Meet The Sheriff Who Isn't Afraid To Disagree With Trump's 'Fake News' Agenda

Just as there are good cops and bad cops, there are also similar journalists. And according to this sheriff, Donald Trump’s claims aren’t fair or just. Via Twitter, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood isn’t standing idly by while the image of free press is repetitively tarnished over President Trump’s disagreement with unfavorable reporting. Ever since Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office, he has nearly waged war with mainstream media via Twitter for fact-backed information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the media’s portrayal of his image. Donald Trump is so scared the truth will come out re: RUSSIA, he’s planting the “fake news seed” daily to prepare his mindless supporters — Anchor ⚓️ (@anchordownnow) February 26, 2017 However, as Sheriff Chitwood points out in his tweets, those in positions of power and authority have to be held accountable to the people. He mentions as follows. “I will now Tweet a few of my 100 percent unsolicited thoughts on ‘fake news’ and increasing distrust of the mainstream American news media. Are there bad journalists out there? Sure, just like there are bad cops, teachers, priests. Plenty of charlatans posing as reporters.” “We can’t waste our time & breath fighting with those who have no real interest in exploring anything true or enlightening. But I talk to lots of reporters (just ask my critics). I know most are honest, diligent pursuers of truth. They care about facts, not spin.” As you know, amid recent banning operations regarding White House press, Trump has specifically named reputable news syndicates which aren’t allowed into the briefings. According to Washington Post, a few of those press organizations include the following names. CNN New York Times Politico Los Angeles Times BuzzFeed Donald Trump loves to refer to these media as “fake news.” Yet, Trump tends to be one of the biggest distributors of “fake news.” As you may have heard, recently, he’s accused former President Obama in wiretapping allegations. Yet, when asked to present proof, he couldn’t provide any. Nevertheless, Sheriff Chitwood continues as follows. “In that way, they are good cops. They chase down witnesses & sources until they can corroborate a story that tells us something real. And while law enforcement is under attack in dangerous ways, at least we hear ‘thank you’ from our community. I don’t think reporters do.” “They work a thankless job with long hours & low wages, but so many keep going [because] they believe in it. Sounds like a public service to me. They’ll run critical stories sometimes & that’s OK. Maybe we deserve it, maybe not. But I won’t undermine all media just [because] I disagree.” However, Donald Trump will call “fake news” on many things which he personally disagrees, regardless of the news piece being based on fact. Check out his tweet just from today. Don’t let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin. We are getting along great, and getting major things done! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 7, 2017 But, where’s the proof that these “major things” are getting done? Well, Sheriff Chitwood closes with the following statement. “I’ll take the good with the bad, ignore the ugly & stick to what I know. But to good reporters out there: Keep your chin up – we need u. END.” Just like good police officers are needed, along with them, there will be bad ones as well. However, the thing is that they have to be held accountable for their actions. Police brutality is to “good cop work” as fake news is to “true journalism.” You can’t throw it all out at once and say it’s all bad. Both are needed. And as Sheriff Chitwood mentioned, both are public service positions. Yet, Donald Trump has labeled the media the “enemy of the American people.” The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 17, 2017 As noted by Washington Times, that’s the same kind of propaganda which was used by Roman Emperor Nero and Adolf Hitler to manipulate his many followers. In those instances, they gained absolute power. Yet, John Adams said that “absolute power” corrupts without a doubt. Moreover, in regard to this situation, John Adams once noted, “Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.” With that in mind, Sheriff Chitwood’s stance on the matter is aligned with justice and accountability. But, what about Trump’s? The Inquisitr would love your thoughts on the issue. Feel free to share them in the comment section below. [Featured Image by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office/Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images]

'Stupid Watergate:' Is Donald Trump Just 'Richard Nixon Without The Brains'?

