenance, on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, making no platform immune to the issue. My experience with the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta so far: pic.twitter.com/CDlGOndrVW — RandyKalista (@RandyKalista) February 23, 2017 That being said, at the time of writing, it appears to be possible for users to bypass the “ribera-1000b” error message by port forwarding, if you don’t mind tinkering around that is. There’s a quick video to guide you through doing just that, right here. In terms of the various other issues being faced by users, according to Mic, restarting the game and deleting your save file, might be enough to fix the issue temporarily. Meanwhile, PC players can go one step further by changing the priority that their operating system awards to Wildlands. As aforementioned, Ubisoft has already taken the game offline for two maintenance breaks in an attempt to fix the various issues plaguing the open beta. Thankfully, those maintenance breaks have been relatively short, taking between 15 minutes and an hour. Players are advised to keep an eye on the game’s official Twitter support for updates. Ubisoft definitely appears to be working quickly in order to ensure the beta is running smoothly again, however, downtime is no doubt damaging the game’s reputation ahead of release. RELATED STORIES ON INQUISITR: ‘Wildlands’ Open Beta: Game Available To Pre-Load For PS4, Xbox One And PC Now PlayStation Plus March 2017 Predictions: ‘SteamWorld Heist,’ ‘Abzu,’ & More Profiles In ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Give Players Access To Powerful Passives Whilst the open beta offers an opportunity for players to try the game ahead of its release, it also provides a way for Ubisoft to stress test the back-end and make any tweaks before the game is released on March 7. With that in mind, technical hitches are only to be expected when it comes to an open beta. The open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands runs through until Monday, giving Ubisoft time to iron out the issues the game has faced in its first 24 hours. The publisher will be keen to ensure Wildlands doesn’t face the same issues as their recently released For Honor at launch. Despite being well received by critics, For Honor has been crippled by connectivity issues, which is largely thanks to its peer-to-peer networking solution. Because online games are hosted on each player’s connection, the game’s online mode has proven far from reliable. The @GhostRecon #Wildlands open beta starts today: here’s what you need to know https://t.co/NiGWrEAG6X pic.twitter.com/LJ0EmrLfBO — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) February 23, 2017 The latest release in the Tom Clancy series of video games, Ghost Recon: Wildlands releases worldwide on March 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Developed by Ubisoft Paris, the tactical shooter will be the first game in the series to utilize an open world environment. Ubisoft has described it as one of the biggest open world games that they have ever published, with players able to explore a wide variety of environments such as mountains, forests, deserts and salt flats. Whether or not a turbulent start for the game’s open beta will effect sales on March 7 remains to be seen, however, Ubisoft will want to overcome any teething issues as quickly as possible. [Featured Image by Ubisoft]