We are 46-days into Donald Trump’s presidency. The first 100-days of a presidency are often referred to as a honeymoon period, but President Trump’s honeymoon is turning into the holiday from hell. Just weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has had Executive Orders overturned by the courts. He has been condemned for conducting affairs of state in the full view of diners at his Florida golf club, and many people have even questioned Trump’s sanity. The Boston Globe says that, this past weekend, “Donald Trump fell off the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down.” The source of the latest furor was, of course, Trump publicly accusing Barack Obama of illegally tapping his communications. That was swiftly followed up by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, who mocked Trump’s accusations of Obama, and dubbed it “stupid Watergate.” As reported by Deadline, Oliver reflected on the way Donald Trump and his team have responded to concerns over Trump’s links with Russia. (Image by Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images) Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, stands accused of misleading the Senate over his own links with Russia. During his confirmation hearing, Sessions was asked how he would deal with any member of the Trump administration, who was found to have had contact with Russian officials. Sessions claimed that he was unaware of any such contact, despite the fact that he allegedly had two meetings with senior Russian diplomats himself. John Oliver drew comparisons with Richard Nixon’s “Watergate” scandal. “It is not clear what is really going on here yet. One possibility is that this all amounts to what I’m going to call ‘Stupid Watergate’: potential scandal with all the intrigue of Watergate, except everyone involved is really bad at everything. “The relevant question isn’t so much ‘What did the president know and when did he know it?’ as it is, ‘Is the president physically capable of knowing things at all’?” Of course, this isn’t the first time that comparisons have been made between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon. Is Donald Trump The New Richard Nixon? UK broadsheet, the Independent, recently said that “Donald Trump is the new Richard Nixon – without the brains.” They point out that like Nixon, Trump is obsessed by the media. On numerous occasions over the past few months, we have seen Trump launch frequent attacks on the media. Anything that shows Trump in a poor light is branded “fake news,” Trump’s team present the media with “alternative facts,” and under it all, there bubbles the Russian question. In the wake of a leaked intelligence dossier, which accused Trump of less than conventional sexual practices, the suspicion remains that the Russians have some sort of hold over President Trump. Just days before Nixon was brought down over “Watergate” he had addressed the nation in a now infamous TV news conference. Nixon accused the media of “distorted, frantic, and hysterical reporting, which was shaking people’s faith in the American system.” Trump’s comments that the free press is “the enemy of the people” are eerily reminiscent of Nixon’s comments. Nixon was forced to resign the presidency, shortly after telling the American people that “people have got to know whether their president’s a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.” (Image by Keystone/Getty Images) Presidents Trump and Nixon both seem to share a common trait. Something, possibly a deep-seated insecurity, drives them to seek popularity and approval. Any criticism is deemed unfair and unwarranted, to the extent that mental health professionals have been questioning Trump’s sanity. Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency after it became clear that he was aware of the bugging of the DNC, and that he tried to get the FBI to drop their investigation. According to the BBC, Nixon’s lawyer at the time of the 1973 scandal, has claimed that, when compared to the allegations against Trump, “Watergate would look trivial.” “The facts now in this investigation are much worse than the facts in the early stages of Watergate, which was a simple break-in ordered by mid-level campaign officials – not by the president. “Here we have facts that are much worse: We have a foreign power that has orchestrated a break in. It’s a much worse situation than the outset of Watergate.” There is, of course, a major difference between Trump and Nixon. The later was an experienced politician, a brilliant lawyer, and a man who had debated Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev on TV. Nixon had served in Congress, The Senate, and as Vice-President. Trump, on the other hand, has never held a political office until now. Nixon was able to surround himself with an experienced team of advisors and cabinet members. Trump is accused of filling his cabinet with billionaire “cronies,” and members of his family. The similarities, and the differences, between Nixon and Trump are what led the Independent to conclude that “essentially Trump is Nixon without the brains.” [Featured Image by Luis M. Alvarez/AP]

Anderson Cooper Dishes On Donald Trump's Obama 'Wiretapping' Accusations

“First, the genesis of the claim that prompted FBI Director James Comey to ask the Justice Department to refute it over the weekend,” Anderson Cooper said at the very beginning of his CNN show tonight, adding that it’s quite peculiar that the nation’s top lawman is asking for a public denunciation of a sitting president of the United States. Then Cooper summarized how we arrived at this situation. “Saturday, the president, who is at Mar-A-Lago according to the Washington Post, is still steaming over Jeff Sessions recusing himself from any investigation involving Russia and the Justice Department,” Cooper noted and added that the president sent out quite the tweet. How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Then, there was this tweet. I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Cooper continued on about how Donald Trump didn’t have any evidence for his claims. His information appears to come from conservative radio hosts and websites. The CNN host said that none of these outlets reported that Obama actually ordered or sought wiretaps on Mr. Trump. There has been no evidence of Obama’s “wiretapping.” [Image by Bloomberg/Getty Images] “There has been enough reporting strongly suggesting something occurred,” Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, is quoted as saying off camera Monday morning. Cooper said that former intelligence officials have come forward in order to deny there was wiretapping, including James Clapper, the last director of intelligence. It certainly wasn’t the first time unsubstantiated claims from Trump have gone mainstream, including the claim that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. John Cassidy of the New Yorker believes that Trump’s latest Obama accusation could backfire. “We can only hope that, this time, his pernicious diversionary tactics backfire: the Justice Department or Comey might come out and repudiate the President publicly, and more Republicans on Capitol Hill might find the spines to support a proper investigation of the Russia matter.” The article adds that Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Appropiations Committee, told CBS News that there is not anything that would directly support what the president has said. Some believe that Trump’s latest accusations could backfire. [Image by Ty Wright/Getty Images] CNN White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, who said that the president has been absolutely silent about the accusations today, appeared from Washington to talk about the situation on Cooper’s show. “This is his first weekday of his time here in office where he has not had a single public event…But the White House is defending him but not talking as definitively as him. They’re saying if this happened, we should get to the bottom of this, ” Zeleny told Cooper. Another video of Sean Spicer soon appeared. In this one, the White House press secretary says that the president has always wanted the Intelligence Committee to look into anything from the 2016 election that may have been improper with respect to wiretaps or surveillance. Afterwards, Zeleny told Cooper that many Republicans, including Senator Marco Rubio, simply can’t understand what the president is talking about. Anderson Cooper also thought it was highly suspicious that on a day where Trump signed a major new executive order, there were no visible reporters, who would have certainly asked Trump about his accusations of wiretapping. Spicer noted that on previous executive order signings, Trump had gone to great lengths to take pride in inviting reporters. What do you think of Trump’s latest accusations towards the Obama administration in regards to illegal wiretapping? Let us know in the comments section. [Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

If The President Is Crazy: Amendment 25 Could Remove POTUS 45

If the president is crazy, the United States of America may be on the road to catastrophe. Does this mean the nation is stuck with a man described as “dangerous,” “impulsive,” “antisocial,” and”deceitful” for the next four years? Not necessarily. If the president is truly insane and dangerous, the vice president can force the issue and take the reins of government. The process is complex, and it’s never been tried before, but if Mike Pence declares Donald Trump to be unfit to remain in office, the world could see a legal presidential takeover by the current veep. Section Four of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution The 25th Amendment is the longest constitutional modification to be ratified since the Civil War era, and it tells Americans how, exactly, a mentally ill or otherwise incapacitated prez can be lawfully ousted. Proposed in 1965 and enacted in 1967, the amendment outlines the succession of the presidency in case of death, resignation, removal from office, or inability to properly carry out the duties of the world’s most powerful political position. At the time of this writing, only Sections 1 and 2 of the 25th Amendment have ever been implemented. Section 1 was used to place then-Vice President Gerald Ford in the presidency in the wake of Richard Nixon’s disgraceful resignation in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Section 2, which allows a sitting president to name a vice president, was invoked to install Nelson Rockefeller as Ford’s VP. Section 3 allows the President to temporarily grant POTUS-powers to the VP and has been called into action by Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and other presidents prior to undergoing major medical procedures. To invoke Section 4, Vice President Pence would be required to notify the presidential Cabinet that he deems POTUS 45 “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” If at least half the Cabinet members agree, Pence could move into the Oval Office without further delay. Unless, of course, the president protests. According to Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, the prez could be reinstated by the House and Senate. In that case, the VP and the Cabinet could move once again to remove the POTUS. After that, a two-thirds majority congressional vote would be required to give a president the permanent heave-ho. Good news, bad news Georgetown University law professor, Rosa Brooks, served as a counselor to the U.S. defense undersecretary for policy from 2009 to 2011. Last year, Brooks’ How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales from the Pentagon was published by Simon and Schuster. As Brooks explained to Foreign Policy magazine, there are several ways that a president can be removed from office. The first option is to vote him out during the next presidential election. Noting that four years may be too long to wait to remove the president Brooks calls “catastrophic,” the professor says that a simple majority vote by the House of Representatives could start impeachment proceedings. Although impeachment is not the same as evicting the president from the White House, it could conceivably lead to a two-thirds Senate vote to fire POTUS 45. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is the fact that the current Senate and House are controlled by the same Republican Party that thought Donald Trump was a good choice for a presidential candidate. For this reason, Brooks explains that the likelihood of Congress acting to oust POTUS 45 is just about nil. There is a chance, however that VP Pence may hold enough political ambition to collect Cabinet approval and take the helm via the 25th Amendment. Professor Brooks believes this could be preferable to a continuing Trump presidency. “Presumably, Pence is sane enough to oppose rash acts involving, say, the evisceration of all U.S. military alliances or America using nuclear weapons first — and presumably, if things got bad enough, other Trump cabinet members might also be inclined to oust their boss and replace him with his vice president.” Professor Brooks noted that a VP-led removal would be quicker than a formal presidential impeachment. “When you have a lunatic controlling the nuclear codes, even a few months seems like a perilously long time to wait. How long will it take before Trump decides that ‘you’re fired’ is a phrase that should also apply to nuclear missiles?” @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews — Trump Is Insane (@25thSec4SaveUS) February 20, 2017 Official DOJ congressional report on presidential incapacity In 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice provided a printed report on presidential disability to Congress. The report outlines the legal steps legislators would have to take in order to remove an incumbent president. This is what the DOJ told Congress: “In the original document, Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution provided that, in the event of the President’s “Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties” of his office, “the Same shall devolve on the Vice President.” This language was superseded by the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1967. Although there were several instances of severe presidential disability between 1789 and 1967, no Vice President sought to assume the chief executive’s powers and duties during this period. Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th Amendment currently govern cases of presidential disability. Under Section 3, if the President declares (in a written declaration to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate) that he is disabled for any reason, the Vice President assumes his powers and duties as Acting President. Section 4 provides for cases in which the President may not be able to transmit a disability declaration. In these circumstances, the Vice President and the cabinet or “such other body as Congress may by law provide” (a disability review body) can, by majority vote, declare the President to be disabled. It also empowers the President to declare his disability ended, again by written declaration, and resume his powers and duties. If, however, the Vice President and a majority of either the cabinet or a disability review body, rule otherwise, then Congress decides the issue. A vote of two-thirds of both houses within 21 days is required to determine the President to be disabled and continue the disability; otherwise, he resumes his powers and duties. Neither section 3 nor section 4 has been invoked since the amendment was ratified” The 25th Amendment can be read in its entirety at the Government Publishing Office. [Image by Fernando AH / iStock] [Featured Image by Yayayoyo/iStock/Getty Images]

Donald Trump's Favorable Rating Sinks As Job Approval Remains Low In New Polls

A new set of polls released Monday continue to show Donald Trump as a remarkably unpopular president, with a sinking favorability rating, and a job approval rating that while remaining steady, continues at a historically low level for a president at this early stage of his term when most previous new presidents have enjoyed a “honeymoon” period with the American public. Trump’s favorability rating reflects how Americans feel about Trump personally, while his job approval rating shows how Americans rate his performance as president. According to Huffington Post, which compiles a running average of all major polls — generally considered the most accurate way of looking at poll data, rather than focusing on individual polls — Trump’s personal favorability hit a high of more than 44 percent in late January. But since then, Trump’s favorability has declined, standing at 42.9 percent as of Monday, with 51.8 percent holding an unfavorable opinion of Trump. The other major poll averaging site, Real Clear Politics, also sees Trump at a similar level of disfavor with the American people, as the RCP average shows Trump with a 51.2 unfavorable rating as opposed to a 42.2 percent who see Trump in an unfavorable light. A recent poll found that black and other non-white voters have a much lower opinion of Donald Trump than do white voters. (Image by Aude Guerrucci/Getty Images) In the and Real Clear Politics averages of Trump’s job approval polls, Trump’s esteem in the eyes of the public remains low. According to, only 45.5 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump has done in his first 52 days in the Oval Office, while nearly half, 49.8 percent, say they do not approve of the job Trump has done so far. Four new Trump job approval polls were released Monday, and all but one put Trump well underwater. The only exception was the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, a poll which has consistently given Trump higher marks than any other poll. According to Rasmussen, Trump is holding his own with the American people. The polling firm claims that 52 percent give Trump a thumbs-up, while 48 percent do not like the job he’s done since taking office on January 20. But a Gallup poll sees Trump’s performance the other way around, with 50 percent disapproval against just 44 percent who approve. A poll by CNN/ORC also puts Trump well into the red, garnering just 45 percent approval against 52 percent who disapprove of his job performance. A Monmouth University poll which gave slightly better news to Trump, with 47 percent disapproval and 44 percent approval, also broke down views of Trump by race and gender — revealing that white Americans are far more favorably disposed toward Trump than their black, Latino and other non-white counterparts. A full 55 percent of white voters said that they approved of Trump’s job performance in the Monmouth poll, while only 19 percent of non-white voters gave Trump a seal of approval. More than two of every three non-white voters, 69 percent, said that they disapproved of Trump’s performance. A new poll shows that Trump’s approval comes primarily from white Americans, with minorities heavily disapproving of him. (Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The Monmouth poll also provided results in what the pollster called “swing counties,” that is, counties that showed a difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton of under 10 percent. Those counties have turned against Trump according to the Monmouth poll. Only 41 percent of voters in those counties say they approve of Trump’s performance, while 46 percent disapprove. MORE DONALD TRUMP COVERAGE FROM THE INQUISITR
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Donald Trump Will Resign, Oddsmakers Say — Vegas Sees Good Chance Trump Quits The CNN/ORC poll also showed that 65 percent of Americans, almost two-thirds, want a special prosecutor to investigate Trump over his ties Russian businesses and government officials. [Featured Image by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images]

Does Obama Have Legal Ground To Sue Trump For Libel Over Wiretapping Claims?

In the midst of the shocking wiretapping claims made against former President Obama by Donald Trump over the weekend, many are wondering if libel may have been committed. After Trump took to Twitter with his unprecedented claims that Obama had Trump tower wiretapped during the election, an Obama spokesperson unequivocally denied that such wiretapping had ever taken place, reports CNN. “A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice. As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.” Great point on MSNBC. Trump may have committed libel by falsely accusing Obama of wiretapping. Misdemeanor in Florida. Impeachable offense. — NatlParksUnderground (@NatParkUndrgrnd) March 5, 2017 FBI Director James Comey took a similar stance regarding the Trump wiretapping claims, reportedly calling on the Justice Department to refute the Trump Twitter allegations. So far, the Department of Justice, headed by Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has declined to do so. However, neither Donald Trump nor his administration has provided any proof to back up his Obama wiretapping claims, and the media is widely calling Trump’s claims unsubstantiated. Here are the Trump tweets that started the Obama wiretapping accusations and spawned a media frenzy. Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 The tweets immediately went viral after they were written early on Saturday morning. Ironically (or perhaps not), the Obama wiretapping tweets were sent out just one day after Trump was said to have verbally berated members of his senior staff in the Oval Office and two days after AG Sessions recused himself from investigating the alleged Trump/Russia connection. As CNN reports, video of the heated Oval Office meltdown involving Trump and Bannon was captured by the press. Less than 24 hours after the video above was shot, Trump levied seemingly baseless accusations of wiretapping against former President Obama. As NBC News reports, the Trump wiretapping allegations could potentially get the new POTUS into some “legal hot water” if he can’t provide proof to back up his claims that Trump Tower was secretly wiretapped and that Obama, who has denied involvement through his reps, was behind it. As President, Trump is inherently provided with a large amount of leeway when it comes to political speech. However, that doesn’t allow him to simply accuse political rivals of committing crimes or behaving unethically. If Barack Obama truly didn’t order the Trump Tower wiretapping, Donald Trump could very well have libeled the former POTUS with his Twitter storm. Did Trump libel Obama? via @msnbc Wiretapping allegation may be libelous #RussiaGate no more deflections INVESTIGATE — Kristen’s Kulture (@paz4u) March 6, 2017 According to Fordham University Law School defamation law professor Benjamin Zipursky, Trump is definitely accusing Obama of a crime with his wiretapping claims. “He’s basically stating that Mr. Obama committed crimes, and to state that somebody has committed a crime when it’s false is clearly defamatory. The question is: Is there enough evidence of serious reckless disregard to send that case to a jury? I don’t know what a court would decide on that, but there is some evidence of recklessness.” RT if you think Obama should sue Trump for libel and slander. #resist #theresistance #wiretap #wiretapping #trump #impeachtrump #rt #usa — Dr. DaShanne Stokes (@DaShanneStokes) March 6, 2017 @N_4_B Being reckless also applies, which he clearly would be since he’s the POTUS and could have easily checked to see if it were true — NatlParksUnderground (@NatParkUndrgrnd) March 5, 2017 @DaShanneStokes @JJohnson2u Nice try, President Bannon, but colluding with Russia takes precedence. Orange is the new orange. Lock Him Up. — Talk Walker (@WendySunshine1) March 6, 2017 @BettyBowers @washingtonpost to establish a claim for Libel Obama would need to demonstrate some loss….He’ll only gain from these claims — Thomas hyers (@hyers_thomas) March 6, 2017 In the past, politicians, entertainers, and other so-called “public figures” have struggled to find legal victories when it comes to libel cases. The reason? In many cases, courts don’t rule in their favor because they have chosen to “make their lives an open book.” However, the SCOTUS has ruled that public figures can successfully for libel, provided two legal standards have been met. Those standards are whether the allegedly libelous statement(s) made against the public figure is false and whether the person who made the statement knew it was false or was reckless about whether it was false. In layman’s terms, Obama would have to prove that Trump both lied about the wiretapping and knew (or should have known) that he was lying when tweeted the accusations against the former POTUS. If both answers are “yes,” it is possible that Obama could successfully sue Trump for libel over his public wiretapping allegations. What Is Libel vs. Slander? Trump Tweets About Obama Wiretapping Could Be Defamatory — TheDaddy (@Joel_Schaffer) March 6, 2017 And even though Obama would have a lot of fault to prove, legal experts and politicians are beginning to believe that Donald Trump may have crossed a provable legal line with his tweets about the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower. An Obama spokesman has flat-out denied Trump’s claims. James Clapper, the former National Intelligence Director, has also gone on the record to insist that the wiretapping never happened. What’s more, NBC News reports that Trump didn’t even consult his own team before slamming Obama on Twitter. “[Trump] did not consult with the people inside the U.S. government who might know before making this claim.” Please sue the hell out of Trump, Pres. Obama. Libel or slander could lead to impeachment. #resist #theresistance — Dr. DaShanne Stokes (@DaShanneStokes) March 6, 2017 Donald Trump has demanded an investigation into his own illegal wiretapping claims against former President Obama, but that demand didn’t come until Sunday, a day after the allegations had already gone viral. “President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.” It is highly unlikely that President Obama would take the extraordinary step of suing Trump for libel over the wiretapping claims, but this has become an extraordinary transition of presidential power where anything is seemingly possible. [Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

Did Melania Trump Go To Mar-A-Lago With Her Husband Over The Weekend?

Did Melania Trump go to Mar-a-Lago in Florida with her husband over the weekend? President Donald Trump made his fourth visit to the “winter White House” on March 4 and 5, but there was no mention of Melania being at the estate with him. News about the president was mainly focused on the allegations he’s making against former President Barack Obama for wire-tapping Trump Tower before he took office. It’s unknown if First Lady Melania Trump also flew to Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, but she kept a low profile if she did. When the president arrived at the airport Friday on Air Force One, she wasn’t there to greet him, and there wasn’t any news related to her presence at Mar-a-Lago. She may have opted to remain in New York to spend the weekend with Barron, the couple’s 10-year-old son. Not much has been seen of Barron since the inauguration on January 20. When President Trump and his wife have spent time together at Mar-a-Lago and in Washington, D.C., Barron hasn’t been around. Honoring children #worldbookday @NYPhospital — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) March 2, 2017 The last known appearance Melania Trump made publicly was just last Thursday in New York when she read a Dr. Seuss book to a room full of children at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. “It’s a reading day. So I came to encourage you to read, and to think about what you want to achieve in life,” the first lady told the children before reading, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!. The New York Times reports that Melania Trump arranged for a small pool of reporters to cover the event. Before the hospital visit, Mrs. Trump met with doctors, patients, and their families at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C on Wednesday. It was there her comments drew swift criticism for saying nature’s elements can go a long way in healing a child from illness. The statement was uttered after visiting the Healing Garden of the facility. “I am a passionate believer in integrating and interpreting nature’s elements into our daily lives to create a warm, nurturing and positive environment. “I believe that these same natural benefits can be instrumental to enhancing the health and well-being of all children. “It is important to me that children can recognize, identify and express their feelings in order to promote their mental wellness and healing process.” Critics skewered the first lady for her remarks since many view what President Trump intends to do in repealing Obamacare would threaten the medical care millions of Americans now receive because of the program. Thank you for welcoming me @ChildrensHealth. My prayers and thoughts are with all of the children and families. #GROWUPSTRONGER — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) March 1, 2017 Melania Trump made headlines last week on the fashion front for wearing the same red Valentino dress two days in a row. The first time was on Tuesday when she was present for her signing two bills into law that allow more women into STEM careers. She wore the same $2,950 dress for her visit to Children’s National in D.C. Daily Mail notes that she showed up Kate Middleton by not only wearing the same outfit twice, but did it two days in a row. Proud of supporting signing #closingthegendergap in #STEM #PowerOfTheFirstLady — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) February 28, 2017 Did Melania Trump choose to stay in New York at Trump Tower with Barron rather than go to Mar-a-Lago this weekend? Her husband was having a rough few days, as his Twitter account reveals. He’s reportedly livid with his staff about Attorney General Jeff Session recusing himself from FBI investigations into Russian ties, and he’s adamant that Obama had someone bug his phones at Trump Tower. Additionally, the first lady was busy last week with her engagements and appearing at the Address to Congress. It was time she usually spends with Barron at home in New York. The two of them will move to the White House after Barron finishes his current school year in June. Will Melania Trump meet with her husband next weekend if he travels to Mar-a-Lago again? [Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Former WH Press Secretary Gives Major Insight On Pres. Trump's Outrageous Tweets

President Trump came out this past week to accuse former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election cycle, in which he offered no proof, and now a former White House Press Secretary has shed light on why Trump is doing this. As previously mentioned, Trump did accuse Obama of wiretapping, but when he offered no proof, many Americans were split on what he said. This was even debated among Trump supporters, who would love to believe him but need proof to actually believe Obama was behind the wiretapping Trump accuses him of. Former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest offered his explanation on why President Trump is doing all of this. He believes it is a distraction, done so people will talk of something else rather than the most recent Russian scandal plaguing the Trump administration. Earnest explained his point on “This Week” with ABC News, saying.. “We know exactly why President Trump tweeted what he tweeted. Because there is one page in the Trump White House crisis management playbook. And that is simply to tweet or say something outrageous to distract from the scandal, and the bigger the scandal, the more outrageous the tweet.” Basically Earnest is claiming that due to all the recent Russian scandal material, it has seemingly caused a stir among many Americans. Some believe Trump and his administration have no ties and that there is some corrupt person behind the allegations. Meanwhile, others believe that Russia did have a lot to do with the election. Some are in the middle, believing only what is proven. As of now, there are proven interactions between Russia and people in the Trump administration. [Image by Saul Loeb/AP Images] The most recent being new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who lied to his peers during his confirmation hearing about having any talks with the Russians. He was actually put over the Russian election hacking investigation, but would end up recusing himself this past week. President Trump was reportedly very upset by the move and did not feel Sessions should have recused himself. This all happened by the end of the normal work-week. By Saturday morning, President Trump began his movement toward accusing former President Obama of wiretapping. All of this means that Earnest’s theory on the situation is by no mean out of bounds and does have merit. He would later would go on to say that Obama could not have ordered wiretapping because… “The President of the United States does not have the authority to unilaterally order the wiretapping of an American citizen.” Of course all of this was prompted by the first big tweet from President Trump on Saturday which read… “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” He would go on to Tweet out…. “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images] As of now, the President has not proven his claims against Obama, but many Americans are calling for proof to be put forth. It would make total sense to get proof, even if it came from a random source. Trump has been very open about his issue with the media and their “fake news” posts in recent weeks. He would cite that they do not back up their sources with a name, and just make things up when they say “a source” said something. Many feel this is ironic for President Trump, as he is now the one making claims not backed up with a name or even a department that gave him information on the former President wiretapping Trump Tower. However, Trump is actually pushing for an investigation into the situation to “determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.” Since President Trump’s recent accusations, Obama has denied any such activity. A spokesperson for Obama said in a statement… “neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.” It will be interesting to see what comes of the recent investigation President Trump has launched and if he will be happy with the results. At one point, he pushed for the Department of Homeland Security to look into the countries involved in his recent travel ban, as he hoped to prove to Americans that these countries were a threat to Americans. However, the DHS found that these countries were not direct threats to the United States and it seemed Trump did not accept their findings. One has to wonder if he’ll accept the findings of this investigation if they do not find what he wants them to find yet again. On top of this, it does seem like the claims the former Press Secretary make sense, as Trump has been trying to shift direction to anything else the moment a problem comes up in his administration. [Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

President Trump Reportedly Goes 'Ballistic' Over Jeff Sessions Recusal

With all the allegations of Russian connections within the Trump administration, it seemed obvious that once these people were caught that it would upset the President, and now we know he reportedly went ballistic after the most recent events. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently confirmed the reports that he met with a Russian Ambassador during the Trump campaign, as he was a “surrogate” to the campaign. Sessions claimed it was part of his job, which saw him speak with leaders from 25 countries. Sessions happened to be the man over the investigation regarding the Trump/Russia election hacking, which was a good pick due to the fact that it goes with the job he now holds. However, he decided to recuse himself after the most recent information came to light and this did not sit well with President Trump whatsoever. In fact, when Sessions made his announcement it seemed that Trump needed to meet with people right away that Friday afternoon. That said, President Trump gathered key advisers into the Oval Office that very afternoon before he departed for Palm Beach, Florida. ABC News reported that Senior White House sources claimed that the President went “ballistic” over Sessions recusal. Sessions has claimed that he did not meet with Russian operatives to discuss the Trump campaign, and even said he could not remember much of what he had discussed with the Ambassador he spoke with. [Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images] That said, President Trump knew that Jeff Sessions was his guy that he he picked. If there was an investigation, it would make sense for him to lead it rather than an independent party who might not overlook certain issues possibly. While it is not known without doubt that Trump had anything to do with Russia hacking the Presidential election, some analysts believe if he did he would certainly want Sessions to see the issue than someone else to hopefully not cause an impeachment. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa tweeted that Trump was “fuming” over the news about Sessions recusing himself, telling his aides that he should not have done so. Of course, Jeff Sessions removing himself from the investigation raised some red flags. Whether or not that means Sessions did speak to the ambassador over the Trump campaign is still not known, but removing himself from the investigation made a lot of people wonder if he truly did. However, the President did not like the idea of the removal. Politico reported that Trump actually questioned the logic behind the move, and emphasized to his advisers that the entire situation was handled poorly. It may have been, however, it seems odd that the President would worry so much over this or get so upset over Sessions’ recusal if he had nothing to hide. Trump did say he had total confidence in Sessions, but he saw no need for him to resign or recuse himself. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images] The advisers who took part in the meeting on Friday reportedly included Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House Counsel Don McGahn, Communications Director Mike Dubke, as well as Senior Adviser Jared Kushner and even his daughter Ivanka Trump. With all the key members of the Trump administration being in the room, it does seem like they wanted to discuss what was next. While Jeff Sessions recusing himself does look bad, prosecutors and investigators remove themselves from cases all the time. This is done to avoid any sort of red tape that may come up in court, as people could make the excuse that President Trump had an inside man if things seem off. Excuses could be made if things go well for Trump that things only went that way because Sessions was the man going against Donald Trump, and stood to possibly lose the Attorney General job if Trump was removed from office over this. With Sessions walking away from the case, it could be concluded that Trump may actually have a better case to prove innocence rather than have a lifelong connection to this if there is a problem long-term. While Trump is clearly upset, there is a thought that this could be a blessing in disguise in the future, but it certainly does not look good for the short-term. The question is, how does the Trump administration bounce back from things? So far the President has accused for President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, so it’s already getting interesting. [Featured Image By Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

George W Bush Is Back In The Headlines: Top 5 Reasons Why

You may have noticed that George W. Bush, who dropped out of the headlines almost completely after his eight-year run as President of the United States ended in 2008, has been much more prominent in the news as of late. Unless you make a habit of paying close attention to the news, though, you might be wondering about the reasons for Bush’s rapid emergence from the shadows. To save you some time in researching the multiple reasons, we’ve put together a handy list of the top 5 reasons George W. Bush is back. 1. George’s Friendship With Michelle Now that the Obamas are no longer busy being the first family, Michelle Obama has been able to free up some time for friendships. And one of her closest friendships that has emerged is to George W. Bush. The pairing is surprising to many people, according to The Washington Post, because Bush was seen during his presidency as a narrow-minded conservative Harvard frat boy — it is quite likely one of the reasons he had one of the lowest presidential approval ratings ever when he left office. Michelle Obama is not only extremely popular with the public but is also a female, an African American, and a Democrat. The publicized friendship between George and Michelle shows he is not as one-dimensional as it once seemed, and people like Bush more for that. George W. Bush and Michelle Obama. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images] 2. He Has Actually Gotten Really Good At Painting George has been practicing painting for over half a decade now, but he hasn’t been very good and therefore hasn’t gotten much attention for it until lately. Only very recently, reports Entertainment Weekly, have Bush’s years of practice really begun to pay off. In fact, George just unveiled a show of his paintings depicting veterans from America’s recent wars at the George W. Bush Presidential Center near Dallas, TX. “There is a Rembrandt trapped in this body,” he said in a speech. The fact that Bush is now a well-practiced painter shows the American public he has some depth and is in touch with his artistic side, and the fact that his recent work depicts such a somber subject doesn’t hurt, either. 3. He Was Lots Of Fun On Ellen As The Inquisitr reported several days ago, Bush recently went on Ellen for the first time to talk about his recently unveiled art exhibit, and his debut was a rousing success. He began the show by dancing onto the stage, and, though the dance moves were subtle, the audience loved it. “And I’m sober,” George said after finding his seat, and he got a huge laugh. He then got down to business talking about his art exhibit, but he remained humorous. “The art community wasn’t exactly my base of support when I ran for office,” he noted, and got another big laugh from the audience. Everyone loves a funny guy. 4. The Best Aspects Of The Bush Presidency Have Been Highlighted Recently Bush has been speaking publicly more often as of late, and he has brought to light a lot of the good things he did as president, such as his support of the greater Islamic community after 9/11 or his advocacy for the National Museum of African American History and Culture. To be fair, a lot of those things should probably be the norm rather than things that made Bush a great President, but it reminds people that Dubya (one of the nicknames Bush developed during office) was not an inhumane monster. 5. He Is Speaking Out On Donald Trump People may not have been too stoked on George W. Bush while he was living in the White House, but most of them are even less so about Donald Trump. It is for this reason that a lot of people have appreciated the times Bush has publicly gone against Trump. For example, after Trump’s extremely controversial statement about how the media is “the enemy of the American people,” reports Deadline, Bush went on The Today Show and was asked about the comment. “I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy,” Bush said. “We need an independent media to hold people like me to account. I mean, power can be very addictive. It can be corrosive. It’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.” Bush’s words summed up many of the concerns the public was having after Trump’s statement, and they liked it. As a bonus sixth reason, there’s the fact that Donald Trump (probably the most despised President of the modern era) would make nearly anyone look good, points out Time. Whether you liked George W. Bush as a President or not, the popular thread of thought goes, at least he’s not The Donald. [Featured image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]